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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Drawing has always been a feared and admired discipline for me. If there are fewer lines, their correctness must be obvious.There is no room for error, roughly.Before I drew, I engraved and re-engraved on a gesture. The drawing "vibrated" but the shape became soft.If I want a smart graphic impression, I have to remove my doubt. The design must reveal a simple and complex shape at the same time.Simple by its design, complex by its intention.Drawing is believing in his gesture without compromise, but also accepting the fatality of a line. The carbon of the pencil as fate.It is like drawing with a cutter, conceiving the shape to be cut into space.Of course, rubber exists, but why believe that the second intake will be better? The beauty of the gesture lies in the fact that it will not happen again.It is not a performance or a heroic act; it is the continuity of an innocent gesture that becomes a sacred gesture. The motif takes a different place. Since the shape was laid once, why not repeat it. What if his repetition changed? Are all the strokes needed to read the shape? The pattern, as the echo of the initial intention, each new line becomes a new possibility of the Alpha form.

While Drawing offers endless possibilities.

The Catlady, extract, acrylic, crayons and sharpie on paper, 70 x 100, 2017


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