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2020, a year to remember

When 2020 started, I was thinking of new directions in my work, i was working in different projects, involved in my community and i had a lot of work. I promised myself that i would make time to rest, be more sustainable and accept things that i can't change... Well, as you may know, you can plan things, it doesn't mean it will be easy, or that it will happen. On January, I released the Collab i made with Diana Schuemann, A video Project called "Inside Out", shot in Haifa, Israel, November 2019. This project was conceived with the concept of boundaries, pattern and working in the white cube. you can read more about this project here After we release the video, we submitted it to different projects, exhibitions, Festivals. Even if the world was slowly shutting down, the project was screened in many countries, and i am forever grateful to all galleries, organizations and people that made this project alive during 2020. Upcoming ​ ALC Video Art Festival part of the collection "Cigarreras" listed and curated by ACOA (Contemporary artists from Alicante) ​ 2020 V IMARP - Mostra Internacional de Dança - Imagens em Movimento, December 7th to 12th, São Paulo, Brasil IDKF 2020, Stuttgart, Germany OPAF20, Online Performance Art Festival Simulacrum at WerkStadt, Berlin Cock and Bull Virtual Festival Dance Days Chania 10 curated by Aliki Chiotaki DRIFTING BODIES / FLUENT SPACES, Walk Lab2pt WHEN TWO BECOME ONE, LOOSE THREADS curated by Philippa Wall, Luke Jones and Faye Golley 'In 24 hours' THE WALL SPACE | SCOTLAND, curated by Ayshia Taskin and [SHIFT:ibpcpa] Screening Inside out, Collaboration with Diana Schuemann : A Fronteira- mostra de videoarte, Rio, Brasil In February, I was presenting the Square collection, 46 paintings (made in January) based on same colors palette, with different combinations, following one of my color theory about surface and color interactions. Tiny Tiny Gallery presents Jessica Moritz, February 2020,18 Florentine Street, Tel Aviv When i started this work, I had in mind that all colors can work together, it all depends on the surface covered and colors properties. I first started to chose colors, and then started drawing with a pencil different compositions and make some color test to monitor the different interactions and select the more relevant ones. As a reductive Artist, i wanted the paintings to reflect the same process, and display colors for purpose. Some of them refer to masters and infinite inspiration, Ellssworth kelly, Donald Judd, Peter Halley, Bridget Riley, or Sarah Morris. many thanks To Murielle Cohen, Artist, Curator for this opportunity and support. Make Love great Again, February 2020, Tahanat Mercazit, Tel Aviv Mati Ale invited me to make some Art in the Bus Station. If you have never been to Tel Aviv, it's a very special Place, The architecture and atmosphere is out of time and thanks to Mati and fellow artists the place is full of Mural art, Graffiti, and other Art project, hidden gem of Tel Aviv. Make Love Great Again is a project i started December 2018, using wheat paste mainly, painted, representing couples from different communities expressing love. All titles are written after a song, and if you happen to see them all, you have a great playlist ;) I collected pictures starting from the fifties to nowadays using google image search and words tagging, such as "couples in love" vintage lovers " lovers together" i always enjoy mix some use of technilogy in my work and be a little random. Even if street art involves the short life option of an artwork it should never lower the quality of it. each wheat paste are hand painted, with the classic magnolia lino print, and mix of layers "Colors, patterns people". Few weeks after installation, lockdown started in Israel, Some sad events happened at the Tahanat, and the piece was destroyed. Still, thanks to Social Media, and other pasted ones in Tel Aviv, and Paris, the message was shared, and hopefully it gave some inspiration to people to consider Love as an option. Picture by Judith Yanos. Meanwhile in my studio, i started to work on the essence of my ideas: Mindscape creating colorfield landscape, based on impossible geometry and color interactions to escape reality. simple and clear right? There is a quote of Bruce Nauman : "My work is basically an outgrowth of the anger I feel about the human condition. The aspects of it that make me angry are our capacity for cruelty and the ability people have to ignore situations they don't like." Looking around sometimes made me very uncomfortable, I am french and Israeli, that doesn't mean i agree or stand for whatever my government is doing. As you can understand the idea of boundaries, territories, limits made me rethink the way i was painting and furthermore, the reasons why i was painting. Slowly but surely i quit painting people; Immerging myself into colorfield landscape, utopia of a peaceful life in Israel (AS If...) I have always been fascinated by laws of physics, and applications in Life. So i experimented with prism, glass, mirror different perceptions of colors and "translated them in painting. About Community, Until August 2020 i was managing The Kiryat Hamelacha Project. My studio is located in South Tel Aviv, a place called Kiryat Hamelacha (קריית המלאכה) where two years ago i started a community project, a website, social media, open studios and different initiatives. After two years, a lot of work, Ten open studios, many hours trying to make things work i understood that it was time to stop. This place is special to me and will always be. May 2020, I finally finished the installation "Dear white Cube", 6 sculptures based on fibonacci sequence for their structures, and optical illusion for the pattern (homage to Escher) using each color as one, representing their spectrum for each of them. Each of them are made of reclaimed MDf, hand jigsawed, painted with acrylic and pigments. square 31 X 31 (cm) Sides : 8/13/21 (cm) Initially this installation was made to be on the floor, and also work with moving lights, to change the shadows of each. After two exhibitions with them, all curators told me that according to Israeli habits, they would unseen and should be on the wall. OK.... you can read more about this work in previous blog post. Random Pattern Memory, collage, Upcycle, Paper weaving and brain teaser. when you get too comfortable with your work, it's time to change technique and approach. Lucky for me, i found tones of paper, different ones, and while i was creating the color palette for the square collection i did some text on them to keep record of it and make some test. I used a very simple technique called weaving where you create a structure by passing in and out alternatively the paper to make a shape of it. I started to stock a nice collections of colors, patterns, textures, spray, line work in my studio. Pilling things can sometimes makes an idea pop up. On the corner of the table i saw three different paper together and realized that was very interesting to use them but it needed to crop, scale, cut, paste, and keep only the best juxtaposition, combinations and make a composition simple but each time different. Some of them are available for sale via #artistsupportpledge on Instagram (Artist support pledge: ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE LTD is a not for profit company in support of artists and makers, founded by artist Matthew Burrows on the 16th March 2020 in response to the Global COVID-19 Pandemic. brilliant initiative !!) During the First Lockdown, i had no idea of how much time we would be home, or the impact of covid in my life or in my country. Whenever i feel overwhelmed, i go back to black. As you may have seen, i usually never use black in my painting (color theory related) so black to me is Ink, and only Ink. I went back to a corpse of Work called Anatomy of an Artist, started in 2018, still on. Artist have a reputation, close to a cliché, being half human, ego issue, daddy issues, if you read everything, we are basically a living issue sign. For some of us, it's true. But let's not go there. Anatomy of an artist is a drawing project i started when i had health issues, that since then have been fixed, and that had a big impact on my work, process and physically made me slow down, or stop for a while. Drawing all this anatomy, with surrealism outcome, has been a catharsis and still is. I wanted to give other dimensions to the vision of people that they project on us, and show to the viewer a new narrative to Anatomy and of the concept of "Being". The Torus Collection. During the Lockdown, in Tel Aviv, Israel, we had restrictions like everyone. 1 km Radius except if you work, you are essential worker, or have an authorization. Also, as many people, I was looking for balance, mindfulness during chaos. i studied colors (again), sacred geometry, physics, Reiki, and this shape was born. It started by small drawings in my notebook, different paintings with more divisions, using time scale and light study with prism to define the amount of colors for each... between first and second lockdown i was at the studio, and started to draw on reclaimed wood new shapes, and prime them for upcoming lockdown. Home, i allowed my kitchen table to become my studio (a little bit less than 2 square meters), this is how you realize what means being a reductive artist. each lines is like ripple, wave is you prefer, working with color halation, using prism or mirror to get real day light in, and fill the room with light. In February, home, I started to see the number of death growing. i was alone, scared, and wandering when will this end and what can i do... In jewish tradition, we use wheat paste or paper slap in a neighborhood to communicate : mainly death announcements to invite people to come to shiva, or to pray. Well, again, i flipped the meaning. i started drawing and then painting shapes, colorful, geometric in my sharp hard edge style, cut the paper to keep only the shape, in order to create a simple but nice optical illusion to paste in urban landscape. I wanted to remind the living ones the simple things, such as being. you can learn more on this project here. Art and Social Media, Instagram The last year, i spent more time on my phone and on social media, like everyone. I understood a lot better how to make the best of it and promote my work in a better way, and most importantly : enjoy it. online,I discovered and connected with other fellow creatives, some also painters, some doing ceramic, some musicians, many talented people and also I was happy to discover new techniques or approach of colors. This year was colorful but also a year where we lost friends, family, being carefree. I am very grateful for the love and support from closed ones, fellow artists, new friends, new collectors, and unexpected encounters. Soon together again, stay colorful and wear a Mask. On instagram follow my work @jeszmo_art Affordable Art Prints on Society6 here Selected works for sale on Saatchi here inquiries :

