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  • artist in studio

    An atelier (French: [atəlje]) is the private workshop or studio of a professional artist in the fine or decorative arts or an architect, where a principal master and a number of assistants, students, and apprentices can work together producing fine art or visual art released under the master's name or supervision. As long as I can remember, my studio has always been like a second home. in the last 5 years, i am now in my fourth studio, located in South tel Aviv, Kiryat hamelacha, Israel. the neighborhood is a hive of Artists, designers, galleries, craftsman and little factories reunited in Three blocks. Initially built in the sixties by Yitzhak Rapaport and Asher Gliberman, industrialism architecture, the place was built to create an industrial area and was full of factories, workers, and later Artists came to set up their Art studio and give a new breathe to the neighborhood. An art studio is a place of Happenings, testing, procrastination sometimes and research. Often times, we have studio visit and artist talk to exchange on Art, daily questions and prepare for exhibitions or other projects. As you can see, it's often busy by actions or thoughts, different works at the same time to let them dry and mature or start Over. As Artists, we regularly oscillate between order and chaos. We need to get to that energy to fulfill our mission. As you can imagine, light and colors are very important in my work. The studio is organized around colors and the different steps of creating an Artwork. I collect materials, wood, paper, and other reclaimed materials in the area, and store them at the studio until i find an idea of how to optimize their transformation. Once a year, we host an event called "אוהבים אמנות עושים אמנות" where we open our studios, welcome visitors and share our practice, work in progress, and invite everyone to discover contemporary Israeli Art, Design and craft to connect directly with our Audience and make it easy to connect. you can also contact me and book a private studio visit, and also arrange a special tour or request some works. mail to you can also follow my daily practice at the studio on Instagram: @jeszmo_art Lately, i have been working on large canvas exploring colors and pattern with Truchet study. drawing small labyrinths and try to find new combinations to create a new escapism in painting. minimal set up can help to create simple harmonies and keep the message clean while painting. I usually have a very simple routine to start a painting or a sculpture. I start by single line sketch on paper. I can do a dozen of it. After comes the times to be selective, if the drawing pass the test of minimal form, it can go to the second step: defining size and materials. I work in 2D and 3D, therefore I need to chose how i will translate this minimal drawing, will it be a painting? will it be a sculpture, will it be an installation? how far can I scale this shape in space? the answer can be fast but also can take sometimes. that's why we often - as artist- have phases where we sit, look at things and wrap around each idea until we find the best way to do it. For each work, i define a scale and process and what really makes the difference: the color palette. Each work explores color theory and my own interpretation of light in different context. Most of the time, I chose to work with reductive color scheme, and try to do bridges with color harmony: triadic color scheme, split complimentary or tetradic colors. sometimes a good harmony of colors comes form the proportions of each color together or by the saturation of only one. and that's why the inspiration is infinite, there are so many possibilities that I can say for sure that i will be exploring colors and find new harmonies for a while. The walls of the studio are often full of Art, such as paintings, wall sculptures, canvas, color palette, little drawings and notes to process everything. Hanging works in the studio is very different from a gallery (white cube). Usually in a gallery, the works will be hang to make the viewer a clear and comfortable lecture of the Art works. In the studio, Artists hang the works to be able to re-work on them, see if they fit the rest of the body of works, or closer to the best light source to see them better. If you can, look at artist sketchbook and then you will understand their work and process so much better. For example, this is one of my sketch book, working on a serie called random pattern memory; only using cut outs from found paper, painted rejected or abandoned using a grid system. for some of them the paper collage was the final proposal and it works fine, but for this one i thought, lets push it further. as you can see, its the same idea, that i chose to push in 3D, add edges, and keep the same balance with colors and shape. In Conclusion, each artist has their own process, visiting an artist studio can bring you to the heart of his/her/their process, also open a conversation about Art, Architecture and inspire you. If you want to have more informations, book a visit or get in touch mail to you can also follow my daily practice at the studio on Instagram: @jeszmo_art and visit to learn more about my work

