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the works are organized chronologically, and regularly updated.

The last months lead me to new optical illusion and symmetry in chaos, focusing on color theories, study of light and sustainable Art.

i am proud to present works only made of leftover wood, paper, or found materials.

also i have been starting to create digital art that is available in Nfts, wearable and prints.

you can start collecting my work according to your taste and budget.

wear a mask, and stay colorful!


Discover and collect the works of 2022, large scale paintings and new projects

paintings 2020


jessica moritz, mondrian art, bauhaus art, modernism art, minimal art, hard edge painting, minimal abstraction , frank stella art, jessica moritz art, israeli artist

Blame it on the Boogie - Circle choreography

wall sculpture 
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood

listed work on Saatchi Online

I have been working with different rhythm and shapes around circles for a while and realize I forgot to do a primary colors one.
as soon as i started i realized i was channeling Mondrian, Broadway Boogie Woogie, and I still remember vividly the last time i saw it (2019, NY)
The influence he has on my work and perception of rhythm and colors is obviously clear and loud. 

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Color block- the last cut

wall sculpture 
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood

listed work on Saatchi Online

color blocks project

After one year of collecting materials from locals, sourcing different surfaces, keeping cut outs, irregular shapes, non recyclable and remodeling them and creating illusion, i wanted to give one last chance to all cut outs, the last cut.

It started in the studio randomly layering some cut outs and seeing the potential of them as -negative space- shapes.

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jessica moritz, hard edge sculpture, geometric artist, color blocks, assemblage sculpture, color theory artist, eye gymnastic, op art sculptue
pattern artist, colorfield sculpture, assemblage art, sustainable art, art made of reclaimed materials, color theory art, support surface art
jessica moritz art, hard edge art, miniaml abstraction, abstract geometric, hard edge art, colorfield art, geometric sculptor
geometric abstraction, geometric sculpture, colorfield art, contemporary sculpture, jeszmo_art, Saatchi Artist, tel aviv artist
double exit, light escape, mindscape art, hard edge art, light and space art, jeszmo_art, op art painting, optical art,buy abstract painting,tel aviv artist,kiryat hamelacha art
jessica Moritz,shaped canvas, double exit, light and space, hard edge painting, geometric art, fractal art, color theory artist, wall sculpture, geometric painting

Light escape- double exit

wall sculpture 
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood

86 X 100 X 5

listed work on Saatchi Online

in Chaos you find order, and vice versa.
working around classic shapes such as square and circle, i wanted to play with both. Create a square made of circles, as a portal.
The idea of escape with different options came up. so I created two pieces, the two shapes are identical and invert to create a negative space that would be part of the installation of the painting.
I wanted to create other illusion inside, so i create a color palette from yellow yo indigo blue I'm referring to light and different study about climate (learn more about climate change).
the outlines makes your eyes tingle and question colors and dimension, hopefully a break from usual landscape.
Circles create a labyrinth, even on edges, has entry and exit. more

chaos rainbow, typo inspired, jessica moritz, hard edge artist, israeli artist, judaica artist, optical illusion art, op art, colorfield artist, frank stella art
chaos rainbow, israeli sculpture, jessica moritz, hard edge art, colorfield sculpture, sustainable art, judy chicago art, geometric artist, tel aviv artist

Rainbow Chaos

acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood

45 X 30 X 6

listed work on Saatchi Online

During the last two years, my work shifted to geometric, and minimal observation of light and space.
At the same time, as living in a country where I had to adapt and learn, language became a new field of research and inspiration.
Little by little, I built new glyphs, alphabets, signs and expressions to ground myself and adapt.
This is a letter, or can be many letters actually.
I was thinking about Chaos.
How we all strongly (more or less) adapted and find ways to have balance in this context. more

vogue painting, jessica moritz, albers art, israeli art, chreography art, color block art, geometric artist, hard edge painting, hard edge artist, light and space art, israeli painter

Vogue, choreography 

acrylic and pigments on canvas

listed work on Return on Art 

Colors teach you how to move in space and understand the different steps.
The negative space becomes a silent movement, appreciated and valued.
the different color blocks create a movement, folding and unfolding, leading to the next one, and makes your eyes dance.

