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artist in studio

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

An atelier (French: [atəlje]) is the private workshop or studio of a professional artist in the fine or decorative arts or an architect, where a principal master and a number of assistants, students, and apprentices can work together producing fine art or visual art released under the master's name or supervision.

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kiryat hamelacha, south tel Aviv

As long as I can remember, my studio has always been like a second home.

in the last 5 years, i am now in my fourth studio, located in South tel Aviv, Kiryat hamelacha, Israel.

the neighborhood is a hive of Artists, designers, galleries, craftsman and little factories reunited in Three blocks.

Initially built in the sixties by Yitzhak Rapaport and Asher Gliberman, industrialism architecture, the place was built to create an industrial area and was full of factories, workers, and later Artists came to set up their Art studio and give a new breathe to the neighborhood.

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Studio visit with Jessica Moritz Artist studio in Kiryat Hamelacha, south Tel Aviv

An art studio is a place of Happenings, testing, procrastination sometimes and research.

Often times, we have studio visit and artist talk to exchange on Art, daily questions and prepare for exhibitions or other projects.

As you can see, it's often busy by actions or thoughts, different works at the same time to let them dry and mature or start Over.

As Artists, we regularly oscillate between order and chaos. We need to get to that energy to fulfill our mission.

As you can imagine, light and colors are very important in my work.

The studio is organized around colors and the different steps of creating an Artwork.

I collect materials, wood, paper, and other reclaimed materials in the area, and store them at the studio until i find an idea of how to optimize their transformation.

Once a year, we host an event called "אוהבים אמנות עושים אמנות" where we open our studios, welcome visitors and share our practice, work in progress, and invite everyone to discover contemporary Israeli Art, Design and craft to connect directly with our Audience and make it easy to connect.

you can also contact me and book a private studio visit, and also arrange a special tour or request some works.

you can also follow my daily practice at the studio on Instagram: @jeszmo_art

Lately, i have been working on large canvas exploring colors and pattern with Truchet study.

drawing small labyrinths and try to find new combinations to create a new escapism in painting.

minimal set up can help to create simple harmonies and keep the message clean while painting.

I usually have a very simple routine to start a painting or a sculpture.

I start by single line sketch on paper. I can do a dozen of it. After comes the times to be selective, if the drawing pass the test of minimal form, it can go to the second step: defining size and materials.

I work in 2D and 3D, therefore I need to chose how i will translate this minimal drawing, will it be a painting? will it be a sculpture, will it be an installation? how far can I scale this shape in space? the answer can be fast but also can take sometimes. that's why we often - as artist- have phases where we sit, look at things and wrap around each idea until we find the best way to do it.

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For each work, i define a scale and process and what really makes the difference: the color palette.

Each work explores color theory and my own interpretation of light in different context.

Most of the time, I chose to work with reductive color scheme, and try to do bridges with color harmony: triadic color scheme, split complimentary or tetradic colors.

sometimes a good harmony of colors comes form the proportions of each color together or by the saturation of only one.

and that's why the inspiration is infinite, there are so many possibilities that I can say for sure that i will be exploring colors and find new harmonies for a while.

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The walls of the studio are often full of Art, such as paintings, wall sculptures, canvas, color palette, little drawings and notes to process everything.

Hanging works in the studio is very different from a gallery (white cube). Usually in a gallery, the works will be hang to make the viewer a clear and comfortable lecture of the Art works.

In the studio, Artists hang the works to be able to re-work on them, see if they fit the rest of the body of works, or closer to the best light source to see them better.

If you can, look at artist sketchbook and then you will understand their work and process so much better.

For example, this is one of my sketch book, working on a serie called random pattern memory; only using cut outs from found paper, painted rejected or abandoned using a grid system.

for some of them the paper collage was the final proposal and it works fine, but for this one i thought, lets push it further.

as you can see, its the same idea, that i chose to push in 3D, add edges, and keep the same balance with colors and shape.

In Conclusion, each artist has their own process, visiting an artist studio can bring you to the heart of his/her/their process, also open a conversation about Art, Architecture and inspire you.

If you want to have more informations, book a visit or get in touch

you can also follow my daily practice at the studio on Instagram: @jeszmo_art

and visit to learn more about my work


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