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Sweetwater roundabout, geometric western

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Sweetwater Roundabout, pigments and acrylic on canvas 140 X 144 X 6, 2023. Jessica Moritz

Once upon a time... every painting starts like this or maybe should.

Sometimes I am nostalgic about colors, or format should I say.

I always enjoyed Western movies. I need to be specific so that you can see the different dimensions it takes me to invite you.

So a little about cinema history, spaghetti western, most of these movies were using the technicolor process.


Technicolor. / (ˈtɛknɪˌkʌlə) / noun. trademark the process of producing color film using superimposing synchronized films of the same scene, each of which has a different color filter, to obtain the desired mix of color.)

color palette technicolor, technicolor movie colors,cinema history,western history,color theory
Technicolor dye formula tests, 1938. Courtesy Eastman Museum

The use of this technique gives this saturation of colors by superposition.

Simultaneously, I have vivid memories of the narrative and director's choices: minimal frames, the rhythm in sequences, camera positions, pace between landscape, characters, and music.

Inspiration can come from unexpected places, right ?!

Now, what if I adapt this perspective to my vision?

Well, I tried.

The approach is minimal, as a glimpse between blinks.

We often underestimate the silence, or breathing in painting, which I truly enjoy in Western movies. This is how you create momentum or suspense.

As an Abstract landscape, The painting is taking place in the west, you can hear a rolling hay, see a blinding light, and follow the movement around.

I am not really interested in painting realities, yours or mine. Visions and utopian worlds seem more relevant in our reality.

We sometimes need just a different perspective to look back and move forward.

sweetwater roundabout,shaped canvas,sculptural painting,geometric abstract art, op art painting, israeli artist,israeli painting,tel aviv art

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sweetwater roundabout, sculptural painting,geometric art,hard edge painting,jessica moritz,israeli painter,israeli art for sale


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