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  • Inspired by bauhaus, history and influences on us

    A little bit of history to learn more about Bauhaus, origins, timeline and founders The Staatliches Bauhaus commonly known as the Bauhaus (German: "building house"), was a German art school operational from 1919 to 1933 that combined crafts and the fine arts.[1] The school became famous for its approach to design, which attempted to unify the principles of mass production with individual artistic vision and strove to combine aesthetics with everyday function. The Bauhaus was founded by architect Walter Gropius in Weimar. It was grounded in the idea of creating a Gesamtkunstwerk ("comprehensive artwork") in which all the arts would eventually be brought together. The Bauhaus style later became one of the most influential currents in modern design, modernist architecture and art, design, and architectural education. The Bauhaus movement had a profound influence upon subsequent developments in art, architecture, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, and typography. Staff at the Bauhaus included prominent artists such as Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, and László Moholy-Nagy at various points. Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius (1883–1969) The school existed in three German cities—Weimar, from 1919 to 1925; Dessau, from 1925 to 1932; and Berlin, from 1932 to 1933—under three different architect-directors: Walter Gropius from 1919 to 1928; Hannes Meyer from 1928 to 1930; and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe from 1930 until 1933, when the school was closed by its own leadership under pressure from the Nazi regime, having been painted as a centre of communist intellectualism. Although the school was closed, the staff continued to spread its idealistic precepts as they left Germany and emigrated all over the world. Hans Emil "Hannes" Meyer (November 18, 1889 – July 19, 1954) was a Swissarchitect and second director of the Bauhaus Dessau from 1928 to 1930. Between 1919 and 1921 Meyer completed planning the housing estate "Freidorf" near the Swiss city of Basel. In 1923 Meyer co-initiated the architectural magazine 'ABC Beiträge zum Bauen' (Contributions on Building) with Hans Schmidt, Mart Stam, and the Suprematist El Lissitzky in Zurich. Meyer's design philosophy is represented by the following quote: "1. sex life, 2. sleeping habits, 3. pets, 4. gardening, 5. personal hygiene, 6. weather protection, 7. hygiene in the home, 8. car maintenance, 9. cooking, 10. heating, 11. exposure to the sun, 12. services - these are the only motives when building a house. We examine the daily routine of everyone who lives in the house and this gives us the functional diagram - the functional diagram and the economic programme are the determining principles of the building project."(Meyer, 1928) Walter Gropius appointed Meyer to replace him as the school's director on 1 April 1928. Meyer continued with Gropius' innovations to emphasize designing prototypes for serial mass production and functionalist architecture. In the increasingly dangerous political era of the Weimar Republic, Dessau's Mayor, Hesse, alleged that Meyer allowed a Communist student organization to flourish and bring bad publicity to the school, threatening its survival. Hesse dismissed Meyer as head of the Bauhaus school, with a monetary settlement, on August 1, 1930. Meyer's open letter in a left-wing newspaper two weeks later characterizes the Bauhaus as "Incestuous theories (blocking) all access to healthy, life-oriented design... As head of the Bauhaus, I fought the Bauhaus style". Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (/miːs/ MEESS; German: [miːs]; born Maria Ludwig Michael Mies; March 27, 1886 – August 17, 1969) was a German architect. He was commonly referred to as Mies, his surname. Along with Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius and Frank Lloyd Wright, he is regarded as one of the pioneers of modernist architecture. In the 1930s, Mies was the last director of the Bauhaus, a ground-breaking school of modern art, design and architecture. After Nazism's rise to power, with its strong opposition to modernism (leading to the closing of the Bauhaus itself), Mies emigrated to the United States. He accepted the position to head the architecture school at the Armour Institute of Technology (later the Illinois Institute of Technology), in Chicago. Nowadays, you can find in many cities, contemporary surroundings, extension or repetition of Bauhaus Architecture, Bauhaus design and also in Fine Arts. As many Artists part of Bauhaus escaped or left Germany to survive and continue to create, Bauhaus grew in many countries and fade in urban landscape. Some places host gems of architecture, design and carry the history of Bauhaus in our daily life. Here's some Bauhaus Buildings that are In Tel Aviv Bauhaus Architecture in Brazil: Bauhaus Architecture in Japan: Now that you are familiar with the Bauhaus Style, can you identify around you bauhaus design, bauhaus architecture, or inspiration in your city or even in your home? Here's some of my works, paintings, art prints, objects and designs inspired by Bauhaus: this is a selection of my analog works, some are listed on Saatchi, you can start collecting and learning more about my work: -my website: listed artworks : This is a selection of some of the prints available, you can order them here this link will give you a discount: collect Jessica Moritz Art prints on Society 6 if you have questions, want to order a special commission, or collaborate you can send me an email

