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Art During covid-19

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

We are selling our small works which all proceeds go to #covid19emergencyrelieffund

Many of us artists have our exhibitions and events postponed or cancelled, even unemployed, but generously donate their works for NYC #firstresponders and #medicalworkers.

If you want to donate them through artwork, please contact me

or kayo Albert

gifted, ink on paper, jessica moritz.

Anatomy of an artist, fig. 13

Print on paper 11.8x8.25 $30

(includes shipping)


Anatomy of an artist

Anatomy of an artist is a corpse of work that i started 2 years ago, only using black and white, always refers to an organ over or under performing.

as we are all home and i don't have access to all my colors and usual materials, i naturally came back to this work.

I decided to only focus on line and shape for approximately a month.

Usually, most of my projects are based on colors interactions and figures.

This time, I decided that as an Artist, since we are exposed as strange species, I could expose a little dissection with my own vision.

As an artist, we all have a different perception of the world, colors, lines, and therefore ourselves.

I tried my best to draw as a metaphor of my own experience.

Renouncing to colors to find the essence of creativity and show the the lines as a statement.

I decided to only focus on lines and shapes in order to not waste any effort to figure out the real subject.

we are all made of flesh and bones, maybe some more than others.

being an artist makes you always extend the reality to relativity and twist the rules or clichés of just Being.

Let it Be.

Prints available here

Home Alone, anatomy of an artist, ink on paper, Jessica Moritz

Homebody, anatomy of an artist, ink on paper, Jessica Moritz

See the world, anatomy of an artist, ink on paper, Jessica Moritz

flatten the curves, anatomy of an artist, ink on paper, Jessica Moritz



In physic, you learn that light (colors )come from darkness.

In painting, you learn that colors create darkness.

In real life, we are spoiled by colors, design, marketing to not mind about content.

Black has a dark idealism but actually it's the most common one.

Drawing is the most basic and primitive way of expression, with or without skills.

Most of the time,I work with color and interactions but going back to black is actually the best way I have to crate new color harmony.

In this moment of lockdown, we are locked in with ourselves, for the best or worst.

Our inner happiness and reflection is inside each and everyone of us.

It's not about self care or yoga position. Ask yourself what do i want to say, how and for which purpose.

Having an understanding of our pattern of behavior and making the transition easier.

Each of us have dreams, visions and fears. That doesn't mean that we are locked in with them.

As an artist, we feel the urge to fill the blank, being productive and efficient. Not having venue, exhibition or commission is creating a black hole in our habits.

Many artists have been very inspired during pledge in history, it will surely change the way we create, curate and interact with the viewer.

Inside we have all this potential locked-or not.

The way we interact with the art world today is gonna lift new ways to express and reflect on our unstable conditions of being an artist.


Drawing is one of the thing that keeps me going on ! Thanks Tim for sharing music, also spreading Art around and talking about wood techniques and stencils.

I take my time and enjoy colors and people on different levels, and I wish you well!

It's always funny how situation can be inspiring.

Being home with limited colors and lights made me think a lot about what I was doing and what for.

Sometimes you paint for a show, a commission but let's be honest most of the time we paint because we just can4t help it.

Now that the situation is completely upside down, I was thinking of you, people (all of you) that enjoy art, and people that I sometimes talk to. We share art, tips, music and sometimes jokes.

I have been drawing people since -forever.

Sometimes they know, sometimes they don4t.

I always try to picture them with kindness and sometimes humor.

Lately humor is less in my paintings but i am okay.

Colors are slowly coming back. And you people, your colors are blurry and out of lines.

Colors| Pattern | People I wish you well.

By the way ask Mike about Music, really good playlists -Tight right?

Love the version of « lost that lonely feeling" Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood


i launched an open call to encourage my community to remain creative and stay home.

I was really happy to discover many talented artists from around the world and discover their process, talk about daily life and being able to share it with my community.

Tova Eldad, mixed media Artist, Part of my community Kiryat Hamelacha, had a show started just as we entered the quarantine in Israel.

So i contacted her, i proposed to do a small interview and translate it that people could visit, learn more about her works, her process.

Her show is called בין הזמנים (bewteen times) and is on view at Tel Aviv Artists House.

Read here

Dasha Ilyashenko, is a friend also a great community manager, thinker and maker.

many times i had conversations with Dasha and i wanted people to understand the keys of successful community management and benefit of social media.

As we couldn't organize a meeting and sometimes it's better to read before putting verbs into actions so we did a small interview and give some great tips about social media in the Art field.

Bianca Zaltcovitz and i were supposed to meet but because of quarantine, we had to cancel.

Nevertheless, we talked about Art, curation, street art and community and i thought that people would be interested in knowing her better and why not collaborate.

Many Artists have no idea of how to deal with their Art after it's done, how to build a portfolio, how to use social media, or publish about their work.

So we did an interview and shared some directions that locals and internationals could learn more and have perspectives.


Understanding that the Art World is changing, and that usual opportunities and galleries wouldnt not be able to support every one, i started to collect open calls, resources, art blog, podcasts and directions for my fellow artists.

On the way i was lucky to be selected to some great initiative and projects and also i met great artists that inspire me.

Jan Philip Wolters, painter based in Dusseldorf, Germany.

We met via instagram, he proposed to do an artist talk via Instagram Live, it was amazing.

His process of composing, , dealing with colors, and all the meanings behind paintings were really interesting.

we are going to work on a blog post together about process, painting and hard edge.

Meanwhile, you can visit his website:

and follow him on instagram:


As you might have noticed, i enjoy geometry, and colors.

Without noticing as i was painting home, i created new color harmony, digged into different spectrum: earth, bitters, and other stories but i lost my walls.

Since we were all inside, i didn't want to put reminders of walls while i was painting, taking pictures.

so All my paintings were visiting the garden downstairs, some wall paper test i have done before in lino print, or my favorite chair home, as a visitor.



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