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Jessica Moritz

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Jessica Moritz creates an infinite journey of colors and geometry, defying gravity and logic. Her art explores light through experimentation, material immersion, and spiritual reflection, blurring the lines between sculpture, painting, installation, and drawings. With impossible geometry and language as her muse, she unites nature's essence with expression to explore color theories.

Moritz is committed to sustainability, repurposing found materials to create an Artivism legacy that challenges consumerism. Her work delves into colors, light, and space, sparking questions about art, society, and self-sustainability. Her paintings offer a colorfield journey of optical illusion and concrete sculptures.

By defying expectations and embracing sustainability, Moritz seeks joy and relief. Her artistic journey, an escape from chaos, aims to overturn science and physics, challenging life's conventions and gravity itself. Explore her captivating art today.

SUMMER UNVEILED | Group Exhibition


Happy to invite you to the opening of our Summer Show at Wertheimer gallery


Thursday, July 18th at 6:30 PM


Participating Artists:

Gustavo Bar Valenzuela, Elsa Ers Brosh, Hanna Elan Yones, Micky Goldstein, Baptiste Leonne, Evgeny Merman, Jessica Moritz, Pirsky & Hayat, Daniel Remer, Hen Songo, Furio Torracchi, Miguel Vallinas Prieto.


8 Kikar Plumer St

Building 36, Tel Aviv Port, Israel

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Light on 2024, painting, sculpture, finding balance between hard edge and colorfield.
body of works based on grid and off system.

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Discover latest works, hard edge paintings, font based design, colorfield painting, geometric abstract mindscape, Torus Collection and Art made sustainably. 


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Jessica Moritz, lives and works in Tel Aviv.
Learn More about her works, practice, exhibitions artworks and prints to collect.

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Shaped canvas or sculptural paintings, Discover the process and new body of works challenging edges by Jessica Moritz

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