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Blob, sculptural painting inspired by Data

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Blob is a serie of works exploring the relation of data and Art.

The new era we live in has encouraged us to be more involved in virtual relations, content, and creating our own data, meaning creating our own narrative.

Nevertheless, Blob happens.

what is a blob? well, to make it short A blob is is a collection of binary data stored as a single entity. Blobs are typically images, audio or other multimedia objects, though sometimes binary executable code is stored as a blob. They can exist as persistent values inside some databases or version control system, or exist at runtime as program variables in some programming languages. It is not to be confused with a binary file stored in a file system.

source here

how fascinating it is to look into data as an abstract representation of us or a singular person?

Let's go deeper into how a blob can be translated into a shape.

If you need to visualize the process, lets say there's a pile of laundry that got sewed in together while they were pilled up. (simplified version)

from that, I chose to combined this concept with colors and create a color palette that would be stacked to create the shapes of each blobs.

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As Data is something intangible, most of us are not sensitive to storage, management, and classification of it.

But if you look at it with the eyes of an abstract artist, you can visualize stacks or organizer of it, by type, colors, origin, or encryption.

We are now in an era where you data say more about you than what you would think.

If we go deeper in that direction, we can scale the different types of Data in the different ages of Web.

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In Web 2, we are the product, our data is used to be monetized and make money, if you didn't know, its time you realize. Remember when something is free its because you are the product.

In Web 3, we are developing smart data, encryption, protection of Art and artists in and out of any blockchain.

This might seem abstract to a lot of people now but will for sure redefine how we behave online and hopefully offline.

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Going back to the creation of these Blobs, Art in general is a reflection of what happens in society at the same time.

If you look back in Art history and make the parallel with History, you will notice how Artists have spoken on Social movements, revolution, politics, wars and historical events.

Data is the new influence and major factor of our present and future life.

The accumulation of Data, and power to maintain it is growing everyday, and we are building blobs all the time. Data is so fascinating to observe and watch almost eyes wide shut and think about it as a new form of expression.

if we go further, with generative art, Or Artificial intelligence , today almost anyone can create shape that can be unique, the visual and data attached to it.

technology enables us to see and build further than what we could.

Now we need to build the reflection and motivation to level up and create meaningful data legacy.

All paintings are hand jigsaw, pigments and acrylic on reclaimed wood.

Price or commission a blob

Prints and accessories also available

collect prints here

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