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light escape - merkaba-geometric dystopia

wall sculpture
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood

21X21 (sides 8,5,8,8 golden ratio based)

listed work on Saatchi Online

in all the light studies that i made, i also investigated into sacred geometry and the differently to reach higher vibrations and create an exit, even temporary.
the need to ground myself and also elevate light, spirit, body (merkaba originally from hebrew מרכבה) you can find a lot of different interpretations from the bible, sacred geometric and other sources.
In my journey to light, I realized the balance comes from within. more

merkaba, sacred geometry sculpture, tesselation art, hard edge painting, golden ratio art, colorful sculpture, israeli artist,jessica moritz
color theory cubes, geometric painting, art for a cause, hard edge art, geometric painting, reductive art, color theory artist, colorfield artist, reductive art, op art painting, op art artist,jessica moritz

Art for a Cause

Color theory study

acrylic and pigments on paper


One of the three works that will be on auction with  Postales Desde El Limbo to support the solidarity center of Zaragoza to help people with addictions.

You can visit and start collecting and-or donating now.

Lumen, geometric exit

square painting 
acrylic and pigments on canvas

20 x 20 x 1,5

listed work on Saatchi Online

Reducing colors, shapes to get to this path.

doing draft for mural project, i was thinking of a geometric composition mirroring colors and shapes and keep a center clear to create an exit in the painting. more

lumen by Jessica Moritz, square painting, hard edge art, hard edge painting, geometric abstraction art, geometric painting, op art painter, optical art painting, tel aviv artist
geometric wall sculpture,hard edge painting,jessica moritz, israeli art, triangle tesselation, blue art, wall art 2021,op art, optical illusion art,reductive art

Blue Utopia

wall Sculpture
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood

40X 34 X 5

listed work on Saatchi Online

One of the most interesting perspective while working with colors is creating interactions with light(s).
each shade can have a new perception depending of the lights and angles where it hits the colors. 
I was thinking what if you had to conceive a space, be an architect and what it would look like.
Then, because of the situation, I don’t want to be inside. So the main interest would be outside wondering the inside. Minding the light, the sound, corners and other edges.
Trying to blur the lines between all edges will be the next step. Illusion and other tricks to escape. 
33 pieces of reclaimed wood, soon outside in or vice versa. more

Prism, cube illusion from purple to blue

wall Sculpture
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood

(21 X 21 X( 8 X 5))

listed work on Saatchi Online

In this work, i wanted to go deeper in color theory and also play with mathematic rules but keep it simple.
the shape is based on phi number and then sides from the sequence.
square of 21, sides of 5, 8 cm it implies that the "cube" will never have all sides touching the wall together.
I always love to create illusion from the shape and also from the colors.
therefore i have a back light (halo) coming from inside the work that creates a new dimension in the sculpture without seeing it. more

prism cube by jessica Moritz, hard edge art, color halation, geometric abstraction, colorfield artist, israeli sculptor, made in israel
full circle by Jessica Moritz, typography inspired, torus, sacred geometry art, geometric abstraction, judaica art, hard edge art, blue color art, interior inspiration

full circle(s) letters labyrinth
wall sculpture 
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood

(30 X 30 X 1,5)
listed work on Saatchi Online

During the last months, i have explored the different harmonies and boundaries of colors via my torus wall painting.
the initial shape of torus was created during the first lockdown, at home and then developed in different sizes, colors and exploring color theory and light observation.

As i understand that this cycle comes to an end, I wanted to paint an exit, and reunite the shape and add some signs, letters, and glyph, symbol of this uncertain times that we all experience and capture them together to create a new harmony while chaos. more

The other women

acrylic and pigments on canvas


listed work on Saatchi Online

I started this paintings late 2019, with the idea of unfolding different perspective of being a woman. As we entered 2020, observing faces and expressions became difficult so I rolled it. 

Meanwhile, faces folded, crumpled, relaxed and unfolded again.

