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Art 2.0

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

When we imagine a person, a couple, a situation (...), very quickly we come to the mind of clichés: the kiss, the last memory of that person, a fight. It's the same with the wife, we see her surrounded by her children, in the kitchen, while she applies makeup. so it is very easy to play with these clichés.

they are part of our collective unconscious. Nowadays we are surrounded by photos, icons, various images. So why would not they be part of Painting? People develop a logo, app, a connected lifestyle. We create life marketing. We buy a way of life, an ideal, a fantasy.

Art is a side effect of our lives. We create chimeras, and as an artist we put them in a box. Graphically, I decided to erase them. the drawing became more important. The usual contrasts of colored tints have disappeared to give way to a white "figure" drawn. the color remains important but no longer takes up the same space in the interaction with the viewer. in paintings the motif retains an important place, it is the echo of this duplication. In street installations, the city becomes a motif, or vice versa, since each step to the painting changes its visual.

Art is and will always be connected to our reality. Each current is a reaction to the time it is going through. We feed an infinite source of creation.


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