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Twist and shout, reading between the lines

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

So I started this serie on January.

I didn’t write or explained anything about it because I wanted people to enjoy based on their own appreciation and background.

Now that I got feedback, and I observed people and I changed some of my usual attitude and social media habits.

No details about work, no hashtags, no instructions, no do or don’t.

I wanted everyone to have a genuine reaction and personal interaction without getting any lead or instructions and work on your own perception.

So, I have noticed that people want exposure,no matter what, and react in two different ways:

Wether they project their own feelings and current state of mind.

Wether they follow the previous or general reaction.

About the story behind the project:

All the characters used for this project are pictures of fans from concert from the 60’s,70’s (Beatles, Elvis, Rolling Stones...)

So most of the characters are happy, in euphoria, because they are celebrating.

About the pattern, I have been using the magnolia pattern for one year in 90% of my work, in different ways, sketches, Lino print, painting, mural... and still blooming.

Did you know that magnolia existed before bees? Do you understand what it implies?

About pattern in general

If I say pattern of behavior? Does it speak to you ?

About colors, i worked on primary colors spectrum to of course overlay layers and create the color spectrum established by Newton.

Colors always lead to new perspective of perception and interaction.

The use of layers implies space consideration and interaction.

The viewer may not be aware of all the many theories about colors.

I use layers and other techniques to reveal new approach of colors. therefore you are able to understand the color spectrum and how light prism work.

And since more than 15 years I use geometry and different study about architecture and impossible geometry.

Structure, even the dis-functional ones are the baselines of every composition. Even if you don’t see it clearly.

As artists,we are building artefact for your imagination. This is our job.

Since I realized that people are more interested to have an audience than to create quality content, I started to paint their own fans.

Meaning that if you are in front of this paintings, you have your crowd.

You are the subject. Not the painting.

As an artist we create because this is our job, it s also our nature. You can fight it, you just face it.

One more thing, women in the art world are less represented, exposed, paid than men.

some numbers// facts referenced by National Museum of women in the arts:

  • Nearly half (45.8%) of visual artists in the United States are women; on average, they earn 74¢ for every dollar made by male artists. (National Endowment for the Arts)

  • Women working across arts professions make almost $20,000 less per year than men. (Artsy)

  • Women in the arts are found not to experience the “motherhood penalty” which in other industries results in a loss or stagnant income after children. But men in the arts do experience the “marriage premium,”—an increase in pay for married men of roughly $7,200 per year that neither women nor single men experience. Men working in the arts also receive an income bump when they become fathers. (Artsy)

  • ArtReview’s 2018 Power 100 list of the “most influential people in the contemporary art world” was 40% women—though this is an improvement from 2017 (38%) and 2016 (32%). (Art Review)

  • ....

to learn more about women in arts )

So if you didn’t know, that also one of the reason why I paint women. Because every time my work is shown in an exhibition, published, or has interactions it will put one more woman in this world.



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