I forgot how challenging was to paint expression and convey emotions. 

Each geometric surface  becomes an abstraction of being, giving up on edges. I guess this is how I escaped from facing it all.

About the different faces, I collected images from Beatles or Elvis concert, unfortunately uncredited. The hysteria captured properly, if that makes sense. more

the other women by jessica Moritz, colorfield artst, painterly, geometric abstraction, portrait with bold colors, israeli artist, tel aviv art studio, women in the arts, diversity in the art field.
sea spectrum, wall sculpture representing climate change influence on water and seas, made in Israel
sea spectrum, colorfield art, shaped canvas, floating canvas art, jessica moritz, climate change art, tel aviv art, sea temperatures, science and art

Sea Spectrum
wall sculpture
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood
hand jigsawed

listed work on Saatchi Online

After many years of observation of the different maps, studies and analysis of the different evolutions and influence of climate change, I had to investigate the sea side.
Water is essential to all of us, still we make decisions that have a negative impact on us and our future.
the evolution of sea levels, gravity field, water temperatures, and quality of water have been showing new increase of damages and alerting us to make a difference.

According to Nasa data after years of observations, satellites, and other resources we can have a concrete oversight of the different curves, maps, spectrum of impact on Earth.
Often we see the climate change on earth because we mostly live and depend on it but we forget that water is the essence of Earth, 71 % of Earth is water, remember that.
This work is collecting some of more

Hope tessellation choreography
wall sculpture
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood
hand jigsawed

listed work on Saatchi Online 

First version of this piece was called twist, study of standing in one square meter.
Since then I moved studio twice, as you know a lot of other challenging events have been there to remind me of limited space, movement, and colors.
So I decided to revisit it and give it a new perspective.
Tessellation and choreography are still, colors movement and interactions are giving a saturated mindscape and almost makes more

Hope tessellation choreography,img, jessica moritz, op art, hard edge artist, colorfield artist, israeli artist to watch, colorful art, interior inspiration summer 2021
Hope tessellation choreography,img, painting close up, colorfield art, hard edge art, tessellation art, geometric abstraction artist, color inspiration summer 2021
assemblage sculpture, anyway sunrise and sunset, hard edge sculpture, collage art, assemblage sculpture, tel aviv sculpture, israeli artist
collage notebook, collage sculpture, collage assemblage, tel aviv artist, hard edge art, jessica moritz, moritz artist, women artist to watch

Anyway sunrise and sunset

what fits in a square fits anywere
wall sculpture, 13 pieces
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood
hand jigsawed

listed work on Saatchi Online 

i wanted to think this sculpture as illusion of a collage.
cut, move and paste shapes as if it was a simple gesture, stay minimal as in my sketchbook.

In my process, I create shapes that tends to escape or go out of frame.
Many times, i was enjoying the process so much, that I had more

Light Torus

wall sculpture, 
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood
hand jigsawed


new color harmonies, based on light study during second lockdown, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Blue like an orange, complementary color harmony, creating ripples of harmony and balance in the torus foundation.

Infinite light, based on Pantone of the Year 2021, PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating.

As a RGB artist, i created grey from colors and developed gradients and ripples with each color.


blue like an orange,jpeg, color inspiration spring 2021, Light torus, colorfield art, color gradient
infinite light,jpeg, pantone color of the year, ultimate grey, illuminating yellow, sacred geometry art, sculpure minimal, rgb art, hard edge artist
light torus, wall sculpture by Jessica Moritz, light painter, colorfield artist, mindful art
light torus, wall sculpture, infinite loop, colorfield painting, geometric abstract art, jessica moritz, sacred geometry art
there is a light that never goest out_ed
hope by jessica Moritz, font based art, visual poetry, isometric fonts, isometric art, geometric art, hard edge art, colorfield artist,התקווה 2021,תקווה

Hope and other letters

wall sculpture, 15 pieces
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood
hand jigsawed

Listed work on Saatchi Online

Hope is such a small word for so many of us.

Only four letters to encapsulate future, dream, possibilities, opportunities and mostly Life.

