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shaped canvas: light scape paintings

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

As I often say, you need to accept the darkness if you want to see the light. The observation of light, from a physics perspective and from a spiritual point of view.

About the rayleigh phenomenon, it was established that Blue is the shortest wave in the visible spectrum accessible to human perception and therefore the scattering would reflect and create the blues we know in the sky.

The scattering of light off of the molecules of the air, and can be extended to scattering from particles up to about a tenth of the wavelength of the light. Wherever we are.

There is a lot to say about light (natural) that as a visual artist can understand and change the use of colors and the perspective of painting.

I built a shaped canvas by curving wood and upcycling some leftovers and I had to also buy some new pieces due to the scale of these pieces.

Circles are important in my work and led me to many compositions and new discoveries. Closed shapes can be perceived as a limitation. But, Let's see it from another perspective.

Let's say there is a dot, another, and another that you reunite with and create the line that drives you to the circle.

I really enjoy details and prefer to see space as a reunion of circumstances and light selection, as if a lighthouse was always around.

About symbolism and vision through that paintings, I layered different concepts and directions to get these paintings as a new direction in my work.

I started by compiling physics and physical aspects: the eye vision, the way we perceive its shape of it. from the shape of an eye to the conic perception of what we see. Especially nowadays, where we seek attention, familiar faces, image, and presence.

The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness, all cyclic movement, and the base of humanity.

In Sacred Geometry, it stands as the symbol of life, the first step to building energy (flower of life, mandala...)

We can also see them as the sun, the moon, and the earth and be more grounded and realize how small we are in this constellation.

A shape with no end, and no beginning, just unity.

Lately, I have tried my best to decompose each color, display their lightest shade, and evaluate proportions influences.

Sometimes giving equal space and surface, creating an optical illusion by using a gradient, color theory, and isometric grid.

Finally finding harmony between shapes and colors.

Distance, proportion, symmetry, and execution of colors create a unique reflection that allows the viewer to accept the painting as an experience and to focus on what they see, linking it to their own relationship with light and space.

We all have different perceptions and visualization. The way we all interact with light gives us (all) a singular experience, each time, over and over.

pigments, acrylic painting

reclaimed wood, found materials, wood, mdf


diameter 111 cm

side of 5,7cm


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