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  • Jessica Moritz ⎜painting ⎜RGB artist⎜Tel Aviv

    2020 Aurora acrylic and pigments on reclaimed poly wood 31X31X5 (12X12X2") Tel Aviv, 2020 Another square Structure based on Golden Ratio (Fibonacci) and colors on RGB spectrum. acrylic and pigments on reclaimed poly wood 31X31X(8-13-21)cm (12X12X(3,1x5,1,8,2") Tel Aviv,2020 Still Structure based on one painting from the square collection ( 2 different pieces) acrylic and pigments on reclaimed poly wood 30 X 20 X 7cm (11,8 X 7,8 X 2,7 ") Tel Aviv, 2020 The square study 2020 Random pattern memory 2020 Random pattern memory 2020 Twist and shout acrylic on canvas​ 80X130 cm// 31X51 '' 2019 Learn more Dress to impress acrylic, color pencils and felt pen on canvas​ 122X217cm// 48X85 '' 2018 ​ the kids next door, witness of the wheaptaste project, 2018, 100X 100, acrylic on canvas The Love pattern, color pencils and acrylic on canvas 80X200 2018 The Vanilla girl, color pencils and acylic on canvas 60x 90 2018 Food Face Acrylic on canvas 91X120 2018 The Boudoir Moment Color pencils and acrylic on canvas 91 X 121 2018 And i love him color pencils and acrylic on canvas 70 X 90 2018 Bodies felt pen, color pencils and acrylic on paper 29 X 42 2018 HOME Shop Drawings Painting Installations Street Art About Blog Collab Contact Search Results More

  • Jessica Moritz | About | israeli art | ג׳סיקה מוריץ

    About French-Israeli artist, lives and works in Tel Aviv. Graduated from the fine arts of Paris,LVMH young artist award 2006, TAKASAGO prize 2008. Her work mainly focus on interactions with colors, figures and patterns.She explores different media: painting, drawing, printing, wheat paste, graffiti, installation and sculpture. she developed different system of surface, color and pattern interacting with architecture and the viewer. her work aims to create new edges and forms that can be displayed in any shapes, sizes (maximalism). Most of the time, the viewer is included in the conception of each piece, and invited to participate. ​ Each media allowed me to establish new relations with colors, space an people. She creates new values for each of them and also establish new relations and pursuit new theories about colors. The basic idea is simple: create Artwork and expect interactions with the 3 major elements (color, people, space). ​ Resume Upcoming ALC Video Art Festival part of the collection "Cigarreras" listed and curated by ACOA (Contemporary artists from Alicante) Simulacrum at , Berlin WerkStadt ​ 2020 Virtual Festival Cock and Bull 10 curated by Aliki Chiotaki Dance Days Chania , Walk Lab2pt DRIFTING BODIES / FLUENT SPACES , online pop up exhibition, Inside out, 2020 piXel , Curator #homeiswheremyartis curated by Philippa Wall, Luke Jones and Faye Golley WHEN TWO BECOME ONE, LOOSE THREADS 'In 24 hours' | SCOTLAND, curated by Ayshia Taskin and [SHIFT:ibpcpa] THE WALL SPACE Screening Inside out, Collaboration with Diana Schuemann : , Rio, Brasil Site specific installation at , Tel Aviv A Fronteira- mostra de videoarte Tiny Tiny Gallery Collaboration with Diana Schuemann -inside Out Mural Project ‘Make Love Great Again’, Tel Aviv central Bus Station ​ 2019 תערוכה קבוצתית Reality and More - מציאות רבודה AR, ו-3D. at Michaelson Gallery Group show Studio 89, Beautiful Result, illustration Week , TLV Collective Show La culture, illustration week TLV, Object Spirit Sputnik Bar Collab with Shul Leshem for קלעייבן לייזר // Sputnik /// Keren Laser x Klyben Group show Studio 89, Beautiful Result, illustration Week , TLV Collective Show La culture, illustration week TLV, Object Spirit launching A5 magazine in collaboration with Gelada collective show, gallery mercazit, Tel Aviv, curated by Doron Furman , תערוכה התחזות​ Live Spectrum,window display, Ramat Aviv Mall for Eurovision 2019 , collective show reuniting 90 artists in Tel Aviv curated by Yaara Sachs Pop up museum TLV Co-organizer of Open studios ​ Kiryat Hamelacha Curator of The Doors Project, Kiryat Hamelacha,TLV ​ 2018 Founder of Kiryat hamelacha Project Selected artist Fabric with Ello Illustration Week TLV 2018, La culture at Mazeh 9 with uncoated magazine, Gelada, and Hawaijj Open studios אוהבים לאומנות Tel Aviv (19-20 october) Collab with sheshbesh pattern ShinShin Studio DLDTLV installation, collab with Livinglights and Shinshin studio Tel aviv The Kids next door, installation wheat paste, Tel aviv ILTV interview with Emanuelle Kadosh,Israel in style Eclectic, Collective show with Fair fair Tel aviv at cuckoo’s nest , New York Con Arts Residency collective show She/Her/them Con Arts Gallery collective show at green point Gallery, New York Collective Show at Con Arts residency, Spring Residency Collective Show at Con Arts residency, Back from The Dead Cold Bench residency Collective show at cuckoo’s nest Tel Aviv Collective show Women’s World, Tel Aviv Treasure Hunt Tel Aviv 2018 ​ 2017 Florentine Hub group show Group Show in Paris ​ 2010 Tetragone Gallery Visual content designer on different project for brands, websites, flyers, blogs (l’Acropole, we love new york, ...) Free lance graphist 2010 Visual Project with Takasago​ 2009 Graduated from the Fine Arts of Paris (DNSAP) Takasago Award 2009 for a video “Elle” (She), After a trip to Japan, getting inspired from the culture, habits a new way to approach people, it was necessary to extract the essence of this exchange. Senses ere not enough, getting closer became a necessity to get to know him. Open Studios Ensba, Les chutes (the fall), The corridor and Gallery project with the video “Elle” 2008 Workshop in Japan with Takasago Voyage au Japon, call for project Contribution to festival of Mons en Bareuil with video « the swan never dies » Contribution to festival Shoot off, espace Canopy, Paris avec the « Music Box » et « Broken Heart » ​ 2007 Workshop « Danse et Arts plastiques » with Daniel Dobbels Collective groupshow “ l’appartement” at the Fine arts of paris with Thomas Golsenne ​ 2006 Graduated from the Fine Arts of Paris (DNAP) Young artist award LVMH with Waltz n°2 Exhibition at the Pont Neuf gallery, Paris Vidéo art et Collaboration avec Constance Dejong au Hunter college de New York 2005 Collective Performance at the open studios of The Hunter college, New York with “ The White cube experience” Wall Project at The Institut Franco-britannique Campus Faculty of Paris Student Exchange program at the Hunter college of New York, BFA program 2004 Contribution to a workshop project with Lefranc Bourgeois, DVD: « l’eau et la couleur with « le programme de la Seine with 2 videos « Bouge » & « Canal » ​ publications 2020 Dance Magazine Aotearotica Kiryat Hamelacha CandyFloss ​ 2019 Average Arts Wotisart Ramona magazine A5 magazine Verified Fearless 2018 Kluid magazine Art post magazine Emerging Female artist Gendertuck magazine Cool girls collective Le Bateau Magazine Almost real things Bush Fanzine Contact Studio: 3 shvil Hatnufa, Tel Aviv, Israel Kiryat Hamelacha : Call +972 50 2998 176 Contact: ​ Send