Meet Bianca Zaltcovitz, curator and creative manager

Hi Bianca, can you tell us more about yourself, background, experience, and projects. So, I'm Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro and I have been working with arts independently for the past 6 years, I have a background managing and being the lead designer at an established art gallery back in Rio, and after 2 years working at the high-end art market from Brazil, I co-founded an art gallery startup to empower the independent and alternative art scene of my city, with a special focus on urban contemporary art. I started to see myself navigating between the "conventional and institutional" side of the art world as well as the underground and subversive. During these years I started to build my career as an independent curator and also as a facilitator to assist independent artists, something that I love doing. I left Brazil in 2017 and ever since I have been dedicating most of my time in research about disruptive ways to work with the arts internationally, post graffiti culture and urban contemporary art and how it relates to concepts like community, gentrification, and self-awareness. This research led me to New Zealand, New York, Canada and now Israel. What is the last project you enjoy the most? All the projects I made were important to me and brought me joy but one project that boosted my career was assisting David Choe and Herbert Baglione on a painting they made in the Vidigal favela back in Rio. In recent years other cool highlights were: volunteering for Mural Festival 2019 in Montreal, participating in an art fair in Manhattan, and giving consultations for the only Urban Contemporary Art gallery in New Zealand. As a curator how do you enjoy social media? The social media I use the most is Instagram, throughout my travels, Instagram has been an essential tool to find artists and artistic institutions to connect with. The good aspect of Instagram is the sense of intimacy it can provide, it can promote intimate connections with new people and I find this really helpful, especially working with the arts where emotion is one of the main fuels for creation and connection. I see social media, especially Instagram as a promotion tool, so if you know how to promote yourself well, the rest will follow. For instance, once I gave counseling to an amazing Brazilian urban contemporary artist and we understood that the challenges he was facing to get jobs more aligned to what he wanted, he needed to change how he was promoting/showcasing himself on Instagram. After understanding that, he deleted all his previous photos, made everything new and as a result, his followers increased and the people contacting him for work were more related to the type of jobs he wanted to do. How do you use social media usually? (Research, interactions, posting, hashtags, details what you think is important) I use social media to get inspired, to research and to approach people. Instagram is the main channel I use, I share my artistic experiences, research, travels, projects I've been working on, and I also use it to interact with interesting people I find in the network. Instagram taught me that the majority of amazing people out there are in fact open to connect, and when we connect, we grow and lives can be changed. My life changed on a Sunday night, (I was living in Christchurch, New Zealand), and I was watching an Instagram live of this local social enterprise whose work I was amazed by, there, the director was talking about vulnerability in the work environment and the arts, it spoke to me so deeply that I could not text him, so I did and we met, I fell more in love with the social enterprise and that became my dream job. During the time I lived in Christchurch I had the privilege to work in this amazing place, fully immersed in empowering the arts and the community of the city. More than one year later I still miss it deeply and haven't found anything like it in other cities and countries. But because of this experience, I now have something to look for, and if I can't find it, I have now the aspiration to build it. So basically, my life changed because of Instagram. What do you think about online exhibitions? I think this is the way to go, it is very important to think about ways of showcasing art digitally, and to create engagement virtually as well. Something that I'm super into now is VR/AR+ exhibitions/artworks, here in Israel a good example is artist Damien Taab and all of his experimentations and another good example is Shepard Fairey`s Damaged Exhibition from 2018 where he and a VR company created a digital warehouse to showcase his largest exhibition so far, you can walk around the space, read what each artwork is about and even listen to the artist personal explanations. Now, in corona times I came across Sebastian Erra Zuriz new developments, he is an artist that combines art and tech a lot, and he created a way to showcase works through AR, so an artist can increase they're selling changes by letting the customer see how the artwork would fit on they're home. What do you recommend to Artists during this period of social distancing? I feel this moment is an invitation for self-connection, to ask yourself the big questions and deep dive into them. To think about how your art helps you as a human, how are you telling your own story and why is your story important. When we know our narrative (not only as artists but as humans) we better connect with others, when we connect with others, we create community, when we create a community we become stronger. And we need to be stronger now. For me, art is all about connections between me, you, us and all. Luckily, when can do that during quarantine! Do you have any ideas for a project that you want to do during this period? After all my travels and experience working with the arts in different niches, I now see art as a living ecosystem and like any other ecosystem, we need to understand it in order to nurture it. I want to help in this understanding and nourishment, let me explain: even though art and culture are an essential part of human creation and expression, quite often it's considered not a priority. But what are we without it? So this I why one of my main goals is to create bridges between parts, or, following the ecosystem metaphor, to help pollinate it. This can be done when the public knows how to buy art, how to approach artists, how to commission works, also this can be done when artists have venues interested on showcasing them and promoting them without taking advantage and finally, the cycle is complete when we have venues and artistic institutions coping well with funding/ financial stability that enables them to do more conceptual and free projects other than only doing commercial work, so its a cycle, and I'm constantly looking for ways to nurture it. What kind of project you are planning -anyway? After all this journey I am focusing on telling my story, sharing the things I've learned to find artistic community and people out of the digital world to connect with and give assistance to. How can we work with you? Artists: I'm here to assist you as a facilitator via one on one consultations to help you develop your narrative/ artist statement/ bio and strategies, and also as a curator to create narratives for projects and exhibitions. Artistic institutions: I am here to help you think and creatively manage your institution and all other things you might need! I'm super open to developing things together and empower the art scene here in Israel! You can find me on Instagram @bianca.zltcvtz Hit me up! #BiancaZaltcovitz #artcurator #telavivart #creativemanager #arttips #inspiredandinspiring #artinisrael #artTLV

hard edge art, colorfield painting art movements and legacy.

Let's start by giving short description of both to give a brief and but clear preview. Hard edge painting ⎮#hardedgepainting Hard edge art is defined by geometric composition, sudden juxtaposition of colors. different surface of colors representing abstract geometric landscape, or for some random geometric shapes. Hard edge painting started in the late 50's by Artists(major figures): Karl Benjamin Lorser Feitelson Frederick Hammersley June Harwood Helen Lundeberg John McLaughlin But remember the Art is also how the viewer and audience perceive it. so the Term Hard edge was first called by Jules Langsner ( Los angeles Times, writer,Art critic, curator). Hard edge emerging from California, USA, circa 1959. The Art world needs a "third eye" to identify art movement, and give guidance to the Audience. Hard edge movement was born in a post modern era, post war, civil rights movement, and of course the Boomers. It's always interesting to juxtapose social and political context to any Art movement, it really can help reading the situation and Artist'statements. In the same period what other Painting movement were starting or beating strong? Abstract expressionism, New york Colorfield Painting (Mark Rothko, Barnet Newmann, and Helen Frankenthaler) Action Painting (Pollock, de Kooning) Early Pop Art (Eduardo Paolozzi, Richard Hamilton) If you look at the "big picture" you can call it a post war Reaction, healing, and blurring. Each Artist has his own reaction to their daily life and education background. the Fifties in US were seeing the beginning of consumerism, the change in Economy, also reaction to communism, beginning of civil right movements, so many fire to manage, right? Colorfield Art ⎮ #colorfieldpainting Colorfield movement emerged from abstract expressionism before hard edge in the 40's in USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, definitely a more International movement. you can identify colorfield painting by Large fields of colors (solid, splashed, inked, soaked, spray, many techniques. Colorfield painting by Artists(major figures): Mark Rothko Clement Greenberg Helen Frankenthaler Robert Motherwell Barnett Newman Frank Stella Jackson Pollock It is easy to be confused between hard edge art, geometric abstraction, optical art, and colorfield painting. so the question is how do you or can you make a difference? both involve colors, obviously but each of them are using techniques and therefore decisions that makes a lot of difference. Hard edge painting can be figurative and not figurative. Usually hard edge is different solid colors using geometry, architecture, and light. Some hard edge artists use color theory, and some are more "random" and display colors according to what they feel is right or available in the studio. Colorfield artist is definitely a more expressive gesture, close to gestural abstraction, covering canvas, a more physical relation with painting, definitely more related to their inner feelings and Action. Hard edge is geometric, limited surfaces of colors more reductive in the textures and surfaces, exploring boundaries and minimal representation of painting. Where you can see the difference with colorfield, abstract expressionism who is rooted to colors and raw with application. if you want to look deeper in this directions, look for artist studio of each artist, and you'll see that each of them is living their painting fully. It was pretty common to see Pollock throwing bucket, or dripping industrial painting and having some kind of choreography part of his process; it was also very common to have library of colors for Stella, and notebooks about composition or drawing. well, I hope it helps you understand the different use of colors and art movements that keep on inspiring me. I'll be happy to have your own vision or feedback, leave a comment or write me at To finish, as we are living a very strange period, I was really interested to see what other artists where doing during pandemic, and see new or discover artists that keep on painting and i can't wait to see what the art world will be when this will be over. Be safe, and stay colorful. #hardedge #colorfield #artexplained #modernart #abstractexpressionism #postwarart #geometricabstraction #hardedgepainting #colorfieldpainting #artmovement #artblog

