the works are organized chronologically, and regularly updated.

The last months i have been practicing home due to lockdowns, and focusing on color theories, study of light and sustainable Art.

i am proud to present works only made of leftover wood, paper, or found materials.

also i have been starting to create digital art that is available on prints and other materials.

you can start collecting my work according to your taste and budget.

wear a mask, and stay colorful!


Squares reflections

coming back at the studio, after second lockdown, going back to basics, square study and color theory.

the circles série

acrylic and pigments on reclaimed poly wood

15x30 (5,9x11,8”)

Tel Aviv, 2020

aurora, colorfiled painting, wall sculpture, israeli art, hard edge painting, opictal art, saatchi artist
moritz painting, wall art, colorfield sculpture, gradient art, werner panton inspired, colorful home art, maximalism art
postminimalism art, tel aviv art, contemporary sculpture,sustainable artist, emerging artist israel, maximalism art, art during covd-19


acrylic and pigments on reclaimed poly wood

31X31X5 (12X12X2")

Tel Aviv, 2020

homage to the square, color theoery 2020, golden ratio art, sacred geometry, RGB spectrum, Wall sculpture, collect israeli art
josef albers homange, color study, fibonacci art, contemporary sculpture, artist on saatchi, interior minimal 2020
color spectrum, minimal home decor, 3D art, Moritz art, Sacred geometry art, albers, art during covid
homage to the square, homage to albers, moritz colors, gradients, halation, color RGB, Contemporary art Tel aviv
fibonaccu art, golden ratio art, mirroring art, 3D art, sustainable artist israel, colors makes me happy
color halation, homage to albers, color hue,colorful home decor, buy from living artist

Another square, wall sculpture

Structure based on Golden Ratio (Fibonacci) and colors on RGB spectrum.

acrylic and pigments on reclaimed poly wood

31X31X(8-13-21)cm (12X12X(3,1x5,1,8,2")

Tel Aviv,2020

flat lay art, neo geo, color block art, artist process, artist color specialist, tel aviv artist, olah hadasha art
color block sculpture, color block design, design art, designer goals 2020, Art is design, neo geo sculpture
repoussé art, geometric art, reductive painting, emerging female artist 2020, Israeli artist to watch, Hard edge painting
bauhaus inspired, moritz painting, tel aviv art, hard edge sculpture, minimal sculpture, geometric art
geometric sculpture, bauhaus art, maximalist, color halation, emerging art, colorful sculpture, art during covid 2020
colorful interior 2020, maximalism design, art and design 2020, colorful perspective, collect israeli sculpture, inspired by bahaus, peter halley art, colorful 3D art
color block art, color block 2020, pantone 2021, hard edge abstraction, geometric sculpture, collect art israel, sustainable art, light and space, mindfullness art


Structure based on one painting from the square collection ( 2 different pieces)

acrylic and pigments on reclaimed poly wood

30 X 20 X 7cm (11,8 X 7,8 X 2,7 ")

Tel Aviv, 2020

Sunset distraction

 acrylic and pigments on paper,46x61cm (18X24")

Tel Aviv, 2020

sunset poster, gradient art, abstract geometry, tel aviv sunset, orange sun, climate change is real


different proposal on color theory and halation

acrylic and pigments on paper

20X20cm (7,8 x7,8")

Tel Aviv, 2020

Comfort Zone

Wall Sculpture

acrylic and pigments on reclaimed poly wood

31 X 31 X 5,2cm (12,2x 12,2 x 2 ")

Tel Aviv, 2020

Palette palette project

experimental project

acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood palette

Tel Aviv, 2020

During covid-19, I made some changes in my practice, and materials.

After observing climate changing, nature disasters, fires, and maps evolutions, i realized that as an artist, i can and should make a difference.

most of my works are now made according to materials i find, using leftovers, woods, paper cuts, objects.

i build new shapes or let their natural shapes and overpaint on it.

I applied different studies about colors and climate evolution on it. refering to the climate emergency that we need to face and try to be as sustainable as i can.

Grass is green, dyptic

 acrylic and pigments on canvas,

25X35cm (9,8x13,7")

Tel Aviv, 2020

untitled, dyptic

 acrylic and pigments on canvas,

24X30cm X2 (9,4x11,8")

Tel Aviv, 2020

The square study 2020

jessica moritzJPG,square study, israeli art, tlv art, hard edge painting, color theory, josef albers, frank stella
jessica moritz, jpeg, square study, geometrical abstraction, color theory, contemporary israeli art, emerging artist, josef albers

Random pattern memory 2020

Random pattern memory 2020

twist and shout, jessica moritz, israeli art, contemporary painting, pattern,tlv art, tel aviv artist, escher, albers, hard edge painting, art for sale, art curator

Twist and shout

acrylic on canvas​

80X130 cm// 31X51 ''


Dress to impress 

acrylic, color pencils and felt pen on canvas​

122X217cm// 48X85 ''


the kids next door, witness of the wheaptaste project, 2018, 100X 100, acrylic on canvas 

The Love pattern, color pencils and acrylic on canvas



 The Vanilla girl,

color pencils and acylic on canvas

60x 90


Food Face

 Acrylic on canvas



painting, contemporary art, israel, tel aviv, jessica moritz

The Boudoir Moment

Color pencils and acrylic on canvas

91 X 121


contemporary art, painting, jessica moritz, erotic art, israel, tel aviv
contemporary art, painting, jessica moritz, israel, tel aviv, erotic art, drawing
contemporary art, painting, jessica moritz, israel, tel aviv, erotic art, drawing
Painting, contemporary art, tel aviv, color pencil, jessica moritz

And i love him

color pencils and acrylic on canvas

70 X 90 


felt pen, color pencils and acrylic on paper

29 X 42


Jessica Moritz©2020 
Tel Aviv, IsraeL
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