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Escapism: geometric landscape

Updated: Mar 26

Escapism Definition: es·cap·ism /əˈskāpˌizəm/


the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy. "virtual reality offers a form of escapism"

synonyms: fantasy, fantasizing, dreaming, daydreaming, daydreams, reverie, romance, illusion(s), fancy imagination, flight(s) of fancy, pipe dreams, castles in the air, castles in Spain, wishful thinking, woolgathering, pie in the sky

What goes around

comes around

While drawing new mindscape, I was looking if different symmetry and line path, and I got lost, again.

The painting direction came out from different interactions, wanted or not. Since we are all together apart and wishing to be closer but at the same time not facing our issues, it came as an irony of the situation.

« Closer » is so subjective and overwhelming.

Still, intentions and actions have ripples and create this circle around the square, meaning energy stuck into a concept. Pick your box, tick on any subject, what goes around comes around, and will make sense to some point, hopefully.

Utopia of balanced relations in chaos, as if you were close, or facing your own truth.

illusion of harmony is always better than concrete chaos.

Pigments and acrylic painting onreclaimed wood, hand jig saw, 50 X 35 (cm)



Velvet Libes, geometric escape

in my process, i always combine colors, shapes and illusion.

Sometimes I investigate on the typography and symbolism.

In this work, i combined few symbols and letters, collected in the last cycle, as a new language to add to my painting vocabulary.

it starts with writing and sketching, and slowly blurring the lines and evidences of clear lecture of the situation.

I believe the viewer can have their own interpretation of a painting without having the notice of lecture.

In the last two years of my practice, I have been sourcing materials around my studio, collecting Wood, MDf, found materials.

this work is made of 100% of found wood, mdf, another street gems.

i try my best to sustainable in the process and to encourage artists and collectors to have this reflection about Art and design.

Behind the lines, I created different paths, encouraging eyes to travel, get lost, a mindscape, in a way to be concentrating on colors and get the essence of light.

i guess we can call it meditative, hopefully it will bring some escape in chaos.

pigments and acrylic on reclaimed materials,

hand jig saw

42.5 W x 95 H x 3.5 D( cm)


Tel Aviv, Israel


Light Escape double exit

wall sculpture

in Chaos you find order, and vice versa.

working around classic shapes such as square and circle, i wanted to play with both. Create a square made of circles, as a portal.

The idea of escape with different options came up. so I created two pieces, the two shapes are identical and invert to create a negative space that would be part of the installation of the painting.

I wanted to create other illusion inside, so i create a color palette from yellow yo indigo blue I'm referring to light and different study about climate (learn more about climate change).

the outlines makes your eyes tingle and question colors and dimension, hopefully a break from usual landscape.

Circles create a labyrinth, even on edges, has entry and exit.

There is also a back light from the panel (they are colored too) this create this halo who creates an echo to the color harmony in the front.

By changing position of the two shapes, you have different options of journey, creating a square, a tunnel, or any shape you wish to see according to hard edge borders or curved ones.

I hope this work will question your perception of reality and open you to new perspective, real or not.

this work is made of reclaimed materials, found wood and MDF, pigments, acrylic, felt pen, spray paint.

86 W x 100 H x 5 D (cm)

Tel Aviv, Israel.



The moon between us

wall sculpture

As a light artist, I am also concerned by the physical relation of it, and environmental observations. I observe changings, influences, and always look at the moon as a challenge and utopia of exploration of human achievements and dreams. Grass is greener on the other side, sometimes.

At the same time, Being away from my family, living in different time zone, I always look at the moon and think that it link us by sight, and in a way make us closer. On a spiritual side, moon is leading many calendars and opportunities that can bring you higher connections and relief. I expanded my colors according to moon light and difference between studio light or different day lights and introduced earth tones, and colored grey to create this connection. I hope it can bring people closer or forget restrictions and boundaries that we are facing now.

this work is made of reclaimed materials, found wood and MDF, pigments, acrylic painting

52 W x 26 H x 3 D (cm)

Tel Aviv, Israel.



sky escape, geometric utopia, golden hour 2

sculptural painting

On my journey to escape the current chaos, I always look up. The various mysteries related to sky, space, light and how we see it and what we do with this knowledge.

Mission to Mars, or moon explorer still resonate and are an infinite source of inspiration.

The paradox of the global situation is ironic and makes it even more fascinating.

We are all, more or less, on limited movement and travelling. Creating some utopian landscape generated by these observations makes my journey easier.

The escape is determined by the viewer.

Observing the Hubble and seeing the Nebula, the stars and the moons is a relief.

Isn’t is amazing to have this vision and see the light from here.

We need darkness to see the light. I translated this concept into a shape, a new mindscape to add to the collection.

Mind the light.

i did a serie of this shape reuniting different light studies, and observations, proposing a spectrum of moments and escape.

sky escape, geometric utopia

wall sculpture-painting

acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood

hand jigsawed

40X 28 X2 (cm)

diagonale (47cm)

2022, tel Aviv, Israel


Homage to the square

wall sculpture

homage to the square, inspired by the works of Albers, and different color theory.

Made of reclaimed wood, acrylic and pigments.

the structure and color surface are based on fibonacci sequence (golden ratio)

I chose to work on RGB spectrum and develop colors according to the sequence and surface of the sculpture.

all sides have different heights (8, 13, 21)


both sides now, geometric distraction

wall Sculpture

Geometry is essential in my practice, in architecture, in daily interactions.

I use different shapes and typography to create new shapes, shadows of the first ones and giving them depth with colors.

i created a color harmony thinking about spring, about some flowers and memories of what spring can be and might be again.

I always enjoy creating interlocking shapes and create an in/out relation for the viewer.

each side meet and create a new border, or new order, inviting the viewer in my escape.

you can see it as a geometric landscape or a colorful wave to swirl into.

All my recent works are made from reclaimed materials, found in the streets, in different locations in Tel Aviv.

iWant to raise awareness about sustainability in The Arts and invite collectors to be more mindful about our choices and lifestyle.

I also prefer cutting shapes that reveal the negative space with a halo of colors form the back of each sculpture to value the space that they are living in and give a new vision each time the viewer look at it according to the difference light in the day or night.

wall sculpture-painting

acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood

hand jigsawed


53.5 W x 27 H x 3 D cm


Rainbow chaos