  • About Jessica Moritz, publications and interviews

    2021 started with colors, new ideas, collaborations and New publications about my work and my practice. Here's some sneak peak and links to recent publications that you can browse and enjoy. On Saatchi online: NEW VOICES DISCOVER 100 ARTISTS WHO ARE CHANGING THE CONVERSATION For far too long, the traditional art world has been slow to recognize the achievements of artists of color, women artists, and those working outside of major art centers or without a formal art education. But at Saatchi Art, inclusion has always been part of our DNA. To celebrate our continuing commitment to equity and equal representation, two-thirds of the artists featured in this special edition catalog are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color, and more than half are women. At Saatchi Art, we believe highlighting these voices means adding more creativity, inspiration, and beauty to the world. Join us in discovering 100 of the most talented emerging artists making work today. Discover the online catalog: Artist Spotlight, interview on Return on Art With her vibrant work, Jessica Moritz aims to create a sense of order and calm in the chaos of everyday life. Inspired by the captivating qualities of light, the artist creates carefully balanced geometric objects that provide the viewer with an almost hypnotizing, immersive experience. Sustainability is central to Moritz' artistic practice. The artist works with reclaimed materials which she gathers on her trips and subsequently transforms to give them new life and purpose. Q. Your work takes on many different forms and formats - could you take us through your creative process? A. In my practice, there are key elements such as color, light, shapes, letters, and space. Each of them help me to create a format that express the vision I have and is a tool to make the viewer part of this vision. Most of the time, I start by creating color harmonies and cutting shapes, a reductive process that aims to keep only what is relevant. The observation of light is also a key step in the creation of my work. For example, the Light Torus series was made based on my observations of light and my personal reflections on the lockdown situation. I started by observing light and creating color harmonies for each piece. I would study sacred geometry and see how this can be applied to architecture and our current situation. The first Torus I made was on canvas. After seeing the piece on the wall, I understood that the shape itself needed to be the base of the painting and that the gesture of cutting and recycling was essential to my process. Each step of the process is part of the message and brings the artwork closer to my initial vision. Read the full interview here Discover the exclusive collection of Torus On Return On Art here Art book of sunshine by Noemie Hamon on Cent magazine And God said, “Let there be light: and there was light” in the early part of creation according to the bible was The Sun, the very core of our world. This light from the sun gives birth and makes everything possible. Indeed, this star is a sign of hope, health and vitality. It nurtures nature and creates incredible landscapes. These landscapes highlighted by the sunlight have also been a source of inspiration for humans, from our beginning to the present day. Meanwhile, the Sun became a cornerstone of our world largely represented in paintings and photos. From cave paintings to modern artworks, imagine if there was a book about the meeting between art and light. We have created, in our mind, a book on this very subject and highlighted a few key chapters of this story. Discover more about this history in these extracts from our Artbook of Sunshine. ... Read full article here Op Art: Illusory Devices and Optical Manipulations curated by Tessa Lillis On Canvas, Saatchi Art Blog It is unsurprising that Op art, based upon its very name, is an extremely visually recognizable art movement. Op art, or optical art, is predominantly based upon exploring the limits of optics, and is largely recognizable through its use of geometric shapes and lines in conjunction with stark contrasts in color. These elements consequently create optical effects, illusions of depth, or even vibrations in the artwork. Read full Blog Post here

