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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Alba MDF /acrylic 55x41x5 2019, Jessica Moritz

As a painter you are committed to a few things that appear so obvious that sometimes you forget to question them or just think about them as a subject:




when you compose, start painting, walls are not the only options (canvas), you have to step back, consider the viewer space and decide what kind of interaction you want to create.

Painting can also be a selfish gesture of ego representation, but in that case, we wouldn’t have this conversation.

so let’s remind basics facts and use of them:

the light is composed of different waves of colors that composed the spectrum.

colors have different intensity, and integration based on their properties.

primary colors are the basis, from there you can have it all.

Secondary colors are composed of additions and subtractions.

the use of light as a tool in painting or reference is not something new:




De Vinci 

Georges de la Tour

Dan Flavin



Stefan Heyne

Lindsay Packer

Felipe Pantone

and many other artists.

as I was working on different drawings with impossible geometry, and composing palettes, I realized that I had to blur the lines, open the shapes and use gradients instead of color reaction.

I am used to closing my colors into shapes and compose in 1D, 2D, 3D. For Alba, I created a 3D shape composed of 2 parts that move around the shape.

color circle around the shape and display one range of the spectrum.

in physic or even basic Mathematics, you need to make measurements from one point, another one and create a chart. in Art, most of the time you have a binary relation: facing it.

I want to consider the viewer’s space as a study, what do I see from this distance, or in this specific space, how many Lux, how many colors I can perceive, how does it affect you?…

as you have to consider that each viewer and each position will give you different results (Facts and Feelings), the possibilities become infinite.

It’s not only an impossible circle, but it also becomes an exploration of lights. every angle, every part of it has a different tone according to his position, and reflection of light.

I wish to compose more Sculpture or installations that involve interactions challenge this kind of questions and proposals.



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