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Space Between

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prototype for multiple duplications, Space between (mdf and acrylic )

This volume is an intent to create an new to perceive volume or scupture in our creative field.
We do build shapes and installation to make a point, But i believe we rarely think about the space as a simple use of it.
The white cube has the same needs as we do, doesn't it? 
so let's imagine we could put some punctuation and rythm into all that.

abstract digital art, rgb art, color theory, font based art, overlay art, colorfield art, geometric abstract design, typography art, jessica moritz, art in middle east

Space Between ,

digital art

working by substraction and addition to demonstrate about the RGB color theory, 2018

visual poetry art ,concrete art, israeli art installation, tel aviv artist , israel sculpture , jessica moritz, sculpture, jessica moritz portrait, israeli artist, sexy based art, geometric wall sculpture
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visual poetry, text installation,concrete design art, punctuation design, typo art, minimal interior design

Space Between,

concrete, from the mold serie, acrylic

30X 20 X 5


punctuation, font art, typo art, plaster sculpture, israeli artist, installation artist israel, img
plaster sculpture, wall sculpture, bas relief design, israeli design, social distancing expression, jepg
punctuation typo, concrete art, pink october, social distancing art, plaster sculpture, wall art, collect israeli art, tel aviv design
visual poetry covid-19, typo art, font art, israeli design tel aviv, fonts 3D, concrete, bas relief plaster

Space Between,

installations with different space and color palette,

plaster and acrylic

30X 20 X 5


land art, visual poetry israel, urban intervention, typo based artist, font based art, plaster art, israeli artist
chessmaster, installation art, tel aviv culture, space beween, wall sculpture,img, art of israel
land art israel, public art tel aviv, wall sculpture, commission art, collect israeli art, israeli modern art

It's all about the narrative.
adapting to Israeli culture takes time. interactions and habits create a new way of interacting.
i wanted to give some rhythm within and bring some concrete punctuation to cope with this new lifestyle.

i first draw different shapes of commas, analog drawing, then put it to hand scale, as if we could hold this comma between us, give us space, and give it to someone walking behind you too close.

Plaster is such a pleasant material that can erase any kind of texture, and fade into any shapes.

i want people to be conscious about their personal space and others. if you acknowledge this and what it implies, it becomes a relief.

intangible situation and perspective are so precious and specific for each of us, that it gets nicer from each viewer or holder.

Tel Aviv, Israel

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