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Painting, still

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

As colors draw lines or contrast between two spaces, we chose to consider them as more than colors.

Initiate a step to experience them as fields. Each layers define a new option.

The whole vision is inviting you to step back and reconsider what you thought was “Painting”.

It’s not about applying colors next to each other ther or coloring a flower, no offense.

Painting, to me, is creating a new vision of representation in 2D or 3D.

Doing Mural, installation are more obvious mediums in this direction.

But it applies to every artwork.

Mural is an extension of a vision creating an all over space.

Therefore, you can create volume in this vision and include the viewer in it.

The scale is more balanced 1:1 or 1:2... depending of the place chosen and how people can interact with it.

Figuration is an option, but not mandatory.

As the work face viewers, I think I don’t need to confuse him with another figure to interact.

Interaction is crucial in these kind of work.

Being conscious of the viewer, and how he can interact makes the options really interesting.

I have no idea of how 2 people or 30 can relate and interact each time i do it. That’s also why I use street art. When you work in public spaces, not especially willing to display art. Then you have a live interaction and dialogue with space or viewers.

Penrose installation

RGB working space

acrylic on cardboard and RGB bulb light

53 x 53x 53~



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