  • Alone Together | jessica moritz | art installation israel

    Alone TOgether How to catch a moment and turn it into a shape, an installation. Intentions takes a lot of room in this project. Most of the time, intentions have more strength and details than the final piece. The Most precious things are the one you can’t keep or record. I was thinking of this full idea of capturing a moment. Intimacy and giving it exposure, and colors facing patterns. Pattern are like a short souvenir of yours. It comes in pieces, sometimes informations and usually randomly blurred lines. I intentionally took the cliché of a kiss. Kiss belongs to universal memory, languages and ages. According to the world we’re living in: kissing is casual, can be done by anyone, so it belongs to everyone. Medias made it easy to watch from public figures, neighbors, public cameras and of course POP culture. People make a lot of efforts to wether keep their personal space private or to pretend they invite you in. Intimacy is a luxury and an imposture. ​ ​ ​ ​ Alone Together Installation 100X100X12(cm) 39X39X4,5 '' MDF 4mm, acrylic 2019

  • The other women | jessica moritz

    The Other Women The other women serie color pencils felt pen and acrylic on canvas small paintings on paper (20 X 30// 32 X 32) 2018 This Serie is about some stories i heard, read. Like every one, i’m connected. i use social media, i also talk with friends, and take public transportations. Well it came from all of this. Sometimes i felt like reading a vintage crap novel, or rotten gossips. I mean so many stories and i must say for most of them i knew that part of it was not true, another part was to avoid silence, and also to feel better. So if they wanted so bad that people know about that story, why not doing it as a painting or drawing. I started without knowing it would become a serie. I was trying to picture them at the moment. I used vintage Ad, photographs, magazine, to get to this kind of framing. As usual, i worked with layers. Layers of plain colors, drawing, and pattern. This is my trinity. Little by little, the serie was growing. I have still many stories to write and draw. Each story has a little writing, sometimes a poem that tells a little bit more about the piece. After writing and drawing all, something stroke me. Most of the women were insecure, with a big lack of self confidence, and sad. It was kind of sad to realize you gotta go all through all this to feel better. This is why i try to see them as a moment but also in a way to make these women as colorful as they appear to me. A moment in your life cannot define you. neither a line.