  • how to create collage and improve your creativity

    collage can be a great boost to your creativity and introduce so many ways to process an idea. working with paper or two dimensional surface makes your eyes focus in composition or dynamic, but by working as collage, you can overlay, strip, use pattern, fill. Imagine you are in photoshop or illustrator but in real life. One good thing about collage, you can use what you have, recycle paper, upcycle gift paper wrap, cut, extract packaging, you chose your materials without having to buy new ones. About Materials for collage: Paper, all kinds, all sizes plastic wrap, gift wrap, receipts, packaging, it can also be textures, magazines, brochures, newspaper, books, catalog, ad from mail box, no limit Tools for collage: exacto, scalpel, twizzors, scissors, glue stick, smudge lodge,cutting mat, pencil, rulers, compass. creating analog collage, About style? in Collage Art, there are different style, surrealist, figurative, abstract, surface pattern. you can find more sub style by looking the hashtag #collage on Instagram, can also be a starter for your inspiration. In collage Art, you create your own rules and develop your own vision. surrealist art can be so fun and inspiring, it will encourage you to use different scale, create new characters by interchanging their bodies, or placing them in unexpected locations. Rhythm in the composition is game changing. Let's say you have 6 elements: background of a location, very basic, 2 characters, and some smaller elements. By placing them and playing with the different elements, you can create a completely different dynamic in the collage. One composition will have a dramatic tone because characters will be hidden or covered (for example) and One other composition will be funny by creating an illusion with the character becoming a super hero by adding a cape. playing with your different cut outs before giving a definitive shape to your work. take picture or why not film your process to document your work, and also be able to come back to the best composition. how to organize the workspace when you do collage? Lets say it's the first day you do collage, so you have a scalpel, some magazines, paper, maybe some painting and it's all over the place! yes this is also part of the process but what if you need to work on something else, or also you want to make a pause? organisation can help you to create and make a pause when necessary. How ? storage! you can classify the different elements of your collage in envelopes, folders and keep them flat and protect them from wind, sticky hands or family running around. it's always easier to work by serie, create a narrative around the work. It will encourage you to keep some rules and same direction and also help your audience to relate and connect with your universe. Story telling can be from abstract to being very personal; keep in mind that you are the narrator and you can chose what to keep for you and what story to tell. Collage Art is playful! mixing media, textures, patterns, colors, paper weaving, transparency, covering, everything is possible! let's talk about abstract collage, you have difference surface of papers, different colors, sizes, textures, etc you can start by working in a grid and create geometric shapes to compose simple shapes and play a little place them and then paste them. you can also mix with catalog or magazines images and create a great contrast by a solid color block. Again, you can create your own style, and develop your creativity with what materials you have available. We are in a period of our life that we consume a lot of images, digital or analog. the covid situation, being in lockdown, we can create some art made from these images, and invent a new landscape inside, everyday. Now sharing with you a sketchbook project based on collage i started, based on geometry and text based inspiration. After i started to create some geometric collages, mixing color block, playing with papers, drawing and creating layers, I started to see the shapes becoming a 3D shape and started to create new ones as they could become a collage in 3 dimensions. i hope this blog post about analog collage will help you create a new body of work and escape the pandemic pressure; happy to read your creative initiative and talk about art process, comment or write me #collage #diycollage #artduringcovid #howtodocollage #upcyclepaper #sustainableart #create #boostyourcreativity #createandcultivate

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  • Events | jessica moritz | Upcoming exhibitions | Tel Aviv Art | buy art Online

