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Woman as Pattern

i explore through my work the vision that people have of women, the evolution of our status and of our behavior since emancipation. 

As we can reflect different for each generations, and also the clichés used by different media, we all are exploring our own image and exploiting it at the same time.

my work is originally based on painting (acrylic) and also drawing. i also now use drawing in the city, and explore printing to expose women as pattern in the city. 


As growing up in 21 century, you are used to take for granted what you have, how people treat you. But sometimes you get a friendly reminder that it happens again. that we are some reflect, cover girls, it girls, mothers, hooks up, girl next door. We become patten of ourself without paying attention to it.

As part of this project, i started printing some old fashion drawing, reminding the good old years of the good wife, and paste them over the city.

As this pattern becomes part of your routine. Should we make a difference between art and reality? is there any?

As the esthetic of it wasn't satisfying, i decided that graffiti would be more accurate and would be litterally using a stencil to create a pattern.

Applying the pattern is a first step, but seeing interaction in the city, changing, covers, collaborations enhance the project.

As human being we express or feel something because we are all different, and we feed our own feelings.

So i just let them express.

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