Art during covid, take 2

just before second lockdown, i was at the studio. i know it was coming, still i had to prepare myself to the unexpected. i had a lot of wood leftovers, i was mad about the situation, and i thought i have to turn it up. So i started small sketches about an idea combining reductive art, color theory and mapping. Therefore, i designed a pattern, 2 circles interlocking. reffering to the situation of course and also thinking of sacred geometry drawings. then i started to create(without knowing) a database of my lockdown. I saved readings, news articles, portraits, everything close or far that affected me in a way or another. During this lockdown, there was a lot of frustration and anger growing in Israel(for reasons), there was also BLM (still here), there was closed ones having physical or mental issues, there was demonstrations globally all around the world. That being said, it was hard to scale importance of each every day. so i thought, let's create a color scheme for moments. as if we were looking as a color profile of a picture, i tried to put aside my own affect, and create something distant but getting closer. In my work, as you may have noticed i enjoy using geometry because its the best tool to mesure difference, impact, and facts. I just had finished various works about squares, started some studies about circles, i thought its time to develop it and think to involove time impact and challenge technique. there is never only one way of reading an artwork. To create depth, you need to level up your intentions, and process. Once I had all that in mind and also organized, i was able to work. As a reductive Artist, i organized a home studio that was 1 meter on 1 meter and a half. i wanted to immerge myself in the process fully. i try to report to my scale all rules that i apply to my work. The first 2 works, i was thinking of time management, and over flowing of content in all platforms I was visiting. in other words, we have been submerged by notifications,messages, pictures, stories, news articles and decor to handle the "time in". For someone visual, working in color field, i have to say that it was overwhelming and disappointing. i am always curious and surprised to discover the amount of things or intimacy people are ready to share for attention. well there was a lot. So i had to reset my mindset, and create a personal escape. This is more or less how i usually work. create an artefact to handle a cluster fuck. portion time, divide priorities, list things, create automatism, rules and then circle around it. also according to rules of lockdown, we were only allowed to move in 1 km radius around. I thought the concept of radius was very intersting. If you think about Earth, and planet navigation, you may see in a more interesting way. they all move on radius, not all the same distance, and not in the same directions. Litlle by little, i was finding bridges between circles, lines, and what was happening out. light and space were always on my mind. Each cycle of whatever event bring rythm, and then you can apply this system and generate a painting. Of course, there were some events i wish i never had to create about. it's not about being sad or happy, i never wish to give room for racism or any discrimination. Once i had my mind set up properly, i went back to reductive Art purism. the pattern becomes a surface. i had to think about the different color theories and my own color perception and balance everything to make appropriate choices. i think you can never be to generous with colors, but you can be over using your skills. At the same period, i was also studying some NASA maps about climate, and different locations. As you may have read, we are doing wrong. we are over consuming, we have many issues in terms of sustainability and mostly we are damaging Earth. According to NASA, where you can find a lot of ressources,maps, and sattelite pictures, the colors of certain maps changed because of lockdown sequels, some new colors appeared, and some disappearing. For exemple the light blue on this painting, in temperatures evolution, this is high cold weather. Because of climate change, this scale of temperature is disappearing. we did that. Sometimes it's good to be basic. so i decided to have 1 major color and 2 minors. the idea was to apply same gesture on a bigger/smaller scale for each color until reaching major. This is also someting i have noticed during this lockdown. some kind of trinity of communication. As if people always need confirmation of a fact or a second opinion on things. It's always funny to observe your surrounding as some distant narration and make it abstract. Then i was in the dark place. It happened to all of us. some are still there and some will never come back. it's never pleasant when you have to manage your own emotional bucket. During this period, i think like everyone I reached the godwin point of all my feeling together. Still according, to the different rules, process, i was able to translate it, more or less. Healing. after the first ones, i received and talked with many artists, friends, random people about their perspective, their way of copping with it, and their connection with my Art. Obviously, a bottle of Kool aid cannot fix the situation, neither my paintings. For many people, Art was their relief during lockdown. Whether doing Art, whether supporting artist, whether buying, whether discovering. that made me happy. i was happy to notice a lot of solidarity and support between artists, designers, craft, wood workers, ceramic artists... on a small or big scale, i was happy to see that it has an impact. we have a long road for recovery, but we can make it. Now that i'm back at the studio, I found bigger pieces of wood, looking at it all with a more global vision, i made a new one. i keep on watching maps, observing my surroundings, recording colors, chosing moments. I check on Earth, see the change, record it, and expose it. As an artist I think we all can stand for what we want or believe in our own terms. working on sustainable concept and supporting different communities by different gestures. The process taught me so much about resilience, intentions, and the different tools to reach my goals that I feel the change, and the new perspectives in terms of creativity and system are very satisfying. to be continued.... Earth Spectrum, October 2020, Acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood. 60X120 cm 23,6 X 47,2 '' #earthspectrum #reductiveart #artprocess #artdurincovid19 #circleart #healing #colorscheme #colortheory #colorfieldpainting #israeliart #mindfullymade #hardedge