  • color block: hard edge sculptures

    After one year of collecting materials from locals, sourcing different surfaces, keeping cut outs, irregular shapes, non recyclable and remodeling them and creating illusion, i wanted to give one last chance to all cut outs, the last cut. It started in the studio randomly layering some cut outs and seeing the potential of them as -negative space- shapes. It changed my usual process of symmetry and harmony, and starting to create rhythm and breathing in the composition. Cut outs became a shape itself and instead of painting new fields, i was chasing cuts to coexist, overlay, be even more reductive. Trying every time to introduce new color harmony, letters and new dynamics. I was comfortable in filling an area, and didn't realize that I would be reacting to the surface and therefore angles. By changing the process, working with "broken angles", pieces left from previous sculptures or found objects, The angles would come from within. The colors would create different rhythms by their surface, as a collage and question the viewer if it was a painting or a sculpture. Also considering the Architecture side of it, building a shape from 3D surfaces bring something completely different to the notion of painting. Usually by drawing, i would create illusion of perspective, impossible geometry or symmetry in the canvas or shape. Colors leading the shape and thinking how to create a new dynamic within. 4 pieces can include different colors, patterns, angles, and shapes. which also means that the first reflection on that body of work was shape oriented and then colors came as a reaction from the dialogue between all shapes. Colors are covering all surfaces, geometric patterns and create a new color harmony just by themselves. Using borders to reunite pieces, as a puzzles, sculpture become like a bas-relief of colors that display color block geometric harmony. The fun part about this project is to think that what use to be a negative space from a previous work, suddenly becomes a new side of colors. Looking at each color block sculpture as some new harmony that i will use in new work, drawings or digital abstract, and painting. Few definitions to understand the references From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Karl Benjamin Lorser Feitelson Frederick Hammersley June Harwood Helen Lundeberg John McLaughlin Hard-edge painting is painting in which abrupt transitions are found between color areas.[1] Color areas are often of one unvarying color. The Hard-edge painting style is related to Geometric abstraction, Op Art, Post-painterly Abstraction, and Color Field painting.[2] Geometric abstraction is a form of abstract art based on the use of geometric forms sometimes, though not always, placed in non-illusionistic space and combined into non-objective (non-representational) compositions. Although the genre was popularized by avant-garde artists in the early twentieth century, similar motifs have been used in art since ancient times. Josef Albers Richard Anuszkiewicz Mino Argento[4] Hans Arp Rudolf Bauer Willi Baumeister Karl Benjamin Max Bill Color field painting is a style of abstract painting that emerged in New York City during the 1940s and 1950s. It was inspired by European modernism and closely related to abstract expressionism, while many of its notable early proponents were among the pioneering abstract expressionists. Color field is characterized primarily by large fields of flat, solid color spread across or stained into the canvas creating areas of unbroken surface and a flat picture plane. The movement places less emphasis on gesture, brushstrokes and action in favor of an overall consistency of form and process. In color field painting "color is freed from objective context and becomes the subject in itself."[1] During the late 1950s and 1960s, color field painters emerged in parts of Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and the United States, particularly New York, Washington, D.C., and elsewhere, using formats of stripes, targets, simple geometric patterns and references to landscape imagery and to nature.[2] Sam Francis Helen Frankenthaler Paul Jenkins Ellsworth Kelly Paul Klee Ronnie Landfield Pat Lipsky Morris Louis

