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Pattern is a figure

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

As I was doing a mural painting I realized that what really matters was the confrontation of the pattern with space. We can have this conversation over and over but as the line was drawing different patterns, I faced the Simplicity and naked truth about it: useless As if all the other elements never mattered. Of course we can use multiple language or rhetoric about it but I feel it will not lead to some good piece or argue. So let’s skip that and let’s focus on what appears to be basic and necessary at the same time : the medium and its context. Yes I m still a painter, yes pattern is my “thing”, and then how to extend it to enlighten the pattern as figure? It was like looking at someone, you undress it, little by little, you give up on all useless accessories and then you see the beauty of it. First as a unique shape then as some pattern that you know you’ve seen before and that you ll see again, hopefully... Therefore I started drawing simple shapes, explored first the 2 dimensions relation and finally decided 3 dimensions were needed. I call it a body relation, the shape comes in your personal space and you can relate or feel familiar with it. I start to work as an exploration on 3 different patterns. Each of them have also a color “reaction”. As the pattern will coexist in the studio, or gallery, it has to explore this relation also. I try to not look at each as object but more as an extension of the line (space).


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