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penrose, impossible geometry, geometric abstract sculpture, abstract geometric art, jessica moritz art, tel aviv artist, installation art for sale, colorfield art, geometric design, abstract geometric painting, israeli sculpture
penrose, impossible geometry art, geometric sculpture, abstract geometric art, op art for sale, optical art sculpture
penrose,impossible geometry, geometric sculpture, geometric art, geometric design,jessica moritz,israeli artist,optical illusion,op art for sale,optical art,geometric abstract art

Scultpure based on a side of 59 cm and 5 cm depth and colors interactions.
Acrylic and pigments on MDF

The idea of tridimensional painting was necessary for this project. While I was working on the pattern as figure volumes, I thought it's not enough.

The volume needs movement and must imply that the viewer will move too.

It's always challenging to create a piece thinking of the space reaction and viewer's too.

Colors have their own reaction and interaction. the shape on its own is challenging your vision of space and geometry (ref: Penrose by Oscar Reutersvärd and Escher)

So the first option was to build a shape the same way I paint and create the motion in different ways.

The goal is mainly on the interaction and definition of space with colors. Still, there are some other options.

Penrose 2

This installation is made to have a reflection about space, color, and the white cube.

Back to basics, meaning, less is more, trying to show what is art and interaction in one piece, and play with it.

Penrose, the impossible triangle is an old geometry trick, you can easily find informations online.

I wanted to build one that like every piece of art, is one vision from a certain angle, and a casual shape when you move.

so I experimented a lot of geometry, tried many version, with or without colors and then realized, that colors were mandatory.

so I worked with RGB also due to the structure of it.

do color build a shape or lines? what is the first thing that you interact with?

what are your relations with colors?

I still have many questions but I'll keep them for later.

Penrose 2,
installation based on color reaction (RGB).
Acrylic on cardboard, 53 X 53 X 53cm//20,8 20,8 x 20,8''

Penrose 3

The concept of an impossible shape in 2D included in a 3D piece is a new way to challenge colors.

Wether you find it or lose it, but the exploration reach a new level.



Geometry is a structure part of our life.It’s necessary, but ignored most of the time.

We are surrounded by structures, open and closed, but to give us perspective and space.

The Penrose is a trick to this space study and to the white cube.


Most of the time, the white cube is organized around a concept. What if the concept of it, all was one piece including the white cube as the first concept?

Let’s embrace the idea that white is a choice. We need a structure for being, and seeing. Without white, the color cannot happen.


soon a new text in the blog section to detail this more.

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