Letters have always been to me some friendly signs wherever I was to rely on and understand the location and context.

I am so familiar with them that they became part of my landscape, and some escaped and had some mutation in the process.

  I use 3 different languages in my daily life and process .Sometimes, when I work with typography, I got lost in translation and see them as some abstract symbol.

We all sometimes need reminders of meanings behind what we see or do.

May this one be a colorful reminder that we have HOPE, today and tomorrow. 

About colors, wild harmony with cooler tones, green, spring and other hint of what Hope has given me. 


what fits in a square fits anywere

wall sculpture, 20 pieces
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood
hand jigsawed

In my process, I create shapes that tends to escape or go out of frame.

Many times, i was enjoying the process so much, that I had to find a new way to develop new shapes, so I started to use collage and paper weaving to create unexpected shapes and have a faster idea. Overthinking can shut down a great concept.

I had a pile of used paper, some used for past stencils, some found in the street, some from failed paintings. Then I started a notebook, square format, based on a Grid, keeping my reductive choices in a notebook that i can keep in my bag, always. 

Slowly it became an alphabet, repertoire of abstract typography, mixing textures, accidents, and out cuts.

It gave me one more reason to stay in the process, and re-create these fast collage in assemblage, 3D translation of them, and create this illusion in Sculpture.

Extending edges to A new path, and again developing colors interactions and surfaces.

what fits in a square fits anywhere,jpeg,collage artist, abstract collage, abstract geometric, hard edge artist, colorfield art, collage sculpture, post graffiti art, jessica moritz
assemblage sculpture,jpg,wall sculpture, minimal sculpture, geometric abstraction , hard edge sculpture, colorfield artist, geometric artist, israeli artist
colorfield art,jpg,sharpen angles, colorfield painting, painting sculpture, 3D art, optical art, shadow play, color block, israeli artist, woman artist to watch 2021, Art basel 2021
hard edge art,jpeg,color block art, 3D sculpture, wall sculpture, art basel 2021, art fair 2021, fresh Paint 2021, jessica Moritz, assemblage sculpture
what goes around comes around, wall sculpture with gradients colors and symmetry, geometric art

what goes around comes around

wall sculpture
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood
hand jigsawed


While drawing new mindscape, I was looking if different symmetry and line path, and I got lost, again.

The painting direction came out from different interactions, wanted or not. Since we are all together apart and wishing to be closer but at the same time not facing our issues, it came as an irony of the situation.

« Closer » is so subjective and overwhelming.

🔁 Still, intentions and actions have ripples and create this circle around the square, meaning energy stuck into a concept. Pick your box, tick  on any subject, what goes around comes around, and will make sense to some point, hopefully.

Utopia of balanced relations in chaos, as if you were close, or facing your own truth. 

Sky Escape, geometric utopia​
Work for sale on Saatchi

wall sculpture
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood
hand jigsawed
50X26 X1,5 (cm)

On my journey to escape the current chaos, I always look up. The various mysteries related to sky, space, light and how we see it and what we do with this knowledge.
Mission to Mars, or moon explorer still resonate and are an infinite source of inspiration.
The paradox of the global situation is ironic and makes it even more fascinating.
We are all, more or less, on limited movement and travelling. Creating some utopian landscape generated by these observations makes my journey easier.
The escape is determined by the viewer.
Observing the Hubble and seeing the Nebula, the stars and the moons is a relief.
Isn’t is amazing to have this vision and see the light from here.
We need darkness to see the light. I translated this concept into a shape, a new mindscape to add to the collection.
Mind the light.

sky escape ,wall sculpture, space explorer, light art, color theory, colorfield art, colorfield painter, op art, kinetic artist, tel aviv painter
hard edge painting, colorful painting by Jessica Moritz, color theory artist, tel aviv art studio, geometric artist, eye gymnastic
hard edge painting by Jessica Moritz, colorful wall art, geometric abstraction painting, geometric shapes, colorful interior, artist based in Israel

Flip the square
Work for sale on Saatchi

Acrylic and pigments on canvas, 20x20, 2021

Flip the square, new painting with color palette from January 2020 and color theory evolution since.