Art During covid-19

We are selling our small works which all proceeds go to #covid19emergencyrelieffund Many of us artists have our exhibitions and events postponed or cancelled, even unemployed, but generously donate their works for NYC #firstresponders and #medicalworkers. If you want to donate them through artwork, please contact me or kayo Albert Anatomy of an artist, fig. 13 Print on paper 11.8x8.25 $30 (includes shipping) Anatomy of an artist Anatomy of an artist is a corpse of work that i started 2 years ago, only using black and white, always refers to an organ over or under performing. as we are all home and i don't have access to all my colors and usual materials, i naturally came back to this work. I decided to only focus on line and shape for approximately a month. Usually, most of my projects are based on colors interactions and figures. This time, I decided that as an Artist, since we are exposed as strange species, I could expose a little dissection with my own vision. As an artist, we all have a different perception of the world, colors, lines, and therefore ourselves. I tried my best to draw as a metaphor of my own experience. Renouncing to colors to find the essence of creativity and show the the lines as a statement. I decided to only focus on lines and shapes in order to not waste any effort to figure out the real subject. we are all made of flesh and bones, maybe some more than others. being an artist makes you always extend the reality to relativity and twist the rules or clichés of just Being. Let it Be. Prints available here Paintings In physic, you learn that light (colors )come from darkness. In painting, you learn that colors create darkness. In real life, we are spoiled by colors, design, marketing to not mind about content. Black has a dark idealism but actually it's the most common one. Drawing is the most basic and primitive way of expression, with or without skills. Most of the time,I work with color and interactions but going back to black is actually the best way I have to crate new color harmony. In this moment of lockdown, we are locked in with ourselves, for the best or worst. Our inner happiness and reflection is inside each and everyone of us. It's not about self care or yoga position. Ask yourself what do i want to say, how and for which purpose. Having an understanding of our pattern of behavior and making the transition easier. Each of us have dreams, visions and fears. That doesn't mean that we are locked in with them. As an artist, we feel the urge to fill the blank, being productive and efficient. Not having venue, exhibition or commission is creating a black hole in our habits. Many artists have been very inspired during pledge in history, it will surely change the way we create, curate and interact with the viewer. Inside we have all this potential locked-or not. The way we interact with the art world today is gonna lift new ways to express and reflect on our unstable conditions of being an artist. Yo @timothycopeman ! Drawing is one of the thing that keeps me going on ! Thanks Tim for sharing music, also spreading Art around and talking about wood techniques and stencils. I take my time and enjoy colors and people on different levels, and I wish you well! Yo! @tmdougherty ! It's always funny how situation can be inspiring. Being home with limited colors and lights made me think a lot about what I was doing and what for. Sometimes you paint for a show, a commission but let's be honest most of the time we paint because we just can4t help it. Now that the situation is completely upside down, I was thinking of you, people (all of you) that enjoy art, and people that I sometimes talk to. We share art, tips, music and sometimes jokes. I have been drawing people since -forever. Sometimes they know, sometimes they don4t. I always try to picture them with kindness and sometimes humor. Lately humor is less in my paintings but i am okay. Colors are slowly coming back. And you people, your colors are blurry and out of lines. Colors| Pattern | People I wish you well. By the way ask Mike about Music, really good playlists -Tight right? Love the version of « lost that lonely feeling" Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood i launched an open call to encourage my community to remain creative and stay home. #homeiswheremyartis I was really happy to discover many talented artists from around the world and discover their process, talk about daily life and being able to share it with my community. visit here Tova Eldad, mixed media Artist, Part of my community Kiryat Hamelacha, had a show started just as we entered the quarantine in Israel. So i contacted her, i proposed to do a small interview and translate it that people could visit, learn more about her works, her process. Her show is called בין הזמנים (bewteen times) and is on view at Tel Aviv Artists House. Read here Dasha Ilyashenko, is a friend also a great community manager, thinker and maker. many times i had conversations with Dasha and i wanted people to understand the keys of successful community management and benefit of social media. As we couldn't organize a meeting and sometimes it's better to read before putting verbs into actions so we did a small interview and give some great tips about social media in the Art field. Read Here Bianca Zaltcovitz and i were supposed to meet but because of quarantine, we had to cancel. Nevertheless, we talked about Art, curation, street art and community and i thought that people would be interested in knowing her better and why not collaborate. Many Artists have no idea of how to deal with their Art after it's done, how to build a portfolio, how to use social media, or publish about their work. So we did an interview and shared some directions that locals and internationals could learn more and have perspectives. Read here Understanding that the Art World is changing, and that usual opportunities and galleries wouldnt not be able to support every one, i started to collect open calls, resources, art blog, podcasts and directions for my fellow artists. On the way i was lucky to be selected to some great initiative and projects and also i met great artists that inspire me. Jan Philip Wolters, painter based in Dusseldorf, Germany. We met via instagram, he proposed to do an artist talk via Instagram Live, it was amazing. His process of composing, , dealing with colors, and all the meanings behind paintings were really interesting. we are going to work on a blog post together about process, painting and hard edge. Meanwhile, you can visit his website: and follow him on instagram: As you might have noticed, i enjoy geometry, and colors. Without noticing as i was painting home, i created new color harmony, digged into different spectrum: earth, bitters, and other stories but i lost my walls. Since we were all inside, i didn't want to put reminders of walls while i was painting, taking pictures. so All my paintings were visiting the garden downstairs, some wall paper test i have done before in lino print, or my favorite chair home, as a visitor. #artduringcovid19 #artcorona #supportlocalart #artistsupport #hardedgepainting #israelicontemporaryart #tlvart #telaviv2020 #covid19 #artblog