    Events Hello! Here you can find past and upcoming events, exhibitions, online talk, festival, online, IRL, and Live on Instagram, Art talk on Club House, and hopefully soon again ,we'll meet in a gallery. Special thanks to all organizations, galleries, cultural centers, curators, Art lovers making the virtual art world working. Soon together Again. ​ Upcoming Events ינואר 2022 Today יום א׳ יום ב׳ יום ג׳ יום ד׳ יום ה׳ יום ו׳ שבת 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 19:00 Open Studio ⎮קריית המלאכה ⎮סטודיו פתוח 4 10:00 Open Studio ⎮קריית המלאכה ⎮סטודיו פתוח 5

  • About | Painting | Street Art | Jessica Moritz | Tel Aviv | Israel

    About Jessica moritz photo by Myriam Cohenca French-Israeli artist, lives and works in Tel Aviv. Graduated from the fine arts of Paris (ENSBA ),LVMH young artist award 2006, TAKASAGO prize 2008. She believes that order in chaos leads to an equilibrium of harmony. Moritz’s corpus of art is an infinite voyage. Her calling never discovers a termination. On a diurnal degree, Moritz is compelled to confront herself personally with the transcendence of light. Light is an exceptional commodity for her, it's something which she adores and desires but also causes agony to her. Enduring the torment she creates with her art objects a utopian architecture (mindscape) where she unveils an unfeasible geometry. Her objects are portals to a dissimilar sphere where the mind absconded and is confronted with a clear result of a never materializing entity of art. The inevitable consequence is a painted geometry that provides balance and an optical euphony in a very intelligible manner. Her art is inspired by former Bauhaus artists like Josef Albers . Moritz lives in Tel Aviv, where the traces of this movement are still to be found in the city architecture. Albers inspired Moritz to consider herself profound with the theory of color. Her inquiry led to an inspirational mission to flourish a very own attitude to this optical material. Moritz believes in a sustainable way of producing her art. In consideration of climate change, she reclaims materials to use the existing. She gathers material on her trips and transforms them during a magical process into a new purpose. She tries to avoid a replacement out of senseless consumerism. co-written with J. P. Wolters Collect Resume Upcoming 2022 Color wheels collection NFTs on here Open Studio 2022//סטודיו פתוח//קריית המלאכה 2021 Inside out, selected short film showing at Nazra Palestine Short Film Festiva l, Venice, Italy New Torus Collection, wall sculptures, art made during Lockdown, Now on view on Return On Art Selected Artist part of New Voices, Saatchi ART 2021 special Edition Catalog Meet 100 Artists Who Are Changing the Conversation. Lift-Off Online Sessions 2021 ALC Video Art Festival 2021, MACA , Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante part of the collection "Cigarreras" listed and curated by ACOA (Contemporary artists from Alicante) Default, virtual exhibition presented by Zest Hal International Forum of Performance Art , 9-11 September:Drama, Greece ADAF : 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival | Tāctus , historic center of Athens, October 2021 GENESIS Nft on Hic et Nunc , Rise Above, and Moon Corridor Solidarity Auction Postales desde el Limbo in favor of Centro de Solidaridad de Zaragoza – Proyecto Hombre Artist Talk, Art clinic with Werkstadt Berlin and Diana Schuemann Virtual Studio visit with Cohart online on Instagram Miami Art week, OneOf World , Hen Community,#HENcommunity4ever: 100 Artists From 12th ATHENS VIDEO DANCE PROJECT, Athens, Greece Future Vision Festival A Celebration of Unusual Animation in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Online & SALTO 1 TV 2020 Part of The Best of 2020 sculpture by Saatchi Collection with Rainbow circles , wall sculpture V IMARP - Mostra Internacional de Dança - Imagens em Movimento, December 7th to 12th, São Paulo, Brasil IDKF 2020 , Stuttgart, Germany OPAF20 , Online Performance Art Festival MUSE, collective show online, Toula Gallery Simulacrum at WerkStadt , Berlin Cock and Bull Virtual Festival Dance Days Chania 10 curated by Aliki Chiotaki DRIFTING BODIES / FLUENT SPACES , Walk Lab2pt piXel , online pop up exhibition, Inside out, 2020 #homeiswheremyartis, Curator WHEN TWO BECOME ONE, LOOSE THREADS curated by Philippa Wall, Luke Jones and Faye Golley 'In 24 hours' THE WALL SPACE | SCOTLAND, curated by Ayshia Taskin and [SHIFT:ibpcpa] Screening Inside out, Collaboration with Diana Schuemann : A Fronteira- mostra de videoarte , Rio, Brasil Site specific installation at Tiny Tiny Gallery , Tel Aviv Collaboration with Diana Schuemann -inside Out Mural Project ‘Make Love Great Again’, Tel Aviv central Bus Station 2019 תערוכה קבוצתית Reality and More - מציאות רבודה AR, ו-3D. at Michaelson Gallery Group show Studio 89, Beautiful