When I started this serie, I had in mind paintings that could be working  individually and fit together as a mural, or puzzle. 

Within process, it became a brain Teaser, and I have decided that all sides should be able to mix and match.

Of course some of them would have more acquaintances than others, just like us.

We can coexist seamlessly. Maybe a Middle East reflection came into it.

About colors and edges, yes another mindscape. The confusion of negative space and borders are necessary to create a shape, that doesn’t mean it’s closed. 

A little bit obsessed by the blues, casual hustle, if you observe the different proportions of blues and their influence in each flip, you can find a great escape. 

The moon between us
Work for sale on Saatchi
Acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood, hand jigsaw, mindfully made.

As a light artist, I am also concerned by the physical relation of it, and environmental observations.
I observe changings, influences, and always look at the moon as a challenge and utopia of exploration of human achievements and dreams.
Grass is greener on the other side, sometimes.
At the same time, Being away from my family, living in different time zone, I always look at the moon and think that it link us by sight, and in a way make us closer.
On a spiritual side, moon is leading many calendars and opportunities that can bring you higher connections and relief.
I expanded my colors according to moon light and difference between studio light or different day lights and introduced earth tones, and colored grey to create this connection.

I hope it can bring people closer or forget restrictions and boundaries that we are facing now.

the moon between us, hard edge painting, mindfully made, sacred geometry art, israeli painter, colorfield artist, new moon art, spiritual art
golden hour twist, wall sculpture mindfully made of reclaimed wood, abstract still life, gradient colors art, hard edge sculpture, israeli artist

Golden Hour Twist

work for sale on Saatchi


Obsession of light lead me here. On each day variations, each ray of light creates a new moment, intangible and so precious.
The oldest and yet best abstract still life that I have ever experienced.
From sunrise to dawn, the spectrum of colors are so different and an infinite source of inspiration.
This is my new way of creating outside in.
it's easier to convey a situation into an exit than a fate.
I called my sculpture "mindscape", a way to escape the current chaos.
I combine colors and utopic structures to give a new perspectives to the viewer and create a new vision for the world ahead.

Wall sculpture, 50x26x1,5 cm, 20x 10,5x0,6’’ /2020. reclaimed wood, hand jigsaw acrylic, pigments and glaze
made out of third lockdown, back in Studio in Tel Aviv, israel.

Love and other letters, brain teaser

work for sale on Saatchi

Part of the process is writing, vocalizing and silence.
I enjoy composing with letters and signs. I compose more than I write. I try to visualize them before sketching, building shapes, as a collage, overlay, connect and erase.
I think this is what remains from last weeks, in other words.

During the last lockdown, I felt many kinds of love expressions. It reminded me to express it, to remember to share love with my closed ones and be more opened about my feelings and be more conscious about others.

in my practice I try to create from fonts, geometric utopia, and color interactions.
In this piece i wanted to combine colors that were out of balance and create a positive surface proportions.
I hope it will encourage people to be more expressive toward love.

Acrylic and pigments16 pieces of Reclaimed wood, Mdf and other street treasures. Acrylic, pigments and glaze.38x22x 3(cm)

love and other letters, text based art, color theory, surface color, hard edge art, font art, type inspired, art and design
same same, text based art by jessica Moritz, colorfield artist hard edge painter, art made during lockdown, mindfully made art

Same Same, acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood, 27 X 53,5 X 3 ,2021.

Work for sale on Saatchi

Typography, signs and symbols have always been part of my process, sometimes hidden, sometimes as a singular composition.

Some sweet and sour moments turned into a shape.
I used the same colors for both parts but change their orders to create new color harmony, every time. That way, you can flip the sculpture anytime you want. 
this time in terms of colors, i wanted to create new balance with triadic color harmonies and also unexpected ones.
Lettering has always been a great inspiration in my work.
I wish I was able to resume some facts to feelings in just few letters, and compose only with glyphs and signs.
i wish the viewer can find some escape and relief while enjoying the colors. 
acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood, hand jigsawed, mindfully made.
Made during Third Lockdown, Tel Aviv, Israel.

geometric abstract sculpture by Jessica Moritz, mindfully made from reclaimed wood based on color and light interactions and punctuation signs.

