Staying Alive

I started in February 2020 to paste up some geometric shapes, colorful hard edge composition, and some with optical illusion.

I began by drawing these shapes during the first lockdown thinking about the situation how can all this happen, the paradox of being all alone-together, the new ways we found to interact with each other and missing natural light.

In Jewish tradition, when someone dies, we paste up their name in the neighborhood that everyone can assist at funerals and visit family.

So I twisted this idea. And pasted symbols (for me) of life, memories of happiness, an icon of life in places where life was missing, or places that I wanted to give love.
Often, friends can tell you I would answer a question by I’m alive.
Therefore I keep on creating.
There is no logic in the making, there is no logic in life/death matters. 
Why waiting it’s over to celebrate Life?

Jessica Moritz ©2021 Tel Aviv, Israel
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