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the square collection. hard edge painting

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

jessica moritz, hard edge painting, hard edge art, abstract geometric art, israeli painting,colorfield painting, color theory art, bauhaus art

I created a collection of painting investigating the different color theories: Goethe, Albers, Newton, Pastoureau... and did some experience related to surface and relation with space.

hard edge painting, hard edge art, jessica moritz, israeli artist, tel aviv artist, geometric painting, geometric abstract art, geometric shapes, colorfield art

All paintings are the same surface and and I tried different color techniques such as halation, monochromatic, triadic, tetradic, complementary.

I want to translate my journey of colors through hard edge paintings and create an escape for the viewer and propose a new exit.

Each painting is a square of 20 by 20 cm, the size of my hand. The intent is to create a closer relation with painting and be able to manipulate easily in the space.

When I started this serie, I had in mind paintings that could be working individually and fit together as a mural, or puzzle.

Always interesting to see how minimal gesture and reductive choices of colors can make a different painting every time.

Always nicer to look at them together, and give them new match. they all can be hang together or with space between, every side is compatible and encouraged to play around.

Within the process, it became a brain Teaser, and I have decided that all sides should be able to mix and match.

Of course some of them would have more acquaintances than others, just like us.

We can coexist seamlessly.

About colors and edges, yes another mindscape. The confusion of negative space and borders are necessary to create a shape, that doesn’t mean it’s closed.

It's always about the grid.

On each painting, i would first draw a grid with color pencil, and divide the canvas in 9, sometimes 16, and up.

the point is to think about the surface rhythm, and always keeping mind that each edge can be working with another.

In that process, I chose to work with a reductive color palette to limit combination and find different color harmonies in one or many paintings.

It can be seen as generative art but made all analog.

I chose to define rules that can be used on small scale, and also without limitation of numbers.

Orange variation part of the square collection, different use of orange related to surface and colors juxtaposition to observe light and colors on different size and interactions.

The composition use isometric architecture on different scale and vector shapes with different colors properties to create a perspective in colorfield painting, an escape for me and the viewer.

the square collection.

Collection of 46 painting based on the same color palette.

Exploring colors influence and color theory related to surface and light.


Jessica Moritz

hard edge art, hard edge painting, geometric painting for sale,geometric abstract art,tel aviv art gallery,tel aviv art, israeli painting,jessica moritz,colorfield art, color block art

hard edge art, hard edge painting, jessica moritz art, color block painting, gallery view, exhibition view, tel aviv art gallery, tiny tiny gallery

geometric abstract painting, colorfield art, hard edge painting, hard edge art, jessica moritz, israeli art for sale, israeli painter, abstract geometric art

jessica moritz, square collection painting, hard edge art, geometric painting, colorfield art, color block art, bauhaus design, exhibition view, israeli painting, tel aviv art gallery, abstract geometric shapes

paintings, acrylic and pigments on canvas, 20x20 (cm) x2

Position can be changed and each sides are compatibles

this collection was on exhibition at Tiny Tiny Gallery Tel aviv 2020


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