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2020, a year to remember

Updated: Jan 13

When 2020 started, I was thinking of new directions in my work, i was working in different projects, involved in my community and i had a lot of work.

I promised myself that i would make time to rest, be more sustainable and accept things that i can't change...

Well, as you may know, you can plan things, it doesn't mean it will be easy, or that it will happen.

On January, I released the Collab i made with Diana Schuemann, A video Project called "Inside Out", shot in Haifa, Israel, November 2019.

This project was conceived with the concept of boundaries, pattern and working in the white cube.

you can read more about this project here

After we release the video, we submitted it to different projects, exhibitions, Festivals.

Even if the world was slowly shutting down, the project was screened in many countries, and i am forever grateful to all galleries, organizations and people that made this project alive during 2020.


ALC Video Art Festival

part of the collection "Cigarreras" listed and curated by ACOA (Contemporary artists from Alicante)


V IMARP - Mostra Internacional de Dança - Imagens em Movimento, December 7th to 12th, São Paulo, Brasil

IDKF 2020, Stuttgart, Germany

OPAF20, Online Performance Art Festival

Simulacrum at WerkStadt, Berlin

Cock and Bull Virtual Festival

Dance Days Chania 10 curated by Aliki Chiotaki


WHEN TWO BECOME ONE, LOOSE THREADS curated by Philippa Wall, Luke Jones and Faye Golley

'In 24 hours' THE WALL SPACE | SCOTLAND, curated by Ayshia Taskin and [SHIFT:ibpcpa]

Screening Inside out, Collaboration with Diana Schuemann : A Fronteira- mostra de videoarte, Rio, Brasil

In February, I was presenting the Square collection, 46 paintings (made in January) based on same colors palette, with different combinations, following one of my color theory about surface and color interactions.

Tiny Tiny Gallery presents Jessica Moritz, February 2020,18 Florentine Street, Tel Aviv

When i started this work, I had in mind that all colors can work together, it all depends on the surface covered and colors properties.

I first started to chose colors, and then started drawing with a pencil different compositions and make some color test to monitor the different interactions and select the more relevant ones.

As a reductive Artist, i wanted the paintings to reflect the same process, and display colors for purpose.

Some of them refer to masters and infinite inspiration, Ellssworth kelly, Donald Judd, Peter Halley, Bridget Riley, or Sarah Morris.

many thanks To Murielle Cohen, Artist, Curator for this opportunity and support.

Make Love great Again, February 2020, Tahanat Mercazit, Tel Aviv

Mati Ale invited me to make some Art in the Bus Station. If you have never been to Tel Aviv, it's a very special Place, The architecture and atmosphere is out of time and thanks to Mati and fellow artists the place is full of Mural art, Graffiti, and other Art project, hidden gem of Tel Aviv.

Make Love Great Again is a project i started December 2018, using wheat paste mainly, painted, representing couples from different communities expressing love.

All titles are written after a song, and if you happen to see them all, you have a great playlist ;)

I collected pictures starting from the fifties to nowadays using google image search and words tagging, such as "couples in love" vintage lovers " lovers together"

i always enjoy mix some use of technilogy in my work and be a little random.

Even if street art involves the short life option of an artwork it should never lower the quality of it. each wheat paste are hand painted, with the classic magnolia lino print, and mix of layers "Colors, patterns people".

Few weeks after installation, lockdown started in Israel, Some sad events happened at the Tahanat, and the piece was destroyed. Still, thanks to Social Media, and other pasted ones in Tel Aviv, and Paris, the message was shared, and hopefully it gave some inspiration to people to consider Love as an option.

Picture by Judith Yanos.

Meanwhile in my studio, i started to work on the essence of my ideas: Mindscape

creating colorfield landscape, based on impossible geometry and color interactions to escape reality.

simple and clear right?

There is a quote of Bruce Nauman :

"My work is basically an outgrowth of the anger I feel about the human condition. The aspects of it that make me angry are our capacity for cruelty and the ability people have to ignore situations they don't like."

Looking around sometimes made me very uncomfortable, I am french and Israeli, that doesn't mean i agree or stand for whatever my government is doing.

As you can understand the idea of boundaries, territories, limits made me rethink the way i was painting and furthermore, the reasons why i was painting.

Slowly but surely i quit painting people; Immerging myself into colorfield landscape, utopia of a peaceful life in Israel (AS If...)

I have always been fascinated by laws of physics, and applications in Life.

So i experimented with prism, glass, mirror different perceptions of colors and "translated them in painting.

About Community, Until August 2020 i was managing The Kiryat Hamelacha Project.

My studio is located in South Tel Aviv, a place called Kiryat Hamelacha (קריית המלאכה) where two years ago i started a community project, a website, social media, open studios and different initiatives.

After two years, a lot of work, Ten open studios, many hours trying to make things work i understood that it was time to stop.