Alone TOgether

How to catch a moment and turn it into a shape, an installation.
Intentions takes a lot of room in this project.
Most of the time, intentions have more strength and details than the final piece.

The Most precious things are the one you can’t keep or record.

I was thinking of this full idea of capturing a moment. Intimacy and giving it exposure, and colors facing patterns. Pattern are like a short souvenir of yours.
It comes in pieces, sometimes informations and usually randomly blurred lines.

I intentionally took the cliché of a kiss.
Kiss belongs to universal memory, languages and ages. According to the world we’re living in: kissing is casual, can be done by anyone, so it belongs to everyone.
Medias made it easy to watch from public figures, neighbors, public cameras and of course POP culture.
People make a lot of efforts to wether keep their personal space private or to pretend they invite you in. Intimacy is a luxury and an imposture. 

Alone Together
39X39X4,5 ''
MDF 4mm, acrylic


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Jessica Moritz©2020 
Tel Aviv, IsraeL
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