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Cloud Geometry

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

every time you watch a white wall and think about what to create and what to leave blank. It's almost as watching the sky. you cannot exactly explain what is happening, or how but it's here, in front of you. As usual, I worked on the structure of the space, according to my color charts. I tried to match the colors with additions and subtractions. clouds are build by condensation with water, air... I could explain everything here, but I think a physician can explain better.

This piece is about their architecture. it's abstract and it's not.

also while I was doing the color chart, I thought of working by adding or subtract from each other, side by side, and of course the RGB reaction. Also, I think it’s time to talk about climat issue in art. As a person,as an artist,as a member of community, we are all concerned by the different impacts of climate change. We are responsible for the different consequences that next generation will have to deal with. We might look at the sky with a naive approach about imagination and spirituality.but the different gradients of colors reveal the different chemicals that we over use and destroy our environment.


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