  • Escapism: geometric landscape

    Escapism Definition: es·cap·ism /əˈskāpˌizəm/ noun the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy. "virtual reality offers a form of escapism" synonyms: fantasy, fantasizing, dreaming, daydreaming, daydreams, reverie, romance, illusion(s), fancy imagination, flight(s) of fancy, pipe dreams, castles in the air, castles in Spain, wishful thinking, woolgathering, pie in the sky What goes around comes around While drawing new mindscape, I was looking if different symmetry and line path, and I got lost, again. The painting direction came out from different interactions, wanted or not. Since we are all together apart and wishing to be closer but at the same time not facing our issues, it came as an irony of the situation. « Closer » is so subjective and overwhelming. Still, intentions and actions have ripples and create this circle around the square, meaning energy stuck into a concept. Pick your box, tick on any subject, what goes around comes around, and will make sense to some point, hopefully. Utopia of balanced relations in chaos, as if you were close, or facing your own truth. illusion of harmony is always better than concrete chaos. Pigments and acrylic painting onreclaimed wood, hand jig saw, 50 X 35 (cm) 2021 Velvet Libes, geometric escape in my process, i always combine colors, shapes and illusion. Sometimes I investigate on the typography and symbolism. In this work, i combined few symbols and letters, collected in the last cycle, as a new language to add to my painting vocabulary. it starts with writing and sketching, and slowly blurring the lines and evidences of clear lecture of the situation. I believe the viewer can have their own interpretation of a painting without having the notice of lecture. In the last two years of my practice, I have been sourcing materials around my studio, collecting Wood, MDf, found materials. this work is made of 100% of found wood, mdf, another street gems. i try my best to sustainable in the process and to encourage artists and collectors to have this reflection about Art and design. Behind the lines, I created different paths, encouraging eyes to travel, get lost, a mindscape, in a way to be concentrating on colors and get the essence of light. i guess we can call it meditative, hopefully it will bring some escape in chaos. pigments and acrylic on reclaimed materials, hand jig saw 42.5 W x 95 H x 3.5 D( cm) 2022 Tel Aviv, Israel Light Escape double exit wall sculpture in Chaos you find order, and vice versa. working around classic shapes such as square and circle, i wanted to play with both. Create a square made of circles, as a portal. The idea of escape with different options came up. so I created two pieces, the two shapes are identical and invert to create a negative space that would be part of the installation of the painting. I wanted to create other illusion inside, so i create a color palette from yellow yo indigo blue I'm referring to light and different study about climate (learn more about climate change). the outlines makes your eyes tingle and question colors and dimension, hopefully a break from usual landscape. Circles create a labyrinth, even on edges, has entry and exit. There is also a back light from the panel (they are colored too) this create this halo who creates an echo to the color harmony in the front. By changing position of the two shapes, you have different options of journey, creating a square, a tunnel, or any shape you wish to see according to hard edge borders or curved ones. I hope this work will question your perception of reality and open you to new perspective, real or not. this work is made of reclaimed materials, found wood and MDF, pigments, acrylic, felt pen, spray paint. 86 W x 100 H x 5 D (cm) Tel Aviv, Israel. 