Artist Support: Art during Covid-19

Hi Artists, curators, bloggers and art lovers. In this period of pledge and social distancing, it's important to give yourself perspective, opportunities and inspiration. i tried to reunite for you different subjects to explore according to your taste and wishes: from opportunities in Israel, and international online open calls ,virtual museum tours, art documentaries, social media tips, creative with kids... if you want to add opportunities or any link relevant to support the Art community, please contact these are all opportunities without fees, no sponsor, and we want to make art sustainable, feel free to contribute. #stayhome #quarantineandchill #becreative #beinspired i'll update with new opportunities each week. keep calm and be inspired. Jessica Moritz @jeszmo_art @kiryathamelacha Stay home and keep on Loving art and Making Art ****English following Israel opportunities : משרד התרבות והספורט קול קורא להפעלת במה לשידורים דיגיטליים לתמיכה באמנים ולרווחת תושבי ישראל בעתות משבר הקורונה מיקום כל הארץ תאריך פרסום 18.03.2020 יוזמה זו של משרד התרבות והספורט תופעל באמצעות חברת פמי פרימיום, שנבחרה במסגרת מכרז תרבות לפריפריה שתפו: על רקע משבר הקורונה, הפוקד את מדינת ישראל בימים אלה הפוגע בפעילות השוטפת של כלל אזרחי המדינה, משרד התרבות והספורט מצא לנכון להיערך במסגרת הכלים העומדים לרשותו למתן מענה לעולם התרבות. משרד התרבות והספורט יזם ערוץ לסבסודן של במות דיגיטליות, שמהותו ביצועם ושידורם של מופעי תרבות מתוך תחומי התרבות הבאים:תיאטרוןמוסיקה (זמר עברי ומוזיקה קונצרטנטית) מחולספרותאמנות פלסטיתמפגשים עם יוצרי קולנוע.הפלטפורמה להצגתם תעשה בדרך של תיעודם ושידורם של המופעים במגוון ערוצי שידור דיגיטליים ומסחריים. לנוכח משבר הקורונה, פלטפורמה זו נועדה להנגיש תרבות מגוונת בחינם לציבור בכל רחבי הארץ תוך שימת דגש על הפריפריה, כמו גם לתת במה בתשלום לאמנים/ת, ולכל אותם עובדי/ת במה, המלווים אותם בפעילותם השוטפת, כגון: נגנים/ת, אנשי סאונד וכדומה.יוזמה זו של משרד התרבות והספורט תופעל באמצעות חברת פמי פרימיום, שנבחרה במסגרת מכרז תרבות לפריפריה.  מסמכי המכרז להפעלת במה לשידורים דיגיטליים: more infos קול קורא למאיירים ואמני קליגרפיה : במסגרת ששבוע המאיירים תעלה תערוכה מיוחדת בבית יוסף באו : " נולד מחדש" אותה אני אוצרת ומפיקה בטח ישמח אתכם לשמוע כי האמנים המשתתפים יזכו לשכר אומן והחזר עבור עלויות החומרים. תעברו על הקול הקורא ותבדקו אם אתם רואים עצמכם מתאימים לפרוייקט. בהצלחה! קול קורא משהו מטריף מתבשל לו, ואולי יעבור הסבה דיגיטלית אם הקורונה תמשיך לנהל את חיינו (?) בינתיים יוצרים ויוצרות מוזמנים להגיש סרטים קצרים במגוון הז'אנרים. מועד אחרון להגשה 30 לאפריל להגשה ופרטים נוספים: Portfolio *תרבות בימי קורונה: בלי לצאת מהבית* - קול קורא: שלחו אלינו מידע על הפעילויות שאתן מציעות בעידן הקורונה ועל הפרויקטים האחרונים שלכם - עולם האמנות והתרבות מציע תפריט עשיר של רעיונות יצירתיים לתקופה המאתגרת שנקלענו אליה. אנחנו בפורטפוליו רוצים לשמוע מכם, ולהעביר את זה הלאה - לקהל הרחב של אוהבי אמנות ותרבות ולכם, הקהל המקצועי. אנו רואים חשיבות עליונה - במיוחד בתקופה זו - להמשיך ולתמוך בקהילת היוצרים המקומית. פורטפוליו מזמין אתכן לספר לנו על השערים הווירטואליים שפתחתן לקהל - גלריות, מוזיאונים, מעצבים, אמנים, אקדמיות ויוצרי תוכן: זה הזמן לשתף לשתף לשתף. ראינו שיש לא מעט יוזמות ברוכות לסיורים וירטואליים בתערוכות שהעליתם, הצעות לתכנים בהרצאות אונליין, סרטים ופודקסטים. שלחו אלינו מידע על הפעילויות שאתם מציעים. אמנים, מעצבים, יוצרים בכל מדיום וחומר - אם זה מצטלם טוב, ואתם יודעים לדבר על זה - יש לנו מקום בשבילכם. שלחו אלינו את הפרויקטים שלכן, ואת החומרים המתאימים נשמח לפרסם בדפי המגזין. פרטים נוספים על איך לשלוח בעמוד ההגשות שלנו: בנוסף רצינו להזכיר את הניוזלטר של פורטפוליו, שמביא אליכם, פעמיים בשבוע, את כל הכתבות והחדשות שהתפרסמו אצלנו במגזין, ומאפשר לקבל מבט מהיר על כל מה שחשוב ויפה – וקורה עכשיו. להרשמה: למידע נוסף ושליחת חומרים: La Culture \\ לה קולטור עמוד האינסטה של הפנזין שלנו מתמלא ביצירות מעולות ואתם מוזמנים לעקוב ולהגיש יצירות > 19DIVOC@gmail. com Since everyone is stuck at home. We are sending out a new, International, and intergalactic open call about the phenomenon that is a virus. The idea is to produce a discursive online publication/zine and a memory for the phenomenon that is the COVID-19 aka Coronavirus. The open call is open to everyone and will be featured on the new Instagram page > And soon also on a new websiteEmail us everything you feel is suitable for the topic > [Paintings, illustrations, poetry, typography, collages, Photography, etc'] Join us > We are collecting and curating reactions of artists to COVID-19. פסטיבל ויראלי - קול קורא ליוצרים גפת הקורונה משנה את העולם, מבודדת אותנו וסוגרת אותנו בבתים. כל תחומי החיים שלנו מושפעים מהמצב ומהשינויים שקורים כל רגע והאי-ודאות לגבי ההווה והעתיד מכרסמת לנו בנפש ובמחשבה. עולם האמנות והתרבות על מוסדותיו הפיזיים משותק . בצל האיסור לערוך אירועים גדולים וציבוריים אמניות ואמנים רבים חשים על בשרם את חוסר הבטחון התעסוקתי ביתר שאת. מצד שני זו תקופה חשובה מאין כמותה ליצור, למען האנושות - למען החברה, למען השפיות. מאחר ואנחנו מכונסים בבתים ומתקשרים דרך טכנולוגיות דיגיטליות ורשתות חברתיות, אנחנו מאמינים כי זו העת להפנות את הזרקור לאמנות המופע הדיגיטלי. דדליין להגשה: 27.3 learn more Fresh Paint Art Fair | יריד האמנות צבע טרי מתבודדות? סגורים בסטודיו? זה הזמן המושלם להשתתף בפרויקט הגלויה הסודית! במסגרת הפרויקט, מאות יצירות אמנות מקוריות בגודל גלויה יימכרו בעילום שם ובמחיר אחיד, וכל ההכנסות ייתרמו לקמפוס אריסון לאמנויות, לטובת מלגות לימוד לתלמידים מרקעים מוחלשים. שלחו מייל ל קבלו ערכה ועשו עם הזמן הזה משהו טוב quarantine? Closed in the studio? It's the perfect time to participate in the secret postcard project! As part of the project, hundreds of original, open-size artwork will be sold anonymously and at a uniform cost, and all proceeds will be donated to the Arison Campus for the Arts, for the benefit of student scholarships from disadvantaged backgrounds. Send email to Get a kit and do something good over time קול קורא באווירת הקורונה 😎 פסטיבל "ויראלי" - חול המועד פסח אנו מזמינים אתכם לקחת חלק בפסטיבל חדש שמתקיים אונליין, ויוצגו בו יצירות ומופעים שעושים שימוש מקורי בפלטפורמה. פסטיבל "ויראלי" יתקיים בחול המועד פסח בין התאריכים 9-14 באפריל, יתנהל כולו אונליין ויעשה שימוש בכלים השונים שהאינטרנט והרשתות מספקות - שידורי ווידאו לייב, צ'טים, קבוצות, פרופילים אישיים, משחקים ועוד. דדליין: 27.3.20 כל הפרטים בטופס:…/1FAIpQLSe0FZO8Pp9G3oas0J…/viewform בהצלחה 😊 קול קורא לפרס ע"ש חיים שיף לאמנות פיגורטיבית וריאליסטית קול קורא לפרס מוזס לציור 2020 מטעם בית האמנים בירושלים Jerusalem Artists' House שימו לב: מיועד לציירים עד גיל 35 דדליין: 5.4.20 כל הפרטים באתר בית האמנים: International Opportunities Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize The Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize is an annual international art prize that celebrates diversity and excellence in the representational visual arts, supporting all static mediums including Traditional Art media, Digital Art media and Photographic media, in all styles from realism and hyperrealism, to pop surrealism and lowbrow. The art prize recognises the most skilled, creative and unique contemporary artists within their category, as well as one extraordinary overall winner. learn more here international online exhibition: The Open Wide Open Call provides opportunities for artists to share their works in progress on the YouTube Channel - Open Wide. The aim is to find a room for artists to meet each other with the help of electronic communication, share ideas and experiences in a period when it's not possible to meet each other physically. We are looking for submissions from artists, composers, photographers and collectives etc. addressing the overall theme WORK IN PROGRESS. Up to 30 projects are selected for presentation on the channel. click here to participate CALL FOR ARTISTS! Please share! My friends, in light of the numerous gallery closures and cancelled exhibitions, not to mention so many artists are left jobless during this time, Envision Arts is providing a FREE opportunity for everyone to apply! View prospectus at Art In Isolation will be a contemporary and fine art online exhibition depicting works of art created during quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Subjective and non-subjective works are acceptable. The exhibition will be on virtual display between April 1 – June 1, 2020. Due to the wide-spread closures of businesses, there is NO application fee to submit. Please enter coupon code COVID19 during check out. Deadline to submit work is March 29, 2020 at 11:59 PM CST. CALL FOR ARTISTS! Minimalism will be a contemporary and fine art online exhibition depicting works of art that exemplify the minimalism art movement. Subjective and non-subjective works are acceptable. The gallery will be on virtual display between April 1 – April 30, 2020. View the prospectus and apply online at Eligible media include, but are not limited to: drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, oil/chalk pastels, block/ink print, hanging sculpture or assemblage, digital art, collage, metal work, hanging fiber/textile art, wood work and contemporary craft. Open internationally. Cold Bench AIRO is back! join us at our digital residency this easter. stay healthy and bake some art together 💪🇪🇺🌍 [quarantine period 14 days] more info and apply on: piXel is a online pop-up exhibition connecting people through the arts during COVID-19 COVID-19 is officially declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization and many countries are taking strict measures to quarantine people to try and prevent further spreading of the virus. As a result many cultural events around the world have been cancelled or postponed till further notice. However, as we stay home to protect each other our morality needs to keep strong. Thus, are digital screens have become our access to the outside world for connection, for work, for information and entertainment. This is not something new as these options existed before the pandemic however the sense of lockdown and physical disconnection, is real for many of us. Hence why we need to find ways to create a sense of continuity and hopefulness by creating a series of online events, where people can connect and find topics for discussion other than the COVID-19. PIXEL is exploring the idea of creating a pop-up online gallery space in which it will exhibit one artist for 3 days and replacing them with a new one, creating a rolling interest to the platform to discover new artist and have the opportunity to be connected with work of art from the comfort of your home. The open call is open to all creative disciplines; graduates, students and professionals from all around the world are welcome to submit! Requirements: + One piece of work: image or film + Artist name + Year made + Short description 150 words max (Optional) + Website, instagram or facebook (Optional) + Country of origin + Contact details (Optional) The call has no deadline and artwork will be displayed as we receive it. First artist will be published on 24th March 2020 All work and enquiries should be emailed at: Please note that we are accepting submissions! The website will be launched on the 24th March 2020 with the first artists! Dear artists in the broadest sense of the word, On the internet they are currently circulating dozens of open calls stimulating the artistic reaction against the Covid-19 virus. As recent creators of "The Nomadic Art Gallery", in New Zealand, we are amazed by the innovative campaigns that have already been launched. Since the aim of our unconventional mobile gallery is to bring art to the people through different thematic exhibitions and artistic interventions, we also make an appeal to share your digital initiatives and videographic work. Having organized 4 exhibitions, at various events such as the Hamilton Garden Arts Festival and Pride Parade in Wellington, and having been on several New Zealand radio stations, we would like to use our traveling art gallery as a symbol of "freedom" during those lonely times worldwide. As the virus continues to disrupt the daily lives of people across the globe, forcing many to isolate themselves, we are giving the opportunity to send personal and artistic messages of what it means to be free now that you are locked down. Those messages would, in turn, be diffused in New Zealand, where such a national “lock-down” measure has not yet been put into place but could be enforced anytime. It would be a way of reflecting on our "freedom" as individuals. It is only when our freedom is taken from us that we realize how precious it is and how it can be confined/defined creatively. To be able to develop this, we would need as many artists, ONLY FROM LOCKED DOWNED ZONES, as possible to send us their artistic messages, through video. Videos of one minute maximum where you explain, in words, pictures, movement, etc., to us what you miss the most about your “freedom" and accentuate it as a mental state . These videos will be shown throughout three randomly chosen locations in New Zealand, in our Nomadic Art Gallery, where viewers will physically have the opportunity, one by one, to hear and see these stories. The whole exhibit and its reactions will also be streamed live for those, for obvious reasons, not able to come. Send us your videos before the 22nd of March to the following email address, as mp4 files, with the subject line "Lockdown": Open call for artists who are currently working on the topic of "social distancing" and therefore creating social distancing art. This a very fresh term and we have no idea what will come out of it. Still, humans always have the drive to express themselves, no matter what situation they find themselves in. We're thinking about topics like loneliness, boredom, laziness, "Lagerkoller" (german term for the urgent need to go out and leave the house). Feel free to chose your own infectious topic. If you are interested send us your contributions to: Send us jpegs, pngs, mp3, videos, links et all.. (formats have to be web proofed) We will present your work on our SODA-Festival online platform. Later this year your artwork will be displayed in our gallery, after the end of general shutdown. Arrival Room is a non-profit organization which is located in south-west Germany. We are a socio-cultural platform for migrants art and projects from all over the world. Right now we are suffering from Coronavirus shutdown in Germany and want to do something about it. We'd love to see contributions from all over the world! Bye, Eugene OPEN CALL: FUKT MAGAZINE #19 – Story Lines Deadline 15th of April 2020 We’re looking for outstanding artistic positions to our 2020 edition: FUKT – Story Lines. After launching 18 successful issues, we’re now in the search for drawings focussing on stories, sequences and narration. We want to engage with the theme in multiple ways – the drawings can be abstract or realistic, sequential, conceptual, experimental, text based or purely visual. Rather than the classical comic format we are looking for drawing based work that approaches “story telling” as such in multiple ways. Is there a touching, interesting, moving or exciting story behind the work that pulls us in? Or does the work in itself has a narrative? Maybe it tells a story through the way its done, or how it looks? how complex or simple can a drawing be to tell a story? do sequences have to be linear? We’re particularly interested in work that challenges the theme and surprises us. If that sounds like you, then we would love to see your work. Email your images and project descriptions to Submissions should be sent as a PDF or JPEGS (no more than 5 megabytes), feel free to include links to websites or projects. Please write a few lines about how your works relate to the theme. You can read more about FUKT here: We are looking forward to your submission and please spread the word! CORINTH EXPOSED INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL 2020 INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION SUBJECT: INNER BEAUTY Submission Deadline: Tuesday 31 March 2020 at 16:00 UTC. more infos here OPEN CALL: IN 24-HOURS #In24Hours #TheWallSpace THE WALL SPACE, FALKIRK, SCOTLAND | APRIL 1ST // JUNE 1ST An exhibition curated by Ayshia Taskin in association with [SHIFT:ibpcpa] ABOUT The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is one of the most terrible contemporary disasters to befall humanity on a global scale. People around the world are suffering. Either through being infected with the virus and require intense medical treatment or are in lockdown in their homes. Although this is a daunting moment in human history, art, culture and humanity mustn't be abandoned! Preserving a connection to the humanities is the main reason 'In 24-Hours' originated. This exhibition is an open call for video, performance art, digital image, sound art, paintings, poetry, photography or any work that can be shown digitally, online or live-streamed through the [SHIFT:ibpcpa] platform. The exhibition, 'In 24-Hours' aims to build a resilient, creative community during such harrowing times. And to keep hope and motivation afloat through the showing of exciting pieces of work from a global group of artists. It is FREE to submit work to this exhibition. FORMAT A work of art from a different artist exhibited for 24-hours. The opening days are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and everything will be presented online due to current and upcoming community lockdowns. Artists from any country are welcome to submit work. The exhibition will take place three days a week and aims to show the work of as many artists as possible within the timeframe between April - June Please email Artivive AUGMENT FAMOUS ARTWORKS AND BE PART OF AN EXHIBITION! Great news! The Museums from Paris gave full access to over 150,000 artworks for the world to use for free. We want to take this opportunity and make something amazing together.Have you ever dreamed of being part of an art revolution? Together, we can change the way art is created and consumed. We’re organizing an open call to bring these masterpieces into augmented reality.And we at Artivive want you to be part of it. learn more here Arrival Room is a non-profit organization which is located in south-west Germany. We are a socio-cultural platform for migrants art and projects from all over the world. Right now we are suffering from Coronavirus shutdown in Germany and want to do something about it. We'd love to see contributions from all over the world! We have an open call for artists who are currently working on the topic of "social distancing" and therefore creating social distancing art. This a very fresh term and we have no idea what will come out of it. Still, humans always have the drive to express themselves, no matter what situation they find themselves in. We're thinking about topics like loneliness, boredom, laziness, "Lagerkoller" (german term for the urgent need to go out and leave the house). Feel free to chose your own infectious topic. If you are interested send us your contributions to: Send us jpegs, pngs, mp3, videos, links et all.. (formats have to be web proofed) @OpencallArtists In light of galleries and art spaces closing their doors I have created Open Call Artists (@ opencallartists) on instagram, and online gallery that features weekly artist residencies.Please if you are interested submit our work to the email Printmakers.016 Online submission of printmaking works, no fees and no age limit. Open to all Printmaking artists worldwide! max 2 entries, high resolution Send your work images on the email Final date- 31st march 2020 Video makers: browse and submit your short, art video, or movie online via these different platforms (filling one time only your project and then submit to all) Film Freeway click here Short Film Depot here One Small Postcard Can Make a Difference! To participate, please email your name and address to CALL FOR ARTISTS & PHOTOGRAPHERS - Inside Small Art Exhibits Postcard Exchange! INFO: Israel Galleries, Museums and Resources enjoying online art collection (galleries and museums) Galleries in Tel Aviv: Hanina: here Binyamin Gallery: here Benyamini Contemporary ceramics center: here Maya Gallery virtual Gallery tour via Degorla Uta Patinkin - The Card Players, Galia Pasternak -The Painting Teacher,Shira Gepstien- Moshkovich (Artist Wall): available here Raw Art : here and current project Shuttle with Maya Perry available here Zemack contemporary Art gallery virtual tour: watch here Rosenfeld contemporary virtual visit: available here Litvak Contemporary : here Enjoy more Art galleries thanks to incredible technology and work from Degorla: here Museum and cultural center Israel: מוזיאון ארץ-ישראל, תל-אביב אתר עקבו אחרי חשבון האינסטגרם של המוזיאון: :בית התפוצות//Beit Hatfutsot Staying Indoors? Visit Beit Hatfutsot From Home כעת כשאתם בבית עם הילדים, מוזיאון העם היהודי בבית התפוצות מרכז עבורכם מספר פעילויות כיפיות שאפשר לעשות יחד, גם ללמוד על הדרך, ובעיקר להיות יחד ולחזק זו את זה ואת הקשר המשפחתי: here מוזיאון תל אביב לאמנות// Tel Aviv Museum of Art online visit and resources: נשארים מחוברים #מוזיאוןתלאביבלאמנותמהבית אנחנו אמנם סגורים זמנית, אבל ריכזנו עבורכם מספר תכנים לקטנים ולגדולים שיכולים לעזור ולהעביר את הזמן בבית. סיור וירטואלי בתערוכה "יונתן ויניצקי: היקום: תוכני וידאו נבחרים מתערוכות ואירועים במוזיאון: מדריכים קוליים אונליין עם מידע על יצירות נבחרות של המוזיאון: דפי יצירה והעשרה לכל המשפחה: בתקופה הקרובה נמשיך לעדכן בשוטף תכנים חדשים, מזמינים אתכם להמשיך לעקוב אחרינו באמצעות אתר האינטרנט שלנו והרשתות החברתיות. 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Inside Out

