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make room for creativity

Updated: Mar 26, 2023


After a year of chaotic schedule and projects, i want to share with you some tools and perspective that I found very useful in my daily practice.

First let's start by Space

In this difficult times, not everyone has a studio, or space to create physically.

your creativity can have some boundaries, it's up to you to limit or expand them.

if you can set up a table, or on the floor some protection and start by having some spontaneous and free drawing, writing and let go the overflow of energy and feelings that you might have kept due to circumstances.

journaling is also a great option, same as notebooks, but we'll get there later on;)

Since we are home, let's be comfortable.

Some people would even find it easier to create in Bed, or "live" from the couch, keep in mind that You are the one to unlock these steps and you do it because you want to.

State of mind

I Have noticed that starting the day with reachable goals improved my productivity and therefore my work.

Scheduling the workflow, having hours for defined goals, time for impro, and moments of meditation have given a healthy state of mind in my journey.

You can create a week schedule, a bullet journal, a google doc, whatever you feel drawn to and that you know you 'll follow up on daily basis.

Create Goals that are reachable, it's always gratifying to finish a week with some accomplishments, there is benefit for your work but mostly for your well being.

Self Care should be on the list, and it can be in many ways: Start the day by 10 min meditation, listen to your favorite band, positive affirmations, cooking, dancing, doing a nap.

Keep in mind that your well being is the ground of your creativity, so be generous to yourself.


No matter what creative field you are into, there is room for all.

Nowadays we are lucky to have access to resources, teaching, learning, sharing, online galleries, online exhibitions and keep inspiration update.

Digital Art is also a great idea. Some creatives were digital before pandemic and some discovered a new approach of painting, or developing their practice using digital tools:

graphic design, digital photography, 3D, Animation, and other digital forms.

Journaling, or having a sketch book can also be stimulating. you can always have it with you and takes note, do a fast drawing, or write about your work anywhere, and keep it for yourself.

when you start writing about your work, you 'll see slowly coming a new way to keep the inspiration and organize your ideas.

Once again, organizing your ideas can be asking yourself, what are you doing, how, why, and where you want to go with this work.

these are big questions, but after many years of making Art, and reading about, i really think that these questions are essentials for having a productive and healthy work flow.


As an Artist, It's great to be part of a community, physical or virtual and connect with fellow creatives, inspire and be inspired.

you have many ways of sharing your work, and also it's a great way to connect with buyers, curators and other creatives.

By sharing you work, you also will learn to take a step back and look at it in other ways.

We all have different vision of our work, some of us struggle with the imposter syndrome, some of us are better at social media that making, some us are amazing story tellers, there is room for all of them.

If you look on different platforms, let's see what you can get:

Instagram: publishing works, works in progress, educate, learn, connect

this platform allow you to publish pictures, short videos, IGTV (more than one minute), live stream, stories (small videos that can explain your practice or show your daily life, or support your branding...)

you have many opportunities to use to connect with other creatives and also that people can find you and connect with you.

using hashtags, explore, places where you feel inspired can also stimulate you and bring new opportunities.

TikTok: sharing process, learn, educate, have some fun with your practice too.

Aritst is a job, you can still have some humor with it.

Pinterest: Collect, curate, create and boards of inspiration, collection of Art or design that you enjoy, Places you want to visit (when traveling will be available )

Club House: Connect with people around the world the tenjoy Art, or are part of the Art community, give tips, listen to others artists and be Inspired!


You set your own goals, so let's reset the expected idea of success, accomplishment and results.

Make Room for creativity, start every day with good intentions, put yourself in a safe place that you can allow yourself to make the best of it.

feel free to share your creative journey and add your way to be creative in a challenging year.

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