The why ?~¿, acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood, 26x26x3,2021.

During the last year, before, between and during lockdown in my studio in Tel Aviv or home, so many questions were shuffling and very few answers.

I think it’s common for all creatives having a process that involves questions, balance, arguments, answers and contradictions. 

So I started some drawings using letters, punctuation, as if the inner dialogue was taking shape.

For this one, 23 pieces to fit together, a little mind puzzle, asymmetrical and colorful, there is no light if there is no shadow. And each corner is a new answer.

You can identify letters, numbers, punctuation signs gradually taking over my paintings.

i believe language and paintings made me develop my own alphabet and form of expression that now can be identified clearly into my last works.

new order, full spectrum wall sculpture made of reclaimed wood based on sacred geometry and color theory of Sir Isaac Newton, colorfield art
full spectrum wall art, ripples of colors by jessica Moritz, israeli artist in Tel Aviv
Torus full Spectrum, colorfield painting by Jessica Moritz, Israeli artist
New order, full spectrum, acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood, hand jigsaw, mindfully made.
I wanted to start this year with a torus about light. Light is hope. Light is colors. Light is what makes me do what I do and I hope it gives you relief and inspiration to meditate and create.
This pattern got me through 2020, 3 circles interlocking together, exploring different escapes of light. My mindscape.


color halation, overlay painting, israeli painter, emerging israeli artist, img, cross, font based art, mindscape

אמנות ישראלית הישר מסטודיו האמן

התחדשו ביצירות אמנות מקורית של טובי האמנים הישראלים!

חיפוש על פי סוג העבודה

ציורים ורישומים למכירה

יצירות מקוריות של אמנים ישראליים עכשווים


ציורים בבית מפיחים בו תחושה מיוחדת ואישית, בין אם בחרתם בנוף הרי יהודה או בדיוקן אישה.

בחירת ציורים אשר יהדהדו בליבכם דורשת התייחסות למספר קטגוריות, אותן פרשנו עבורכם באוסף עשיר של אמנות ישראלית איכותית.

אצלינו בגלריה של גיסיקה מוריץ תוכלו למצוא מגוון ציורים ממיטב האמנים הישראלים אשר חולקים איתכם את יצירתם. הציורים מאוגדים תחת סגננות שונים כמו אבסטרקט, ציורים פיגורטיבים, ציורי נוף ופרחים, דיוקנאות ועוד. בהתייחסותכם לסגנון הציור עליכם גם לשים לב לחומרים השונים והטכניקות המגוונות כמו ציורים בצבעי שמן או צבעי מים, עץ או בד, חריטה ועוד. לכל אלה השפעה משמעותית על האוירה אותה תרצו ליצור כשאתם ניגשים לבחור את הציור שמרגש אתכם.

escher art, impossible geometry, mindfuck, covid art tel aviv, tessellation, gradient, color therapy israel
hyper cube art, color spectrum, color prism painting, israeli art, gradient painting, hard edge painting, img, tel aviv artist
torus, airmail color scheme, vote for a change, sacred geometru circle tessellation,img, tlv artist, geometric abstraction art

During the second lockdown, i was more prepared, and did some cutout from my found materials, sketches.
i was thinking of impossible geometry, space limits, utopia of reality.
I had to balance the current state of mind and create a concrete non sense, a visual that would be a good statement of what was happening.

i call them mindscape (mind-escape), using impossible geometry, color theory and fonts variations.

Acrylic and pigments on reclaimed MDF, hand cut

Second lockdown, Tel Aviv, Israel

earth spectrum, jessica moritz, gradient painting, israeli painting, israeli emerging artist, buy israeli art, img, op art, optical illusion art, tel aviv art studio
earth spectrum, wall sculpture inspired by climate change and nasa map, temperature, carbone and other metrics proofs of decline
earth spectrum, israeli art for sale, israeli modern art, wall decoration, spectrum climate, collect israeli art, tlv art, abstract landscape, gradient art

Earth Spectrum

Part of my process is about metrics regarding climate change. I often look up to maps, facts regarding temperature and evolution.

