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Updated: Nov 18, 2020


100X 100 X 10

MDF and acrylic


installation: Twist, based on standing on 1 square meter

Through my journey of building a new approach of colors, I also investigate the space (architecture) relation.

what we consider as painting usually is a square, or regular shape such as a canvas and hang on the wall, so we have a vertical relation.

I wanted to see from different angles such as body position, limited gesture, and human-size space-related.

As a person, we relate to space by dimensions, habits and body gravity.

it implies to be conscious about your ability, restrictions, and will. In that position, I asked myself what kind of gesture or steps if I may say, I would do in a limited space. how do I relate to it, what kind of shape it reveals and what informations I can learn from that?

twist, skectch, sculpture, jessica moritz, tel aviv art, israeli art, jeszmo_art
sketches twist

so the work started on the floor, in my studio, I took a piece of MDF (5mm one meter square ) and I try to stand still on it. i didn’t succeed in standing still a long time. Also, I noticed that my body position was shuffling into three different positions that revealed a pattern of behavior.

after collecting these observation about gesture and position, I started to draw on paper some sketches about the different positions and movement.

I cannot say there is a way in or out. the main focus was on staying in the square and the different ways I was managing my personal space.

first observation: gravity and weight encouraged me to step one foot on the side to lighten the position.

second observation: my natural attitude is to bounce without my feet moving and change my gravity usual connection.

third observation: moving is necessary, one step up, or on the side and come back, almost as a waltz (minimal step use)

After sketching some lines, basic shapes, I decided to include pattern as a step to show the surface involved and take off the surface that wasn't.

usually, most artists and also curators think about how to fill the space. It means filling a canvas, dispatch the work all over the space, create some kind of harmony or even symmetry in the composition or exhibition.

in this case, I realized that I don’t need to be equal, or fill anything and that the space that was not use was not needed.

Therefore, I gutted all the unnecessary pieces unused on the 1 square meter MDF.

Then I had to think about the colors. As there were 3 different observations I chose a pattern that was related to all observations and each color were meant to work as an answer to each other and combine a new palette for this work.

then because of the color filling difference between all of them, I realized it should be on the same spectrum and not work only on RGB relations.

so I create a new palette based on Blue. 

as I created two extensions to these installations, shadows made it obvious to work with one field colors.

stepping in and out, and revealing a 3D shape that makes you realize the difference between what you call painting and what you see.

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