Inside Out, Collaboration with Diana Schuemann, 2020 INSIDE OUT by Jessica Moritz & Diana Schuemann Upcoming V IMARP - Mostra Internacional de Dança - Imagens em Movimento, December 7th to 12th, São Paulo, Brasil ALC Video Art Festival part of the collection "Cigarreras" listed and curated by ACOA (Contemporary artists from Alicante) ​ ​ 2020 IDKF 2020, Stuttgart, Germany OPAF20, Online Performance Art Festival Simulacrum at WerkStadt, Berlin Cock and Bull Virtual Festival Dance Days Chania 10 curated by Aliki Chiotaki DRIFTING BODIES / FLUENT SPACES, Walk Lab2pt piXel , online pop up exhibition, Inside out, 2020 WHEN TWO BECOME ONE, LOOSE THREADS curated by Philippa Wall, Luke Jones and Faye Golley 'In 24 hours' THE WALL SPACE | SCOTLAND, curated by Ayshia Taskin and [SHIFT:ibpcpa] Screening Inside out, Collaboration with Diana Schuemann : A Fronteira- mostra de videoarte, Rio, Brasil As an artist you wish to have a legacy and let behind you meaning fulfillment work, inspiration and statement, not things.
in this direction, my work is now working with less to create work that will share a message of sustainability, reflection and positivity.
therefore i create an art work in collaboration with Diana Schuemann that challenge urban architecture, and abandoned space to push limit of esthetic and Consummation. Inside Out about the video: link: Inside Out 06:02 MINI DV, and digital art Collaboration with Diana Schuemann Dancer and Choreographer and Jessica Moritz Mixed media Artist Synopsis: Architecture is the starting point of this project.
As we both are engaged in interactivity and urban architecture, we wanted to create a piece that relates to our vision(s) and questions about choregraphy and interactions.
we came up with the idea of choreography in the white cube as a statement and also as a performance.
Choreography Based on limited gestures in limited space.
Movement is the most basic gesture that we can experience and achieve. Still, when you do it, you often forget that each movement has a direction and goal. As we both are engaged in movement based work in urban space and relations, we decided to build a project interacting with it and develop it around the different interactions and possibilities based on it.
Both of us are also immigrants, so expression will never be the same for us. We had to build our own language to be able to interact in our daily life. Therefore, our attitude and gesture made our experience unique.
Our posture, gesture and observations of our surroundings made us stretch, band over, fold to fit in this life.
In this specific work, where Diana (the performer) is dancing in a closed space but showing to the street and interacting with viewers, people passing by, cars traffic and noise.
Reference: Hans richter, Bruce nauman Jessica Moritz statement : Her work is based on various studies about colors perceptions.
Lately, she has been using painting, installation, digital art, and sculpture.
Each media allowed me to establish new relations with colors, space an people.She creates new values for each of them and also establish new relations and pursuit new theories about colors.
The basic idea is simple: create Artwork and expect interactions with the 3 major elements (color, people, space).
the color spectrum is now part of universal knowledge and even used in pop culture. whether i chose to use figuration or abstraction, the point is not about representation but how you can we relate to what you see.
color spectrum: the spectrum is the range of different colors which is produced when light passes through a glass, a prism, or through a drop of water. A rainbow, for example, shows the colors in the spectrum.
Source: Newton, Turner, Albers, Eliasson, Pastoureau Bio Jessica Moritz French-Israeli artist, lives and works in Tel Aviv. Graduated from the fine arts of Paris,LVMH young artist award 2006, TAKASAGO prize 2008.
Her work mainly focus on interactions with colors, figures and patterns. She explores different media: painting, drawing, printing, wheat paste, graffiti, installation and sculpture.
she developed different system of surface, color and pattern interacting with architecture and the viewer. her work aims to create new edges and forms that can be displayed in any shapes, sizes (maximalism).
Most of the time, the viewer is included in the conception of each piece, and invited to participate.
Each media allowed her to establish new relations with colors, space an people.
She creates new values for each of them and also establish new relations and pursuit new theories about colors.
The basic idea is simple: create Artwork and expect interactions with the 3 major elements (color, people, space). contact: instagram Diana Schuemann Diana Schuemann, born in Germany, alumni of the Weiss-Livnat MA program in Holocaust Studies (Haifa, Israel).
Diana, who has built her dance roots in the Berliner Urban Dance scene, is a performer as well as art historian with a research focus on dance pieces dealing with the Shoah and Genocide. Whilst originally coming from the Hip Hop dance scene, Diana developed throughout the past five years an approach of movement research which combines urban dance, modern and contemporary dance as well as improvisation.
Diana studied for the duration of a year dance at the Lola Rogge School in Hamburg (studying dance techniques of Laban). Joining later on the Israeli dance scene enabled Diana to explore a for her deeper understanding through Ohad Naharinś Gagatechnique.
From 2017 onwards Diana joined and studied in several Tel Aviv based programs (HASADNA-TEL AVIV, Sharon Eyal, Roni Chadasch, Ohad Naharin) Israeli approaches of dance which enabled an individual movement approach which is (and will be always) rooted in the Urban scene: her vision on dancing is dealing with the Urban scene but combines Gaga, Voguing, Hip Hop and Modern Dance techniques (for i.g. Rudolph v. Laban). The influence of urbanism and daily interactions lead her to this approach.
From 2017-2019 Diana carried out research with Israeli high school students, discussing and exploring the use of dance for teaching about the Holocaust (Leo Baeck Education Centre, Haifa).
When being home in Berlin Diana teaches (Dance Team International) and collaborates in the scene, and joins Urban dance battles. In Israel Diana is part of the raising Voguing scene and gives workshops in the Open House for Pride and Tolerance in Jerusalem (Voluntary Work, free admission for students). In the future she wishes to explore, in collaboration with Tel Aviv based artist Jessica Moritz, own movements and color studies. Diana Schuemann Statement
Diana Schuemann, (from Berlin Kreuzberg) recently based in Haifa focuses in her dance pieces on the exploration of abandoned urban spaces. This exploration is derived of an understanding that “empty spaces” still move in connection and constant exchange with the outside world. Driven by the idea of what makes human beings move (Pina Bausch) Diana uses and combines the techniques of Hip Hop dance elements, Gaga (Ohad Naharin) and Improvisation (Rudolf v. Laban).
She stands as an urban statement of our society and current relations we establish and pursue.
Space emptiness and remains inspire her to create and interact. The lack of human investment in those locations makes any movement as a new breathing, sense of life.
This idea and approach is now one of the main theme(s) in the collaboration work with Tel Aviv based artist Jessica Moritz. The work in progress (starting in the end of 2019) focuses on the inside and outside world, its interaction with one another and will upcoming explore certain movement gestures in combination with color studies (Jessica Moritz).
References: Marina Abramovic, Pina Bausch, Rami Be é r, Merce Cunningham, Sharon Eyal, Martha Graham, Allen Kaeja, Rudolf Laban, Ohad Naharin. Contact Diana: Instagram #danceisrael #artperformance #videoart #jessicaMoritz #DianaSchuemann #artvideo #israelcontemporaryart #tlvart #insideout #hardedgeart #vectorart #israeliart #collaboration #dancedancedance #reductiveart #contemporarydance #danceart