2021 The moon between us wall sculpture As a light artist, I am also concerned by the physical relation of it, and environmental observations. I observe changings, influences, and always look at the moon as a challenge and utopia of exploration of human achievements and dreams. Grass is greener on the other side, sometimes. At the same time, Being away from my family, living in different time zone, I always look at the moon and think that it link us by sight, and in a way make us closer. On a spiritual side, moon is leading many calendars and opportunities that can bring you higher connections and relief. I expanded my colors according to moon light and difference between studio light or different day lights and introduced earth tones, and colored grey to create this connection. I hope it can bring people closer or forget restrictions and boundaries that we are facing now. this work is made of reclaimed materials, found wood and MDF, pigments, acrylic painting 52 W x 26 H x 3 D (cm) Tel Aviv, Israel. 2021 sky escape, geometric utopia, golden hour 2 sculptural painting On my journey to escape the current chaos, I always look up. The various mysteries related to sky, space, light and how we see it and what we do with this knowledge. Mission to Mars, or moon explorer still resonate and are an infinite source of inspiration. The paradox of the global situation is ironic and makes it even more fascinating. We are all, more or less, on limited movement and travelling. Creating some utopian landscape generated by these observations makes my journey easier. The escape is determined by the viewer. Observing the Hubble and seeing the Nebula, the stars and the moons is a relief. Isn’t is amazing to have this vision and see the light from here. We need darkness to see the light. I translated this concept into a shape, a new mindscape to add to the collection. Mind the light. i did a serie of this shape reuniting different light studies, and observations, proposing a spectrum of moments and escape. sky escape, geometric utopia wall sculpture-painting acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood hand jigsawed 40X 28 X2 (cm) diagonale (47cm) 2022, tel Aviv, Israel Homage to the square wall sculpture homage to the square, inspired by the works of Albers, and different color theory. Made of reclaimed wood, acrylic and pigments. the structure and color surface are based on fibonacci sequence (golden ratio) I chose to work on RGB spectrum and develop colors according to the sequence and surface of the sculpture. all sides have different heights (8, 13, 21) both sides now, geometric distraction wall Sculpture Geometry is essential in my practice, in architecture, in daily interactions. I use different shapes and typography to create new shapes, shadows of the first ones and giving them depth with colors. i created a color harmony thinking about spring, about some flowers and memories of what spring can be and might be again. I always enjoy creating interlocking shapes and create an in/out relation for the viewer. each side meet and create a new border, or new order, inviting the viewer in my escape. you can see it as a geometric landscape or a colorful wave to swirl into. All my recent works are made from reclaimed materials, found in the streets, in different locations in Tel Aviv. iWant to raise awareness about sustainability in The Arts and invite collectors to be more mindful about our choices and lifestyle. I also prefer cutting shapes that reveal the negative space with a halo of colors form the back of each sculpture to value the space that they are living in and give a new vision each time the viewer look at it according to the difference light in the day or night. wall sculpture-painting acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood hand jigsawed 2021 53.5 W x 27 H x 3 D cm Rainbow chaos sculpture During the last two years, my work shifted to geometric, and minimal observation of light and space. At the same time, as living in a country where I had to adapt and learn, language became a new field of research and inspiration. Little by little, I built new glyphs, alphabets, signs and expressions to ground myself and adapt. This is a letter, or can be many letters actually. I was thinking about Chaos. How we all strongly (more or less) adapted and find ways to have balance in this context. In physics, chaos is announcing creation, which makes a difference compared to our experience and knowledge (common language). Imagine seeing rows of organized points slightly shifting and spiraling. After that can be something new and innovative but the fear of change we all carry will mostly see end or interruption of what we have. The state of belonging and possession is not sustainable. That’s one day to look at chaos and see the option of new beginnings to overcome this state. About colors, space has been and will always be so inspiring. The different shades and shapes of nebula, Saturn, temperature charts and maps inspired the colors and gradients from copper to blue, shimmering, reflecting more light to the surrounding. The sculpture has a a point of balance that allow a movement (gentle) and can be also be flipped in the other side, as a cubic rainbow. This sculpture is made of reclaimed wood, hand jigsawed and folded. 