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Space Between

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Relations to people are not binary. We don't have one or opposite reaction to feelings, hopefully.

Colors cannot express all of that, or depict the diversity of it. Even if in a way, it could get closer by each tone, but only 2 couldn't reveal the strength of it.

Still the way we perceive it, or feel it and then judge it is somehow a one or two options answer. We chose to see what we want, to accept one layer at the time.

Out of our "pattern" of relation, we expect to read the same "pattern" of relation. as if we draw the same circle.

To me, the connection between relations and colors is a pattern that can multiply in 3 dimensions space and so on in pictural space.

There is no difference between this person and this color, and vice & versa.

The person becomes a pattern who stands in space and time. We chose to renounce to options, to have inner relations, space between.

That's why i decided to use a coma sign, punctuation that brings to me a crucial element:

space between ( entre deux )

The coma sign is a common sign that we use to make everything work together without noticing.

Let this coma exist not only in a sentence wrote or spoke but in space: Breathing space between us.

Do you recognize it?

It always had been there.

The coma symbol has different meanings in context; coma, apostrophe, coma in music, and letter in hebrew with many possibilities that we won't discuss now (...)

Therefore, these 3 elements:




they make sense together as a dialog with the viewer. What you see isn't what you get.

What you experience is what you ll be able to understand, digest and adapt.


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