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in my process i always used different layers and colorfield.
while i was doing figurative painting, i was working always combining what I call my trinity: Colors, Patterns, and People.
I was working as if was documenting an era. looking for images, old advertisement, graphic design from another era, patterns from memories, or a present wrapping paper, even someone wearing some random shirt in the bus.
I created my own library (CPP).
In each period, i observed changes, I listened to stories, I read articles, Talked with friends, exchange opinions with fellow artist.
I realized that most of the time we don't really look at things/people anymore. 
Our generation became the biggest consumer and producers of images without understanding what they are looking.
This became an irony that i wanted to paint, that i wanted us to remember.

twist and shout, israeli paintings, israeli artist, artivive painting, interactive art, color thoery, rgb art, colorfield painting, pattern colors people

Twist and shout

acrylic on canvas​

80X130 cm// 31X51 ''


matkot, tlv beach, color pattern, surreal painting, pattern people, israeli artists,img

Dress to impress 

acrylic, color pencils and felt pen on canvas​

122X217cm// 48X85 ''


the kids next door, hard edge painting, israeli contemporary art, pattern layers, surface design,penrose, geometry, geometric abstraction painting, tel aviv art , RGB color interactive
israeli contemporary artist, hard edge painting, color surface pattern, color theory artist, impossible geometry art, optical illusion art, art and colors interactions
studio visit tel aviv, tel aviv art studio, jessica moritz, penrose, op art, geometric abstract, hard edge, art installation israel, saatchi artist

the kids next door, witness of the wheaptaste project, 2018, 100X 100, acrylic on canvas 

jessica moritz, love pattern,painting,contemporary art, israel,france

The Love pattern, color pencils and acrylic on canvas



jessica moritz, morgenstein ice cream new york, pattern painting, circle art painting, realist artist, portrait artist israel,img

 The Vanilla girl,

color pencils and acylic on canvas

60x 90


Painting, jessica moritz,contemporary art,irael, tel aviv, france, kids

Food Face

 Acrylic on canvas



painting, contemporary art, israel, tel aviv, jessica moritz

The Boudoir Moment

Color pencils and acrylic on canvas

91 X 121


contemporary art, painting, jessica moritz, erotic art, israel, tel aviv
contemporary art, painting, jessica moritz, israel, tel aviv, erotic art, drawing

Liberty Girls,

Color pencils and acrylic on canvas



Courtesy of private collection

contemporary art, painting, jessica moritz, israel, tel aviv, erotic art, drawing

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the other woman

summer is over, tel aviv girls, boulimia in art, advertisment and art, tel aviv artist, emerging israeli art, figurative israeli art, collect israeli art

learn more about The other women and discover the illustration collection.

Summer is over

color pencils and acrylic on canvas

200 x 98

Painting, contemporary art, tel aviv, color pencil, jessica moritz

And i love him

color pencils and acrylic on canvas

70 X 90 

we were carefee, feminism art, art based on ad, collect tel aviv art, israeli emerging artist,img, israeli girls

we were carefree

color pencils and acrylic on canvas

127 X 90 

color pattern people, dot pattern idea,ציורים,גלריות,תערוכות,אמנות ישראלית,אומנות ישראלית,img,ציור למכירה


color pencils and acrylic on canvas

142 x 105

working girl, olivetti girl, influence of ad on people, img,panton, color pattern, painting for sale, art to collect israel

Working girl

color pencils and acrylic on canvas

86 X 108

drugs dont work, israeli youth, portrait of a generation tel aviv, israeli female artist, tel aviv painting studio, color theory artist


color pencils and acrylic on canvas

220 X 220

catlady, jessica moritz, tel aviv cat, vector meme, meme of tel aviv woman, israeli woman, israeli girls, dating in tel aviv

The cat Lady

pigments and acrylic on canvas

150 X 190

vice and versa, diptyque painting, mirroring art, new figurative art, relationship relation shit, art and couples, font based art, typism
vice and versa, diptyc painting, israeli woman artist, couple painting, portrait of a generation, drink everyday, rouge et bleu art, primary colors art
cheersa to that, pattern artist, israeli painter, israeli artist, new figuration, drink responsibly, drunk people, french painter

Vice Versa, love is a serious thing

diptyque paintings that can be seen upside down

pigments and acrylic on canvas

105 X 165

Cheers to that

pigments and acrylic on canvas

210 X 105

quality time, jessica moritz,img,israeli artist, moritz painting,אמנות ישראלית, pattern artist, french artist

quality time

pigments and acrylic on canvas

100 X 100

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