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The Kids Next door

Tel aviv street art, wheatpaste art, israeli painting, Jessica Moritz, kiryat hamelacha, jessica moritz, public art Israel, kids next door, colorfield portrait art, kids on a swing

It’s all about community and how we connect to each other.
In my studio area, there are many other studios, artists, people working, crafters, woodworkers, small business, and sometimes families. now that i’ve been there a while, i’ve noticed children laughing, playing, all colors mixing, interactions with each other. (my work is mainly focus on color and pattern interactions)

so i decided to make the environment look more like them, and reflect the energy that they were giving to the space.
i started by painting 34 wheat pastes of kids on swings based on RGB color palette, and interactions.
The installations of all of them took me 2 nights. then i thought, all of them by the end of summer will be gone. let’s do a witness of this project to keep in mind this intention. so i did two paintings that were reflecting this idea but also could interact with people with the light.


wheatpaste installation
Acrylic painting on paper, Kiryat Hamelacha 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel

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