  • Corner Strokes | jessica moritz

    corner stroke Corners can happen without closing the space. In this one, i wanted to try new wall extensions. They’re built to extend the architecture of what we see. I was thinking that the vertical and linear view could be improved. Of course, I would have to also think about colors, shapes, pattern, organic vs geometric, and colorimetry. Corners are not a limit, they are steps to another vision of color meeting the viewer. Every time you come out from the wall, the view has less space and needs to interact differently with the piece. Interaction is a topic that lately made me want to do more sculptures than painting. I think I’ll pursue this idea in the next works. the circles and the colors needed to extend to the space. i believe that wall is not just a support or a vertical relation to sculpture. it needs to be all over, and engaged with the wall.

  • Anatomy of an artist | jessica moritz | Ink Art | Tel aviv

    Anatomy of an artist Anatomy of an Artist ​ ​ ​ I decided to only focus on line and shape for approximately a month. Usually, most of my projects are based on colors interactions and figures. This time, I decided that as an Artist, since we are exposed as strange species, I could expose a little dissection with my own vision. As an artist, we all have a different perception of the world, colors, lines, and therefore ourselves. I tried my best to draw as a metaphor of my own experience. Renouncing to colors to find the essence of creativity and show the the lines as a statement. ​ I decided to only focus on lines and shapes in order to not waste any effort to figure out the real subject. we are all made of flesh and bones, maybe some more than others. being an artist makes you always extend the reality to relativity and twist the rules or clichés of just Being. Let it Be. ​ . Anatomy of an artist, fig.4 Ballpen and ink on paper 18x21cm//7x8,2’’ Gambling on the stars, ​ ​ Every night I stare at the sky Think of all I did And not Then I bet What will happen tomorrow Gambling shapes Putting money on the table Slamming words to the paper Whispering spells to the sky And I let the stars decide Or not I gamble on you On me And every night I close my eyes Without knowing which color is gonna be the first I’ll see. Anatomy of an artist, fig 5 Ball pen and ink on paper 18x21cm//7x8,2’’ Your words are precious, ​ ​ Without noticing As the tong cling the first letter The mouth opens The voice raise And it has been said Cannot swallow this As a gigantic boat Goes with flow Some words carry gold Some others are full of heavy stones Still they all matters I won’t remember them always But I will remember their side effects Mouth full Empty pockets Doesn’t really make any sense now Anatomy of an artist, fig.6. Ink and ball pen on paper, 13,9x21,6cm//5,5x8,5’’ My legs are flowing ​ ​ On that long road Through my veins Flowing to the ground Swimming between trouble water Species from another time Every scales moving and reflecting the moon Night and day The tail is sailing to another land No boundaries to my body No boundaries to what may Ink , pencil and ball pen on paper, 13,9x21,6cm//5,5x8,5’’ Anatomy of an artist, fig.7. Eye dropping a sight, not life ​ ​ Hard to face the truth Cruel are the words between us How to change direction How to make it easier to watch Still in my sight The vision of that moment I m not giving up Rolling it until I see hope The beauty remain in the eye of the viewer Still I cannot watch without disgust Eye dropping out Not life Ink and ball pen on paper, 13,9x21,6cm//5,5x8,5’’ Anatomy of an artist, fig.8 Unlocking birds ​ ​ Ground the birds They ll sing higher Keep the birds they ll whistle you an anthem As they fly around They show you the way to the garden Well guarded from the pests Where all the spells Blow in the air Anatomy of an artist, fig.9 Ink and ball pen on paper, 13,9x21,6cm//5,5x8,5’’ Cloud step ​ ​ Silently walking through this day Feeling all the lights tickling my skin Shivering in the clouds The rapture surrounds me Doubts vanish I was born a dreamer Lines and colors are my addictions Nothing is reasonable Even the dots Anatomy of an artist, fig.10 Ink and ball pen on paper, 13,9x21,6cm//5,5x8,5’’ Heavy Feathers ​ ​ Each eyelid carry the colors of each day From dark to light Sometimes with warmth and others with chills Closing my eyes on a glance of blue Blinking on pink What will remain from that All my feathers carry the colors Memory is useless Use your wings No weakness in any of your gesture Just another flap Ink,ball pen and gold acrylic on paper on paper, 13,9x21,6cm//5,5x8,5’’ Anatomy of an artist, fig.11 Connect my body ​ ​ As a flower bloom As grass wink in dew Arms swing and blink Each move is a shake between two earthquakes Standing still is not option I am the reed in the storm Shivering, standing, but growing I bend, I dance, I am Remaining in the light Anatomy of an artist, fig.12 Remember the golden moments Ink,ball pen and gold acrylic on paper on paper, 13,9x21,6cm//5,5x8,5’’ ​ ​ A memory is like a shade Appearing and vanishing without notice Try to remember the golden ones Still light and blinking Not a stroke Not a line The point is not to forget Ink and ball pen on paper 13,9x21,6cm//5,5x8,5’’ 2018 Anatomy of an artist, fig. 13 Gifted ​ ​ Handle with care Touch with your eyes Mind your step Feeling overwhelmed by all of it Drunk from the chaos Tipsy from love Gifted by the vision Blessed by the colors Thankful for the journey On my way to borderless universe Anatomy of an artist, Fig 14 on paper 20x29 Double//look at the bright side Ink and ball pen 2018 ​ ​ Check twice before renouncing Try to find the single one But if there was two Look at the bright side You have double chance to meet Stare at them Be conscious Feel lucky Eyes wide open Or shot To be found To be defective To enjoy what you have Anatomy of an artist, Fig. 15 Ink and ball pen on paper 20x29 Jolt 2018 ​ Loaded from the central station of emotions Shaking as a willow Hitching from the pain How many Volts was it? Emerging from the jolts Like ten thousands notifications You got the message Have to get over it Crawling, or sinking The water is deep The fear turns out as a fever The octopus is alive Order prints

