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Jessica Moritz

Jessica Moritz creates a semantic journey of colors and geometry fighting gravity and logic.
The light exploration is a never ending quest, made of experiments with materials, immersion, accumulation, and purge.
The observation of light comes from personal and spiritual immersion she fed within years. The ability of observation and capturing the intangible makes the journey infinite.
Her works channels sculpture, painting, installation, drawings. They are meant to create a concrete mindscape and question the viewer.
Impossible geometry and language are the roots of her inspiration.
She is combining geometry (essence of nature) and language (essence of expression) as a playground to give perspectives to the different color theories she develops.

She challenged herself to be a more sustainable artist and make people more aware of consumerism. Building a body of work made from found materials and leftovers to extend their life and create a legacy of Artivism.

The process of developing a smart system about colors ,light and space brings questions about Art, Society and self sustainability.
her paintings are a colorfield journey made of optical illusion and concrete sculptures.

Reversing creative process and expectations about sustainability brings her joy and relief.
There will never be a full answer to all these questions which makes the journey a life purpose.
She wants to flip the life process and gravity. Overruling science and physics to create an escape to chaos. (mindscape)

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Light on 2023, painting, sculpture, finding balance between hard edge and colorfield.
body of works based on grid and off system.

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Discover latest works, hard edge paintings, font based design, colorfield painting, geometric abstract mindscape, Torus Collection and Art made sustainably. 


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Jessica Moritz, lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Learn More about her works, practice, exhibitions artworks and prints to collect.



Shaped canvas or sculptural paintings, Discover the process and new body of works challenging edges by Jessica Moritz

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Women in the Arts, what are the different obstacles and opportunities for women artists today

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What is Hard edge Art? What is Colorfield Art? Learn about Art movements and their Legacy.

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