Lately, the temperatures went higher and are causing damages today and forever.

According to these studies, I develop color palette that represents temperatures, lands, or width of damage or proofs of the climate and nature observation. At the same time, I try to balance the composition to bring some healing and kindness into the painting, for me and for the viewer.

I hope that observing this painting can bring awareness to this subject for us.

Also, I only use materials found in the streets or leftover to build artwork that also intends to be sustainable. 

Acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood panel, 60 X120 cm// 23,6X47'' 

work available on Saatchi

color therapy, color theory, israeli artist, art made during quarantine, tel aviv art, jpeg, hard edge, geometric abstraction
hypercube, geometric painting, saatchi artist, color halation, color prism, sacred geometry art, israeli art for sale, art made during lockdown
tesselation, tesseract, green spectrum, wall art, israeli artist, img,abstract geometry, geometric art, op art, tel aviv artist studio

Squares reflections
coming back at the studio, after second lockdown, going back to basics, square study and color theory.

delaunay, mindfullness, color theory, light profil colors, israeli art to collect, buy israeli art, geometric painting, hard edge abstraction
minimalism art, maximalist art, colorful art home, circle therapy, colour theory, tel aviv art, art during covid-19 israel, neon colors
rainbow art, palindrome art, geometric abstraction, colorfield art, israeli contemporary art, jpeg, circle art, higher vibrations, sacred geometry art, fibonacci art
primary colors circles, abstract geometric painting, israeli artist, full spectrum art, gradient art, healing vibrations, colorful art for your home, maximalism art
spiral gradient, minimal art, op art, quarantine art, israeli artist, geometric abstract painting, jpeg, artist on saatchi, gradient art
minimal circle abstract, israeli contemporary artist, halation colors, color theory 2020, img, sunrise painting, abstract geometric art
earth spectrum,img, magma colors, minimal interior decor, gradient colors, israeli artist, wall sculpture, art made during covid 19
israeli contemporary art, img,jessica moritz, saatchi artist, color theory artist, meditation art, art made during quarantine, light worker art

All of this series was made during second lockdown. I set up a table at home to create room for creativity and mindfulness.
I was observing light and time influence.
I started painting not knowing when we would be able to got out again.
the process is about reducing the same gesture, over and over, until there was no action required.  

the circles série

acrylic and pigments on reclaimed poly wood

15x30 (5,9x11,8”)

Tel Aviv, 2020

aurora, colorfiled painting, wall sculpture, israeli art, hard edge painting, opictal art, saatchi artist
moritz painting, hard edge painting, colorfield sculpture, gradient art, werner panton inspired, colorful home art, maximalism art
postminimalism art, tel aviv art, contemporary sculpture,sustainable artist, emerging artist israel, maximalism art, art during covd-19


acrylic and pigments on reclaimed poly wood

31X31X5 (12X12X2")

Tel Aviv, 2020

homage to the square, color theoery 2020, golden ratio art, sacred geometry, RGB spectrum, Wall sculpture, collect israeli art
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Another square, wall sculpture

Structure based on Golden Ratio (Fibonacci) and colors on RGB spectrum.

acrylic and pigments on reclaimed poly wood

31X31X(8-13-21)cm (12X12X(3,1x5,1,8,2")

Tel Aviv,2020

flat lay art, neo geo, color block art, artist process, artist color specialist, tel aviv artist, olah hadasha art
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Structure based on one painting from the square collection ( 2 different pieces)

acrylic and pigments on reclaimed poly wood

30 X 20 X 7cm (11,8 X 7,8 X 2,7 ")

Tel Aviv, 2020

sunset distraction, seascape, abstract geometric art by jessica Moritz, Tel aviv.

