Inside Out

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Inside Out, Collaboration with Diana Schuemann, 2020


by Jessica Moritz & Diana Schuemann

Previously screened:

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part of the collection "Cigarreras" listed and curated by ACOA (Contemporary artists from Alicante)

Dance Days Chania 10 curated by Aliki Chiotaki

seee the full video here:

As an artist you wish to have a legacy and let behind you meaning fulfillment work, inspiration and statement, not things.

in this direction, my work is now working with less to create work that will share a message of sustainability, reflection and positivity.

therefore i create an art work in collaboration with Diana Schuemann that challenge urban architecture, and abandoned space to push limit of esthetic and Consummation.

Inside Out

about the video:


Inside Out

06:02 MINI DV, and digital art

Collaboration with Diana Schuemann Dancer and Choreographer and Jessica Moritz Mixed media Artist


Architecture is the starting point of this project.

As we both are engaged in interactivity and urban architecture, we wanted to create a piece that relates to our vision(s) and questions about choregraphy and interactions.

we came up with the idea of choreography in the white cube as a statement and also as a performance.

Choreography Based on limited gestures in limited space.

Movement is the most basic gesture that we can experience and achieve. Still, when you do it, you often forget that each movement has a direction and goal. As we both are engaged in movement based work in urban space and relations, we decided to build a project interacting with it and develop it around the different interactions and possibilities based on it.

Both of us are also immigrants, so expression will never be the same for us. We had to build our own language to be able to interact in our daily life. Therefore, our attitude and gesture made our experience unique.

Our posture, gesture and observations of our surroundings made us stretch, band over, fold to fit in this life.

In this specific work, where Diana (the performer) is dancing in a closed space but showing to the street and interacting with viewers, people passing by, cars traffic and noise.

Reference: Hans Richter, Bruce Nauman

Jessica Moritz statement :

Her work is based on various studies about colors perceptions.

Lately, she has been using painting, installation, digital art, and sculpture.

Each media allowed me to establish new relations with colors, space an people.

She creates new values for each of them and also establish new relations and pursuit new theories about colors.

The basic idea is simple: create Artwork and expect interactions with the 3 major elements (color, people, space).

the color spectrum is now part of universal knowledge and even used in pop culture.

whether i chose to use figuration or abstraction, the point is not about representation but how you can we relate to what you see.

color spectrum: the spectrum is the range of different colors which is produced when light passes through a glass, a prism, or through a drop of water. A rainbow, for example, shows the colors in the spectrum.

Source: Newton, Turner, Albers, Eliasson, Pastoureau

Bio Jessica Moritz

French-Israeli artist, lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Graduated from the fine arts of Paris,LVMH young artist award 2006, TAKASAGO prize 2008. My work mainly focus on interaction with colors, figures and patterns. I explore differs medias: painting, drawing, printing, wheat paste, graffiti, installation and sculpture.

I am exploring relations to space, pattern and people.



Diana Schuemann

Diana Schuemann, born in Germany, alumni of the Weiss-Livnat MA program in Holocaust Studies (Haifa, Israel).

Diana, who has built her dance roots in the Berliner Urban Dance scene, is a performer as well as art historian with a research focus on dance pieces dealing with the Shoah and Genocide. Whilst originally coming from the Hip Hop dance scene, Diana developed throughout the past five years an approach of movement research which combines urban dance, modern and contemporary dance as well as improvisation.

Diana studied for the duration of a year dance at the Lola Rogge School in Hamburg (studying dance techniques of Laban). Joining later on the Israeli dance scene enabled Diana to explore a for her deeper understanding through Ohad Naharin´s Gaga technique.

From 2017 onwards Diana joined and studied in several Tel Aviv based programs (HASADNA-TEL AVIV, Sharon Eyal, Roni Chadasch, Ohad Naharin) Israeli approaches of dance which enabled an individual movement approach which is (and will be always) rooted in the Urban scene: her vision on dancing is dealing with the Urban scene but combines Gaga, Voguing, Hip Hop and Modern Dance techniques (for i.g. Rudolph v. Laban). The influence of urbanism and daily interactions lead her to this approach.

From 2017-2019 Diana carried out research with Israeli high school students, discussing and exploring the use of dance for teaching about the Holocaust (Leo Baeck Education Centre, Haifa).

When being home in Berlin Diana teaches (Dance Team International) and collaborates in the scene, and joins Urban dance battles. In Israel Diana is part of the raising Voguing scene and gives workshops in the Open House for Pride and Tolerance in Jerusalem (Voluntary Work, free admission for students). In the future she wishes to explore, in collaboration with Tel Aviv based artist Jessica Moritz, own movements and color studies.

Contact Diana:


About Diana Schuemann:


• Contemporary Performing Urban Arts: Urban Dance Theater (Hip Hop Culture)

Work Experience

Dance Team International, Berlin

• Teacher: Hip Hop and Urban Dance (Battle & Freestyle)

University of Haifa; Leo Baeck High School

• Research Project: Dance and the Holocaust

Leo Baeck Education Centre Haifa, Israel

• German Department: Street Dance Workshops for Children at Sauwa Center & Arab-Jewish Summer Camp

Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, Berlin, Germany

• Internship: Project Management and Organization of the Symposium “Dance & Politics”

• Research Project: Urban Dance & Urban Arts

Voluntary Work

Open House for Pride and Tolerance, Jerusalem

• Voguing Workshops

Education & Dance Education Workshops

L-E-V Dance Company Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar

• Workshop: studying Repertoire pieces of the


HASADNA – The Dance Workshop Tel Aviv, Israel

• Workshop: studying Repertoire pieces of Israeli Choreographers (Batsheva Dance Comoany, Sharon Eyal, Yasmeen Godder Company, Inbal Pinto Dance Theatre)

University of Haifa, Israel

The Weiss - Livnat International MA Program

• MA: Holocaust Studies

Lola Rogge School Hamburg, Germany

• Dance Education Program (Rudolf Laban Methodology)

Performing Arts

HaPina Haifa, Israel

Exhibition “Cannot fuckin` frame it”

• Dance Photography and Urban Spaces

Voguing, Israel

• Community work in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv: Gay Pride (various Performances throughout Israel)

• Coach for Voguing (Old Way)

Exhibition Opening – Voguing, Tel Aviv

• Choreographer Opening Performance: Voguing Oldway

Cuckoos Nest, Art Port Tel Aviv

• Exhibition Opening Event in collaboration with Maor Zaba Hats: Voguing (Gay Pride Opening Week)

Gay Pride Parade, Tel Aviv

• Official Trailer 2018: Voguing Performance

Sharon Duek (Singer), Israel | Berlin

• Musicvideo: Dancer

Agnes KR Patience, Berlin, Germany

• Art Exhibition SCHWARZ WEISS ZWISCHENWELTEN: Performer/Choreographer

Dance Collective “Laura Kremser & friends”

• Co-Choreographer: “Bolero Reloaded”

Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Germany

• Performer for Andrey Bartenev

Kiani del Valle, Berlin, Germany

• Performer Music Video

Ronit Rolland - My Movies (Hasratim Sheli)


רולנד - הסרטים שלי


Schuemann, D., Kizel, A. & Rottenberg, H. (2018). "Dance as an educational tool for teaching about the Holocaust in Israel". In: Nevide Akpinar Dellal and Witold Stankowski (eds.) Education and Human Rights. Duesseldorf: Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, pp. 33 – 36.

Contact Diana:


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Jessica Moritz©2020 
Tel Aviv, IsraeL
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