Result, illustration Week , TLV Collective Show La culture, illustration week TLV, Object Spirit Sputnik Bar Collab with Shul Leshem for קלעייבן לייזר // Sputnik /// Keren Laser x Klyben Group show Studio 89, Beautiful Result, illustration Week , TLV Collective Show La culture, illustration week TLV, Object Spirit launching A5 magazine in collaboration with Gelada תערוכה התחזות​ , collective show, gallery mercazit, Tel Aviv, curated by Doron Furman Live Spectrum,window display, Ramat Aviv Mall for Eurovision 2019 Pop up museum TLV , collective show reuniting 90 artists in Tel Aviv curated by Yaara Sachs Co-organizer of Open studios Kiryat Hamelacha ​ Curator of The Doors Project, Kiryat Hamelacha,TLV 2018 Founder of Kiryat hamelacha Project Selected artist Fabric with Ello Illustration Week TLV 2018, La culture at Mazeh 9 with uncoated magazine, Gelada, and Hawaijj Open studios אוהבים לאומנות Tel Aviv (19-20 october) Collab ShinShin Studio with sheshbesh pattern DLDTLV installation, collab with Livinglights and Shinshin studio Tel aviv The Kids next door, installation wheat paste, Tel aviv ILTV interview with Emanuelle Kadosh,Israel in style Eclectic, Collective show with Fair fair Tel aviv at cuckoo’s nest Con Arts Residency , New York collective show She/Her/them Con Arts Gallery collective show at green point Gallery, New York Collective Show at Con Arts residency, Spring Residency Collective Show at Con Arts residency, Back from The Dead Cold Bench residency Collective show at cuckoo’s nest Tel Aviv Collective show Women’s World, Tel Aviv Treasure Hunt Tel Aviv 2018 2017 Florentine Hub group show Group Show in Paris 2010 Tetragone Gallery Visual content designer on different project for brands, websites, flyers, blogs (l’Acropole, we love new york, ...) Free lance graphist 2010 Visual Project with Takasago​ 2009 Graduated from the Fine Arts of Paris (DNSAP) Takasago Award 2009 for a video “Elle” (She), After a trip to Japan, getting inspired from the culture, habits a new way to approach people, it was necessary to extract the essence of this exchange. Senses ere not enough, getting closer became a necessity to get to know him. Open Studios Ensba, Les chutes (the fall), The corridor and Gallery project with the video “Elle” 2008 Workshop in Japan with Takasago Voyage au Japon, call for project Contribution to festival of Mons en Bareuil with video « the swan never dies » Contribution to festival Shoot off, espace Canopy, Paris avec the « Music Box » et « Broken Heart » 2007 Workshop « Danse et Arts plastiques » with Daniel Dobbels Collective groupshow “ l’appartement” at the Fine arts of paris with Thomas Golsenne 2006 Graduated from the Fine Arts of Paris (DNAP) Young artist award LVMH with Waltz n°2 Exhibition at the Pont Neuf gallery, Paris Vidéo art et Collaboration avec Constance Dejong au Hunter college de New York 2005 Collective Performance at the open studios of The Hunter college, New York with “ The White cube experience” Wall Project at The Institut Franco-britannique Campus Faculty of Paris Student Exchange program at the Hunter college of New York, BFA program 2004 Contribution to a workshop project with Lefranc Bourgeois, DVD: « l’eau et la couleur with « le programme de la Seine with 2 videos « Bouge » & « Canal » publications 2021 Saatchi ART 2021 special Edition Catalog Artist Spotlight , interview on Return on Art Art book of sunshine by Noemie Hamon on Cent magazine Op Art: Illusory Devices and Optical Manipulations curated by Tessa Lillis On Canvas, Saatchi Art Blog Art and Cabinet Updates by Jewel Marlowe, on jeweledinteriors ​Op Art: Illusory Devices and Optical Manipulations on Workstation A6 murals worldwide , by Lydia Wierenga (book is out!) Scandi Midsommar, Collection curated by Aurora Garrison For the home office , collection curated by Bethany Fincher 2020 Artist in the spotlight, Hardedger , curated by David Sprenger Chief Curator's favorite works this week, including art by Francisco Palomares, Marcella Casu, and Ruth Mulvie on Saatchi curated by Rebecca Wilson , Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory Top 10 artist to watch, surreal Art by Almost real Thing The Dance Performances That Have Gone Online by Jennifer Stahl on Pointe Magazine The Dance Performances That Have Gone Online by Jennifer Stahl on Dance Magazine Aotearotica Volume Seven (sold out) Aotearotica Kiryat Hamelacha Make Love Great Again, CandyFloss 2019 Average Arts Wotisart Ramona magazine A5 magazine Verified Fearless 2018 Kluid magazine Art post magazine Emerging Female artist Gendertuck magazine Cool girls collective Le Bateau Magazine Almost real things Bush Fanzine Contact events upcoming events Book a visit Studio visit by appointment. ​ ​ Studio: 5 shvil Hatnufa, Tel Aviv, Israel Kiryat Hamelakha שביל התנופה 5, קרית המלאכה, תל אביב Call : +972 50 2998 176 Contact:

