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colors, Pattern, People

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Starting a new project always implies relations and connections from colors to shape, to viewer.

I begin to sketch, imagine layers, work on the palette. It’s like thinking from scratch that it can be made all over.

It means that if a piece is 20 X30 cm(inches) it must have the same strength and potential as if it was 3 meters by 4.

weakness must be a choice, lightness, and absence are admitted but not by omission.

Failure is part of the process. Lines are not always strong, colors have different balance and patterns establish new relation. i always try to see everything as whole installation.

The vision must be full and without compromise.

There is no room for blank or random gesture.

the display of each piece alone or together need to be a statement as much as vision for me or the viewer.

Layers work like rhythm, There is a partition to follow, the melody reflect on the white cube and the viewer is the blank page to impress.

Figuration is not mandatory, working on 2D is the narrative field, working in 3D or digital is including the viewer in the composition, therefore, you don’t need to use figuration.

the next works are gonna be involving more layers, to interact more precisely with the viewer.

dress to impress, Jessica Moritz


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