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Art During covid-19

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

We are selling our small works which all proceeds go to #covid19emergencyrelieffund

Many of us artists have our exhibitions and events postponed or cancelled, even unemployed, but generously donate their works for NYC #firstresponders and #medicalworkers.

If you want to donate them through artwork, please contact me

or kayo Albert

gifted, ink on paper, jessica moritz.

Anatomy of an artist, fig. 13

Print on paper 11.8x8.25 $30

(includes shipping)

Anatomy of an artist

Anatomy of an artist is a corpse of work that i started 2 years ago, only using black and white, always refers to an organ over or under performing.

as we are all home and i don't have access to all my colors and usual materials, i naturally came back to this work.

I decided to only focus on line and shape for approximately a month.

Usually, most of my projects are based on colors interactions and figures.

This time, I decided that as an Artist, since we are exposed as strange species, I could expose a little dissection with my own vision.

As an artist, we all have a different perception of the world, colors, lines, and therefore ourselves.

I tried my best to draw as a metaphor of my own experience.

Renouncing to colors to find the essence of creativity and show the the lines as a statement.

I decided to only focus on lines and shapes in order to not waste any effort to figure out the real subject.

we are all made of flesh and bones, maybe some more than others.

being an artist makes you always extend the reality to relativity and twist the rules or clichés of just Being.

Let it Be.

Prints available here

Home Alone, anatomy of an artist, ink on paper, Jessica Moritz

Homebody, anatomy of an artist, ink on paper, Jessica Moritz

See the world, anatomy of an artist, ink on paper, Jessica Moritz

flatten the curves, anatomy of an artist, ink on paper, Jessica Moritz


In physic, you learn that light (colors )come from darkness.

In painting, you learn that colors create darkness.

In real life, we are spoiled by colors, design, marketing to not mind about content.

Black has a dark idealism but actually it's the most common one.

Drawing is the most basic and primitive way of expression, with or without skills.