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geometry of light, from sketch to colors

my process starts in my sketchbook, then moves on a piece of paper, drawing the grid, creating a skeleton of each painting, before even thinking about colors.

One good thing about geometry is that you can fastly create shapes by the grid system and bad measurements are fast to see. it's a little like a recipe, you can try with different calculation, but it can go south very fast.

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I Start by drawing the grid, squares, then circles.

Keeping everything symmetrical, and light sketching lines to be able to erase them easily.

This one show 9 different proposals for the same color scheme, from pink magenta to purple.

From that serie, you need to make a selection and decide which one can move to the next step: Painting or sculpture.

sculptural painting, 3D painting, painting sculpture, jessica moritz,israeli art, wall sculpture,art objet

The translation from a small drawing on paper sometimes goes 3D, and see the initial idea becomes A tridimensional painting.

The early stage is raw and dislpay the lines to guide me while painting.

each time, painting primer, the grid, making sure the shape can fit, drawing all lines and cutting the unnecessary parts.

While moving from classical painting (canvas- to sculpture, i realized that the rectangle was sometimes lowering the idea and also giving thid reflection (unwanted) about screens and one dimension relation. Litteraly as picture (jpeg definition) and less as a painting. flattening the act of painting can be good but only if desired.

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From sculpture, I saw the opportunity of shaped canvas. What if i build my own painting, from scratch to varnish.

the technical aspect is very different but it also really challenge the viewer in his idea of what is painting. which should happen more often.

we underestimate questionning simple things maybe because they are old and we think they cannot change or because we stopped to think what if not...

this shape implies strecher, bars, polywood, flexiwood, mdf, canvas.

(120 X 120)

half spectrum,shaped canvas,jessica moritz,israeli art, geometric art, geometric painting, geometric abstract painting, colorfield art, colorfield painting,op art painting, curated collection 2023
Half spectrum, Jessica Moritz, 2023

sculptural painting,shaped canvas,blob painting, geometric painting, jessica moritz,israeli art, israeli artist,hard edge painting, hard edge art,colorfield painting, geometric abstract painting
Purple blob, glitch and circles, Jessica Moritz 2022


necker cross, geometric drawing, Jessica Moritz 2022

Let's take another example.

Heres the necker Cross, also know as necker cube, displaying 3 Cross or X in different space rotation around the necker cube.

Again, starting with a grid, from the center, to be sure that the drawing will respect proportions and fit the page properly.

The cube first, then adding parallel lines, and slowly showing the 3 crosses.

this cube is commonly used in tessellation compostion, pattern, and sacred geometry drawing.

Over the years I tried my best to have a different approach each time, withing painting, sculpture, and of course colors.

sky escape, light and space, art, geometric abstract art, wall sculpture, art object,sculptural painting, necker cube,geometric painting
Sky escpae, geometric utopia, golden hour 2, Jessica Moritz,2022

tessellation,tessellation art, graffuturism,gradient art,op art,optical art,sculptural painting,geometric painting,israeli painting,israeli art,geometric abstract painting
Cross Light tessellation, Wall sculpture, Jessica Moritz, 2023

tessellation,tesselation art, wall sculpture, sculptural painting, geometric painting, israeli art,israeli sculpture, geometric abstract art, colorfield painting, op art painting, optical art painting
Hope Tessellation choreography, wall sculpture, Jessica Moritz, 2021

sculptural painting, abstract wall sculpture, geometric painting,tessellation art, shaped canvas,israeli art, israeli painting, geometric abstract painting,op art painting, optical illusion art, israeli painting for sale
comfort zone, wall sculpture, jessica moritz, 2020


you can find many examples in my work of different use of geometry and color theory using tessellation, perspective, op art, and colorfield.

If you are interested in collecting you can reach me directly by mail at

or collect my work on Saatchi or Artfinder.


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