12 pieces 37.5 W x 27.5 H x 6 D cm Pigments, acrylic painting and metallic pigments. 2021, Tel Aviv, Israel. Sky Escape, geometric Utopia wall sculpture On my journey to escape the current chaos, I always look up. The various mysteries related to sky, space, light and how we see it and what we do with this knowledge. Mission to Mars, or moon explorer still resonate and are an infinite source of inspiration. The paradox of the global situation is ironic and makes it even more fascinating. We are all, more or less, on limited movement and travelling. Creating some utopian landscape generated by these observations makes my journey easier. The escape is determined by the viewer. Observing the Hubble and seeing the Nebula, the stars and the moons is a relief. Isn’t is amazing to have this vision and see the light from here. We need darkness to see the light. I translated this concept into a shape, a new mindscape to add to the collection. Mind the light. i did a serie of this shape reuniting different light studies, and observations, proposing a spectrum of moments and escape. sky escape, geometric utopia wall sculpture acrylic and pigments on reclaimed wood hand jigsawed 39X 28 X2 (cm) diagonale (47cm) 2022, tel Aviv, Israel

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  • ג׳סיקה מוריץ | תל אביב| jessica moritz | אמנות עכשווית ישראלית

    ג׳סיקה מוריץ אמנית צרפתית-ישראלית, גרה ועובדת בתל אביב. בוגר האמנויות היפות של פריז (ENSBA), פרס האמן הצעיר LVMH 2006, פרס TAKASAGO 2008. היא מאמינה שסדר בתוהו ובוהו מוביל לשיווי משקל של הרמוניה. קורפוס האמנות של מוריץ הוא מסע אינסופי. הייעוד שלה לעולם לא מגלה סיום. בדרגה יומית, מוריץ נאלצת להתעמת עם עצמה באופן אישי עם התעלות האור. אור הוא מצרך יוצא דופן עבורה, זה דבר שהיא מעריצה ורוצה, אך גם גורם לה ייסורים. כשהיא סובלת את הייסורים היא יוצרת עם חפצי האמנות שלה ארכיטקטורה אוטופית (נוף מחשבה) שבה היא חושפת גיאומטריה בלתי ניתנת לביצוע. האובייקטים שלה הם פורטלים לתחום לא שונה בו התודעה הסתתרה ועומדת בפני תוצאה ברורה של ישות אמנות שלא מתממשת לעולם. התוצאה הבלתי נמנעת היא גיאומטריה צבועה המספקת איזון ואופוניה אופטית בצורה מובנת מאוד. האמנות שלה בהשראת אמני הבאוהאוס לשעבר כמו יוזף אלברס. מוריץ מתגוררת בתל אביב, שם עדיין ניתן למצוא את עקבותיה של תנועה זו בארכיטקטורת העיר. אלברס נתן השראה למוריץ להחשיב את עצמה כעמוקה בתיאוריית הצבע. חקירתה הובילה למשימה מעוררת השראה לפריחת יחס מאוד משלה לחומר האופטי הזה. מוריץ מאמינה בדרך ברת קיימא להפקת אמנותה. בהתחשב בשינויי אקלים, היא מחזירה חומרים לשימוש בקיים. היא אוספת חומר בטיולים שלה והופכת אותם במהלך תהליך קסום לתכלית חדשה. היא מנסה להימנע מהחלפה בגלל צרכנות חסרת טעם. השראת אור וצבעים הלוואי והצופה יכול לראות בריחה, פרשנות משלו לאינטראקציה שלו ברֶגַע. אור הוא תקווה, בחוץ, ביטוי של זמן, בלתי מוחשי עד שתבחר «מסגרת» את זה. בכל עבודה בחרתי לצמצם יום אחד בתנועה קונצנטרית וסכמת צבעים. כל ציור הוא הצעה לדרך חדשה להסתכל על הדברים, לא רק אומנות. יתר על כן, הלוואי שהם ימצאו הקלה בקדנציה שלהם. אני מאמין שכולנו היינו דרך כמה אתגרים בשנה שעברה שמובילים אותנו לשמור על חיוני ומבוקש אינטראקציות. יתכן שיחסי גומלין אלה יביאו שמחה, הבנה טובה יותר של מה שמקיף אותנו ולהעלות את ההשתקפות שלנו יחד. גלריה פסל קיר צבעוני כוריאוגרפיה גיאומטרית פיסול בעץ, פיגמנטים וציור אקרילי Saatchi Online פסל קיר צבעוני אמנות במהדורה מוגבלת Return on Art פסל קיר צבעוני את הירח בינינו, אוספים אמנות על Saatchi Online מחברת קולאז ' פרויקט אלפבית קולאז 'של סקיצות סקיצות לפסלים פסל קיר צבעוני אהבה וסוג אחר, אוספים אמנות על Saatchi Online פסל ציור צבעוני ספקטרום כדור הארץ, אוספים אמנות על Saatchi Online פסל ציור צבעוני טוויסט שעות הזהב,נמכר, אוספים אמנות על סאצ'י Saatchi Online צרו קשר Mail ביקור סטודיו כיצד להזמין ביקור בסטודיו לאמנות, ללמוד על תהליך אמנותי, השראת צבע, לקבל השראה ולהתחיל לאסוף אמנות. להזמין ביקור בסטודיו

  • colorfield Painting | geometric abstract artist | About Jessica Moritz | Tel Aviv | Israel