Sunset distraction

 acrylic and pigments on paper,46x61cm (18X24")

Tel Aviv, 2020

sunset poster, gradient art, abstract geometry, tel aviv sunset, orange sun, climate change is real
art on paper, color study, colors halation, artist on saatchi, gradient art, tel aviv artist
jessica moritz, art during corona israel, color rythme, painting on paper
sunset palindrome, color halation, dégradé acrylic, colorful art for your home, simple and pure art


different proposal on color theory and halation

acrylic and pigments on paper

20X20cm (7,8 x7,8")

Tel Aviv, 2020

wall sculpture, israeli artist, primary colors spectrum, maximalism art, hard edge painting, contemporary israeli art
gradient art, op art, geometric art, saatchi artist, moritz painting, colorful interior 2020, jpeg
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Comfort Zone

Wall Sculpture

acrylic and pigments on reclaimed poly wood

31 X 31 X 5,2cm (12,2x 12,2 x 2 ")

Tel Aviv, 2020

wood palette, palette design, color theory, josef albers art, red spectrum, climate change, israeli artist
upcycle art, palette design, palette art nasa maps, face the climate emergency, sustainable artist, tel aviv artist
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Palette palette project

experimental project

acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood palette

Tel Aviv, 2020

During covid-19, I made some changes in my practice, and materials.

After observing climate changing, nature disasters, fires, and maps evolutions, i realized that as an artist, i can and should make a difference.

most of my works are now made according to materials i find, using leftovers, woods, paper cuts, objects.

i build new shapes or let their natural shapes and overpaint on it.

I applied different studies about colors and climate evolution on it. refering to the climate emergency that we need to face and try to be as sustainable as i can.

isometric fonts, typism,mindscape art, img,double F, jessica moritz, art during lockdown
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During the first lockdown, i had to find a way to escape, to let my imagination find some colors that would comfort me in a way and bring from the outside in.
so i worked on sketches, impossible geometry, color harmonies and build a new language in my work.
I created a utopia to handle reality, crossing lines, color block, gradient, some elements existing in nature that i translated in basic elements in my environment.
little by little i also introduce fonts; typography hints of my own language.

first lockdown, Tel Aviv, Israel 2020
acrylic and pigments on canvas,20X20

The square study 2020

square study
jessica moritz,square study, israeli art, tlv art, hard edge painting, color theory, josef albers, frank stella,img
color theory artist, homage to the square, josef albers, colorfield painting, geometric abstraction
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geometric abstraction painting, hard edge, colorful and minimal, small canvas, art for sale

i build a site specific installation of 46 paintings based on the same color palette. all paintings can combine and work with each other and reveal new sides and color interactions.


i wanted to combine colors and try different colors theories, engaging with surface, proportions, geometric and optical illusion.

Colors and expectations, i combined primary, secondary, halation and opposite colors but kept proportions tights. i wanted colors to give new values to each other and also reveal new interactions with the viewer.

The square collection

 acrylic and pigments on canvas,

20X20, 46 painting

Tel Aviv, 2020

gallery view, Tiny Tiny Gallery, Tel Aviv

curated by Murielle Cohen

ציורים,גלריות,תערוכות,אמנות ישראלית,אומנות ישראלית, tiny tiny gallery, tel aviv art gallery, israel artist, israeli painting, saatchi artist,img
ציורים,גלריות,תערוכות,אמנות ישראלית,אומנות ישראלית, tiny tiny gallery, tel aviv art gallery, israel artist, israeli painting, saatchi artist
grass is green, geometric abstraction, moritz painting, israeli artist, israeli painting, abstract geometric, color theory artist, colorfield painting

Grass is green, dyptic

 acrylic and pigments on canvas,

25X35cm (9,8x13,7")

Tel Aviv, 2020

dyptic art, geometric art for sale, israeli art 2020, hard edge abstraction, neo geo, colorful painting home interior, art for sale by the artist, israel

You can also explore more of my paintings, i use to be more figurative and mix drawings and paintings in my work.
i switched from semi figurative painting to abstract circa 2018.

untitled, dyptic

 acrylic and pigments on canvas,

24X30cm X2 (9,4x11,8")

Tel Aviv, 2020

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