  • Pattern as Figure | jessica moritz

    Pattern as figure As I was doing a mural painting I realized that what really matters was the confrontation of the pattern with space. We can have this conversation over and over but as the line was drawing different patterns, I faced the Simplicity and naked truth about it: useless As if all the other elements never mattered. Of course we can use multiple language or rhetoric about it but I feel it will not lead to some good piece or argue. So let’s skip that and let’s focus on what appears to be basic and necessary at the same time : the medium and its context. Yes I m still a painter, yes pattern is my “thing”, and then how to extend it to enlighten the pattern as figure? It was like looking at someone, you undress it, little by little, you give up on all useless accessories and then you see the beauty of it. First as a unique shape then as some pattern that you know you’ve seen before and that you ll see again, hopefully... Therefore I started drawing simple shapes, explored first the 2 dimensions relation and finally decided 3 dimensions were needed. I call it a body relation, the shape comes in your personal space and you can relate or feel familiar with it. I start to work as an exploration on 3 different patterns. Each of them have also a color “reaction”. As the pattern will coexist in the studio, or gallery, it has to explore this relation also. I try to not look at each as object but more as an extension of the line (space). Second installation of these sculptures.After making, them, watching them and trying to have a second look, i realized that it was not enough. the circles and the colors needed to extend to the space. i believe that wall is not just a support or a vertical relation to sculpture. it needs to be all over, and engaged with the wall. Pattern as Figure, Sculpture based on a circle of 38 cm and color reaction. Acrylic on MDF 2018

  • Jessica Moritz ⎜street art ⎜The Kids next door⎜Tel Aviv

    The Kids Next door It’s all about community and how we connect to each other. In my studio area, there are many other studios, artists, people working, crafters, woodworkers, small business, and sometimes families. now that i’ve been there a while, i’ve noticed children laughing, playing, all colors mixing, interactions with each other. (my work is mainly focus on color and pattern interactions) so i decided to make the environment look more like them, and reflect the energy that they were giving to the space. i started by painting 34 wheat pastes of kids on swings based on RGB color palette, and interactions. The installations of all of them took me 2 nights. then i thought, all of them by the end of summer will be gone. let’s do a witness of this project to keep in mind this intention. so i did two paintings that were reflecting this idea but also could interact with people with the light. wheatpaste installation Acrylic painting on paper, Kiryat Hamelacha 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Jessica Moritz ⎜Make Love great Again ⎜Street art

    make love great again As in 2018 i painted a lot of portraits, and also realized a gap between relations, and people some sort of sabotage. I wanted to do a project involving all this. I thought let's create it as a campaign, a fake ad. Make people realize that after all, we have this, we have love, we can chose to share with people; as much as some people chose to hate and share the worst of them. So i started by collecting couples pictures, from 50's until nowadays. I built a new palette, organized my patterns. and i decided to do it as paintings and not prints. I thought that even if in less than 24 hrs it can be destroyed or stolen, i cannot lower the quality of the work or intentions behind. wheatpaste Acrylic painting on paper, 2018-2019, Tel Aviv, Israel Make Love great Again Mural installation, POP UP museum TLV 2019 ​ Order Prints Order Prints

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