    About Jessica moritz photo by Myriam Cohenca French-Israeli artist, lives and works in Tel Aviv. Graduated from the fine arts of Paris (ENSBA ),LVMH young artist award 2006, TAKASAGO prize 2008. She believes that order in chaos leads to an equilibrium of harmony. Moritz’s corpus of art is an infinite voyage. Her calling never discovers a termination. On a diurnal degree, Moritz is compelled to confront herself personally with the transcendence of light. Light is an exceptional commodity for her, it's something which she adores and desires but also causes agony to her. Enduring the torment she creates with her art objects a utopian architecture (mindscape) where she unveils an unfeasible geometry. Her objects are portals to a dissimilar sphere where the mind absconded and is confronted with a clear result of a never materializing entity of art. The inevitable consequence is a painted geometry that provides balance and an optical euphony in a very intelligible manner. Her art is inspired by former Bauhaus artists like Josef Albers . Moritz lives in Tel Aviv, where the traces of this movement are still to be found in the city architecture. Albers inspired Moritz to consider herself profound with the theory of color. Her inquiry led to an inspirational mission to flourish a very own attitude to this optical material. Moritz believes in a sustainable way of producing her art. In consideration of climate change, she reclaims materials to use the existing. She gathers material on her trips and transforms them during a magical process into a new purpose. She tries to avoid a replacement out of senseless consumerism. co-written with J. P. Wolters Collect Resume Upcoming אוהבים אמנות עושים אמנות 2022, open studio 2022 Color wheels collection NFTs on here Open Studio 2022//סטודיו פתוח//קריית המלאכה International Painting Biennale “Changing the Empty Surface” Stand with Ukraine, NFT collective project, 100% funding go to NGO on Versum 3 Apo Swallowtail Terrace - by donovan_c_archer, on cryptovoxels M3:G3 sphere festival, Arts Culture Festival New Delhi RE—ND—ER—ED ENGAGE​ 2022 2021 Inside out, selected short film showing at Nazra Palestine Short Film Festiva l, Venice, Italy New Torus Collection, wall sculptures, art made during Lockdown, Now on view on Return On Art Selected Artist part of New Voices, Saatchi ART 2021 special Edition Catalog Meet 100 Artists Who Are Changing the Conversation. Lift-Off Online Sessions 2021 ALC Video Art Festival 2021, MACA , Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante part of the collection "Cigarreras" listed and curated by ACOA (Contemporary artists from Alicante) Default, virtual exhibition presented by Zest Hal International Forum of Performance Art , 9-11 September:Drama, Greece ADAF : 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival | Tāctus , historic center of Athens, October 2021 GENESIS Nft on Hic et Nunc , Rise Above, and Moon Corridor Solidarity Auction Postales desde el Limbo in favor of Centro de Solidaridad de Zaragoza – Proyecto Hombre Artist Talk, Art clinic with Werkstadt Berlin and Diana Schuemann Virtual Studio visit with Cohart online on Instagram Miami Art week, OneOf World , Hen Community,#HENcommunity4ever: 100 Artists From 12th ATHENS VIDEO DANCE PROJECT, Athens, Greece Future Vision Festival A Celebration of Unusual Animation in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Online & SALTO 1 TV 2020 Part of The Best of 2020 sculpture by Saatchi Collection with Rainbow circles , wall sculpture V IMARP - Mostra Internacional de Dança - Imagens em Movimento, December 7th to 12th, São Paulo, Brasil IDKF 2020 , Stuttgart, Germany OPAF20 , Online Performance Art Festival MUSE, collective show online, Toula Gallery Simulacrum at WerkStadt , Berlin Cock and Bull Virtual Festival Dance Days Chania 10 curated by Aliki Chiotaki DRIFTING BODIES / FLUENT SPACES , Walk Lab2pt piXel , online pop up exhibition, Inside out, 2020 #homeiswheremyartis, Curator WHEN TWO BECOME ONE, LOOSE THREADS curated by Philippa Wall, Luke Jones and Faye Golley 'In 24 hours' THE WALL SPACE | SCOTLAND, curated by Ayshia Taskin and [SHIFT:ibpcpa] Screening Inside out, Collaboration with Diana Schuemann : A Fronteira- mostra de videoarte , Rio, Brasil Site specific installation at Tiny Tiny Gallery , Tel Aviv Collaboration with Diana Schuemann -inside Out Mural Project ‘Make Love Great Again’, Tel Aviv central Bus Station 2019 תערוכה קבוצתית Reality and More - מציאות רבודה AR, ו-3D. at Michaelson Gallery Group show Studio 89, Beautiful Result, illustration Week , TLV Collective Show La culture, illustration week TLV, Object Spirit Sputnik Bar Collab with Shul Leshem for קלעייבן לייזר // Sputnik /// Keren Laser x Klyben Group show Studio 89, Beautiful Result, illustration Week , TLV Collective Show La culture, illustration week TLV, Object Spirit launching A5 magazine in collaboration with Gelada תערוכה התחזות​ , collective show, gallery mercazit, Tel Aviv, curated by Doron Furman Live Spectrum,window display, Ramat Aviv Mall for Eurovision 2019 Pop up museum TLV , collective show reuniting 90 artists in Tel Aviv curated by Yaara Sachs Co-organizer of Open studios Kiryat Hamelacha ​ Curator of The Doors Project, Kiryat Hamelacha,TLV 2018 Founder of Kiryat hamelacha Project Selected artist Fabric with Ello Illustration Week TLV 2018, La culture at Mazeh 9 with uncoated magazine, Gelada, and Hawaijj Open studios אוהבים לאומנות Tel Aviv (19-20 october) Collab ShinShin Studio with sheshbesh pattern DLDTLV installation, collab with Livinglights and Shinshin studio Tel aviv The Kids next door, installation wheat paste, Tel aviv ILTV interview with Emanuelle Kadosh,Israel in style Eclectic, Collective show with Fair fair Tel aviv at cuckoo’s nest Con Arts Residency , New York collective show She/Her/them Con Arts Gallery collective show at green point Gallery, New York Collective Show at Con Arts residency, Spring Residency Collective Show at Con Arts residency, Back from The Dead Cold Bench residency Collective show at cuckoo’s nest Tel Aviv Collective show Women’s World, Tel Aviv Treasure Hunt Tel Aviv 2018 2017 Florentine Hub group show Group Show in Paris 2010 Tetragone Gallery Visual content designer on different project for brands, websites, flyers, blogs (l’Acropole, we love new york, ...) Free lance graphist 2010 Visual Project with Takasago​ 2009 Graduated from the Fine Arts of Paris (DNSAP) Takasago Award 2009 for a video “Elle” (She), After a trip to Japan, getting inspired from the culture, habits a new way to approach people, it was necessary to extract the essence of this exchange. Senses ere not enough, getting closer became a necessity to get to know him. Open Studios Ensba, Les chutes (the fall), The corridor and Gallery project with the video “Elle” 2008 Workshop in Japan with Takasago Voyage au Japon, call for project Contribution to festival of Mons en Bareuil with video « the swan never dies » Contribution to festival Shoot off, espace Canopy, Paris avec the « Music Box » et « Broken Heart » 2007 Workshop « Danse et Arts plastiques » with Daniel Dobbels Collective groupshow “ l’appartement” at the Fine arts of paris with Thomas Golsenne 2006 Graduated from the Fine Arts of Paris (DNAP) Young artist award LVMH with Waltz n°2 Exhibition at the Pont Neuf gallery, Paris Vidéo art et Collaboration avec Constance Dejong au Hunter college de New York 2005 Collective Performance at the open studios of The Hunter college, New York with “ The White cube experience” Wall Project at The Institut Franco-britannique Campus Faculty of Paris Student Exchange program at the Hunter college of New York, BFA program 2004 Contribution to a workshop project with Lefranc Bourgeois, DVD: « l’eau et la couleur with « le programme de la Seine with 2 videos « Bouge » & « Canal » publications 2022 Editors' picks June 2022 Curated by Helen Buckley on Artfinder Curated collection by Rebecca Wilson on Saatchi, Random Pattern Memory collage 2021 Saatchi ART 2021 special Edition Catalog Artist Spotlight , interview on Return on Art Art book of sunshine by Noemie Hamon on Cent magazine Op Art: Illusory Devices and Optical Manipulations curated by Tessa Lillis On Canvas, Saatchi Art Blog Art and Cabinet Updates by Jewel Marlowe, on jeweledinteriors ​Op Art: Illusory Devices and Optical Manipulations on Workstation A6 murals worldwide , by Lydia Wierenga (book is out!) Scandi Midsommar, Collection curated by Aurora Garrison For the home office , collection curated by Bethany Fincher 2020 Artist in the spotlight, Hardedger , curated by David Sprenger Chief Curator's favorite works this week, including art by Francisco Palomares, Marcella Casu, and Ruth Mulvie on Saatchi curated by Rebecca Wilson , Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory Top 10 artist to watch, surreal Art by Almost real Thing The Dance Performances That Have Gone Online by Jennifer Stahl on Pointe Magazine The Dance Performances That Have Gone Online by Jennifer Stahl on Dance Magazine Aotearotica Volume Seven (sold out) Aotearotica Kiryat Hamelacha Make Love Great Again, CandyFloss 2019 Average Arts Wotisart Ramona magazine A5 magazine Verified Fearless 2018 Kluid magazine Art post magazine Emerging Female artist Gendertuck magazine Cool girls collective Le Bateau Magazine Almost real things Bush Fanzine Contact Subscribe and receive updates and upcoming events Subscribe events upcoming events Book a visit Studio visit by appointment. ​ ​ Studio: 5 shvil Hatnufa, Tel Aviv, Israel Kiryat Hamelakha שביל התנופה 5, קריית המלאכה, תל אביב Call : +972 50 2998 176 Contact:

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