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Space between

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Living and working in Israel made me realize how important our workspace is and our environment (people, country, politics, relations, family ) In order to balance this situation, I thought about a piece that could bring some peace into it, some silence, peaceful and constructive.

Then I wanted this sculpture to travel with me, to be able to put it whenever needed or wanted. And I installed it whenever I could and interact with people, artists, mothers, workers, children, tourist....

This volume is an intent to create an new to perceive volume or scupture in our creative field. We do build shapes and installation to make a point, But i believe we rarely think about the space as a simple use of it. The white cube has the same needs as we do, doesn't it?

so let's imagine we could put some punctuation and rythm into all that.

As an installation, I want to fill an entire room with commas. Some will be hanging on the wall,coming out of walls.

The goal is to make people realize the importance of personal space,boundaries and limit. In the same time i wish to also make people conscious about our issues as citizen and human in concrete abstract geography.


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