As a painter you are committed to a few things that appear so obvious that sometimes you forget to question them or just think about them as a subject: light(s) colors space when you compose, start painting, walls are not the only options (canvas), you have to step back, consider the viewer space and decide what kind of interaction you want to create. Painting can also be a selfish gesture of ego representation, but in that case, we wouldn’t have this conversation. so let’s remind basics facts and use of them: the light is composed of different waves of colors that composed the spectrum. colors have different intensity, and integration based on their properties. primary colors are the basis, from there you can have it all. Secondary colors are composed of additions and subtractions. the use of light as a tool in painting or reference is not something new: Caravaggio Matisse Turner De Vinci Georges de la Tour Dan Flavin Eliasson TeamLAB Stefan Heyne Lindsay Packer Felipe Pantone and many other artists. as I was working on different drawings with impossible geometry, and composing palettes, I realized that I had to blur the lines, open the shapes and use gradients instead of color reaction. I am used to closing my colors into shapes and compose in 1D, 2D, 3D. For Alba, I created a 3D shape composed of 2 parts that move around the shape. color circle around the shape and display one range of the spectrum. in physic or even basic Mathematics, you need to make measurements from one point, another one and create a chart. in Art, most of the time you have a binary relation: facing it. I want to consider the viewer’s space as a study, what do I see from this distance, or in this specific space, how many Lux, how many colors I can perceive, how does it affect you?… as you have to consider that each viewer and each position will give you different results (Facts and Feelings), the possibilities become infinite. It’s not only an impossible circle, but it also becomes an exploration of lights. every angle, every part of it has a different tone according to his position, and reflection of light. I wish to compose more Sculpture or installations that involve interactions challenge this kind of questions and proposals. #alba #installationart #israeliart #israelcontemporaryart #artblog #colorspectrum #lightart #colortheory #opart #gradientpainting #hardedgeart #contemporarysculpture #colorstudy #tlvart

