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Random Pattern

i have been working on compositions in different levels. I decided to invert the process.
I created layers of colors, gestures and patterns and play with them until i get a new dynamic.
i use geometry and tessellation of shapes or gesture to create new works.
using found paper or palette swatches to create new color harmonies, and also focus more on shapes and interactions.
i also combine paper weaving and collage to compose layers and create new colorfield perspective.

acrylic, spray paint, on paper, 2020

random pattern memory, geometric collage, paper weaving, israeli artist, contemporary collage, geometric abstraction, minimal collage
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During the process of creating layers of colors, pattern of gestures, I came back to an old technique that i use to make a lot: lino print and woodblock.
First i had to chose one shape where i could put inside many patterns and also think about the composition.
I wanted each to be special but also to connect them with each other.
So started drawing, then carving, and then doing color test and create a new library of pattern, colors and reintroducing texture in my work.

linoprint art, handcarving print, abstract print, hexagonal pattern, sacred geometry art
abstract print, lino print, op art print, escher print,img, pattern print, color theory art
handprint, tessellation hexagon, color overlay, art on paper, affordable art israel,lino cut
impossible geometry art print, art print for sale, color interactions, israeli art print, art with texture, artist on saatchi,img
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