  • Jessica Moritz | Israel Artist | Hard Edge Painting | Tel Aviv | ציורים | השראה

    Jessica Moritz Jessica Moritz creates a semantic journey of colors and geometry fighting gravity and logic. The light exploration is a never ending quest, made of experiments with materials, immersion, accumulation, and purge. The observation of light comes from personal and spiritual immersion she fed within years. The ability of observation and capturing the intangible makes the journey infinite. Her works channels sculpture, painting, installation, drawings. They are meant to create a concrete mindscape and question the viewer. Impossible geometry and language are the roots of her inspiration. She is combining geometry (essence of nature) and language (essence of expression) as a playground to give perspectives to the different color theories she develops. She challenged herself to be a more sustainable artist and make people more aware of consumerism. Building a body of work made from found materials and leftovers to extend their life and create a legacy of Artivism. The process of developing a smart system about colors ,light and space brings questions about Art, Society and self sustainability. her paintings are a colorfield journey made of optical illusion and concrete sculptures. Reversing creative process and expectations about sustainability brings her joy and relief. There will never be a full answer to all these questions which makes the journey a life purpose. She wants to flip the life process and gravity. Overruling science and physics to create an escape to chaos. (mindscape) Painting Discover latest works, hard edge paintings, font based design, colorfield painting, geometric abstract mindscape, Torus Collection and Art made sustainably. Learn More studio Jessica Moritz, lives and works in Tel Aviv. Learn More about her works, practice, exhibitions artworks and prints to collect. ​ About Jessica Moritz Nfts, a new way to create, share and collect Art. Discover the collection on Tezos blockchain, and soon a new collection on OpenSea. Collect Nfts Blog Publications and Interview about Jessica Moritz, how to paint light Learn More Women in the Arts, what are the different obstacles and opportunities for women artists today Learn More What is Hard edge Art? What is Colorfield Art? Learn about Art movements and their Legacy. Learn More

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