Dear white cube

Dear white cube, 2019 As i said a long Time ago, four walls will never tell you that you are wrong. The point is not about being wrong or right but being conscious about space, interactions and proposing questions about a new approach of colors and how to look at it. Making art is always a statement about who or what you stand for. It can be minor or unconscious but it happened to reflect the same position you have in your life, wether you want it or not. I started this SERIE of installations few months ago. By the time I was working on one of my color theory implying color and surface. The point is to establish color chart to use depending on surface or site specific. The goal is to facilitate color use and being able to deploy it depending on the space, light and interactions needs. Of course, as we talk about space I studied geometry and physics. Therefore I tried different sequence numbers and applied them to 1 dimension sketches, then 2D, and finally reach 3D. Once the line works was done, you have to care about the light, be conscious about interactions. The great things about numbers is that you create angles and dynamics without having to questions them. As you know, I m also concerned about colors as lead. I came back to physics and artists using light or spectrum into installations or various works: Olafur eliasson Carlos Cruz Diaz James Turell Dan flavin Ellsworth Kelly ... many artists So the light is composed by the spectrum that we all know. So I decided to be basic (in my way) and that each piece would be a spectrum of each color of the spectrum. Each piece include one color of the main spectrum and then develop the color theory on his own. By the end you have the full spectrum (light) running a 3d installation individually and together. After one was done, I was happy to see the interactions with lights(natural light, artificial, directional) When you learn how to draw, without noticing you recognize light, and 3 dimensional space as a truth. First you create outline to define limits, and the different shadows to define your shape.(highlights, mid tones, projected shadows, complex shadows...) As each piece is based on the same composition, light is crucial. Each shadow is different on each sides or angles according to their composition. One of the goal of this work is to create autonomous pieces that lead you to question the exhibition space. Furthermore, i wish to lead the viewer to ask the same questions about him standing there. We have been counting on light for centuries. But it might not last. Mind the light, mind


Twist Installation​ 100X 100 X 10 MDF and acrylic 2019 installation: Twist, based on standing on 1 square meter Through my journey of building a new approach of colors, I also investigate the space (architecture) relation. what we consider as painting usually is a square, or regular shape such as a canvas and hang on the wall, so we have a vertical relation. I wanted to see from different angles such as body position, limited gesture, and human-size space-related. As a person, we relate to space by dimensions, habits and body gravity. it implies to be conscious about your ability, restrictions, and will. In that position, I asked myself what kind of gesture or steps if I may say, I would do in a limited space. how do I relate to it, what kind of shape it reveals and what informations I can learn from that? so the work started on the floor, in my studio, I took a piece of MDF (5mm one meter square ) and I try to stand still on it. i didn’t succeed in standing still a long time. Also, I noticed that my body position was shuffling into three different positions that revealed a pattern of behavior. after collecting these observation about gesture and position, I started to draw on paper some sketches about the different positions and movement. I cannot say there is a way in or out. the main focus was on staying in the square and the different ways I was managing my personal space. first observation: gravity and weight encouraged me to step one foot on the side to lighten the position. second observation: my natural attitude is to bounce without my feet moving and change my gravity usual connection. third observation: moving is necessary, one step up, or on the side and come back, almost as a waltz (minimal step use) After sketching some lines, basic shapes, I decided to include pattern as a step to show the surface involved and take off the surface that wasn't. usually, most artists and also curators think about how to fill the space. It means filling a canvas, dispatch the work all over the space, create some kind of harmony or even symmetry in the composition or exhibition. in this case, I realized that I don’t need to be equal, or fill anything and that the space that was not use was not needed. Therefore, I gutted all the unnecessary pieces unused on the 1 square meter MDF. Then I had to think about the colors. As there were 3 different observations I chose a pattern that was related to all observations and each color were meant to work as an answer to each other and combine a new palette for this work. then because of the color filling difference between all of them, I realized it should be on the same spectrum and not work only on RGB relations. so I create a new palette based on Blue. as I created two extensions to these installations, shadows made it obvious to work with one field colors. stepping in and out, and revealing a 3D shape that makes you realize the difference between what you call painting and what you see.

Twist and shout, reading between the lines

So I started this serie on January. I didn’t write or explained anything about it because I wanted people to enjoy based on their own appreciation and background. Now that I got feedback, and I observed people and I changed some of my usual attitude and social media habits. No details about work, no hashtags, no instructions, no do or don’t. I wanted everyone to have a genuine reaction and personal interaction without getting any lead or instructions and work on your own perception. So, I have noticed that people want exposure,no matter what, and react in two different ways: Wether they project their own feelings and current state of mind. Wether they follow the previous or general reaction. About the story behind the project: All the characters used for this project are pictures of fans from concert from the 60’s,70’s (Beatles, Elvis, Rolling Stones...) So most of the characters are happy, in euphoria, because they are celebrating. About the pattern, I have been using the magnolia pattern for one year in 90% of my work, in different ways, sketches, Lino print, painting, mural... and still blooming. Did you know that magnolia existed before bees? Do you understand what it implies? About pattern in general If I say pattern of behavior? Does it speak to you ? About colors, i worked on primary colors spectrum to of course overlay layers and create the color spectrum established by Newton. Colors always lead to new perspective of perception and interaction. The use of layers implies space consideration and interaction. The viewer may not be aware of all the many theories about colors. I use layers and other techniques to reveal new approach of colors. therefore you are able to understand the color spectrum and how light prism work. And since more than 15 years I use geometry and different study about architecture and impossible geometry. Structure, even the dis-functional ones are the baselines of every composition. Even if you don’t see it clearly. As artists,we are building artefact for your imagination. This is our job. Since I realized that people are more interested to have an audience than to create quality content, I started to paint their own fans. Meaning that if you are in front of this paintings, you have your crowd. You are the subject. Not the painting. As an artist we create because this is our job, it s also our nature. You can fight it, you just face it. One more thing, women in the art world are less represented, exposed, paid than men. some numbers// facts referenced by National Museum of women in the arts: Nearly half (45.8%) of visual artists in the United States are women; on average, they earn 74¢ for every dollar made by male artists. (National Endowment for the Arts) Women working across arts professions make almost $20,000 less per year than men. (Artsy) Women in the arts are found not to experience the “motherhood penalty” which in other industries results in a loss or stagnant income after children. But men in the arts do experience the “marriage premium,”—an increase in pay for married men of roughly $7,200 per year that neither women nor single men experience. Men working in the arts also receive an income bump when they become fathers. (Artsy) ArtReview’s 2018 Power 100 list of the “most influential people in the contemporary art world” was 40% women—though this is an improvement from 2017 (38%) and 2016 (32%). (Art Review) .... (click on the link: to learn more about women in arts ) So if you didn’t know, that also one of the reason why I paint women. Because every time my work is shown in an exhibition, published, or has interactions it will put one more woman in this world. #israelcontemporaryart #pattern #colortheory #escher #geometricart #jessicamoritz #impossiblerectangle #telavivart #israeliart #artivive #generativeart #geometricart #AR #artivism #womenartist #artfact #tlvart


Through this mural i wanted to consider wall as a playground. interactivity is very important in my work. i wanted to display israeli vibes with colors and history. So i remix the sheshbesh game, mixed it with some of personal history, as usual.The colors needed to be matching the vibes of the memory o had about this game and tel aviv. So i made some research and all colors came very naturally. Furthermore, living in Israel is accepting an heritage of mixed culture and also cultural appropriation from our origins.

Using such symbols as “Ein Ra” , sheshbesh,color code referring to Israeli flag implies to be conscious of our heritage, history and interactions. prints available: here #sheshbesh #israeliart #telavivart #tlvart #muralpainting #middleeast #israel #colortheory #cultureappropriation #artlife #tlvmural #jessicamoritz

Jessica Moritz ©2021 Tel Aviv, Israel
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