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The Other Women

The other women serie 
 color pencils
felt pen and acrylic on canvas
small paintings on paper
(20 X 30// 32 X 32)

This Serie is about some stories i heard, read. Like every one, i’m connected. i use social media, i also talk with friends, and take public transportations.
Well it came from all of this. 

Sometimes i felt like reading a vintage crap novel, or rotten gossips. I mean so many stories and i must say for most of them i knew that part of it was not true, another part was to avoid silence, and also to feel better.
So if they wanted so bad that people know about that story, why not doing it as a painting or drawing. 

I started without knowing it would become a serie. I was trying to picture them at the moment. I used vintage Ad, photographs, magazine, to get to this kind of framing.
As usual, i worked with layers. Layers of plain colors, drawing, and pattern. This is my trinity. 

Little by little, the serie was growing. I have still many stories to write and draw. Each story has a little writing, sometimes a poem that tells a little bit more about the piece.
After writing and drawing all, something stroke me. Most of the women were insecure, with a big lack of self confidence, and sad. It was kind of sad to realize you gotta go all through all this to feel better. 

This is why i try to see them as a moment but also in a way to make these women as colorful as they appear to me. A moment in your life cannot define you. neither a line. 

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